Crystal Bed Therapy – Quartz Healing Color Light Energy Support?


Crystal Bed Therapy can be described as a system that combines the power of Crystal Healing Therapy, Sound Therapy, and Color Therapy altogether. It essentially uses seven highly polished and extremely clear Vogel-cut quartz crystals that are suspended above a person that is lying on a comfortable massage table. Every one of the crystals has been carefully cut to a certain predetermined frequency. Furthermore, each one of the crystals is strategically aligned above one of the seven chakras.

Colored lights that have been chosen so as to match the specific frequencies of the chakra colors properly radiate light, as well as energy via the crystals, to every one of the respective colors. They shine both on and off in specific frequency settings in order to cleanse, balance, and even align an individual’s energy.

This is in addition to raising the vibration of the person’s chakras. The person who is receiving the crystal therapy session always rests their face up while their eyes are closed. They are normally fully clothed in either lightly colored or white, comfortable clothing. They literally bathe in the energy while soothing music plays on the background.

How Crystal Bed Therapy Works

Disruptions in the energy flow in the human body can be caused several life issues. Spiritual challenges, mental challenges, emotional challenges, and physical injuries are some common conditions that can cause stress and ultimately blocks within a person.

The crystal bed is specifically designed to eliminate blockages on each of the energy levels that make up an individual’s energy field, by using quiet resting as well as listening to certain healing music with the healing effects of the crystals.

These crystal lights are what are directed at the seven chakras of the body. Bio-energy connects to the light, pulsing through the crystals and consequently clears the field. The ultimate result is that the chakras open up for optimum energy flow.


Crystal bed therapy is suitable with loose clothing. All watches, jewelry, and leather should be removed during the therapy session.

Benefits of Crystal Bed Therapy

Crystal bed therapy is associated with several benefits. This is because when an individual’s chakras are unbalanced, it can result in certain health issues, which are undesirable.

Crystal bed therapy can therefore help with the following issues:

  • It plays a crucial role in both energy and DNA healing.
  • It helps in managing and treating illness and genetic diseases.
  • It helps in healing orthopedic injuries the natural way.
  • It assists in the treatment of blood disease, nerve disease and muscle disease.
  • It is known to activate the light codes within the DNA and heart.
  • It aids in reunification with runaway and distant family members.
  • It helps an individual to live in true happiness and unconditional love. This helps in keeping stress at bay, and therefore a person's general wellbeing.
  • The therapy provides relief for addictions and burdens that are self-imposed. This may eliminate the need for undergoing expensive therapy with a therapist for some people.
  • It significantly helps in healing love, personal issues, employment issues, and financial issues.
  • It clarifies sense of smell, touch, sound, sight, and taste in the individual undergoing therapy.
  • It is known to provide people with both chakra and aura clearings.
  • It helps a person to get a sense of purpose and to receive life path clarity. This helps in maintaining focus and drive in life.
  • It helps to clear up both past and present blocked energies in people to facilitate a continuous energy flow. This is regarded as one of the major benefits of this amazing therapy.

This means that after a person undergoes a crystal bed therapy, they will feel lighter, calmer, more energized, more clear headed, more aligned, open hearted, experience deep relaxation, be at peace more, feel less stressed, increases feeling of self-love, increases self-confidence, improves health conditions, and provides deeper spiritual insight.

The above list of benefits is not exhaustive, as there are many more benefits that individuals stand to gain in this therapy.

Side Effects of Crystal Bed Therapy

There are no side effects associated with participation in crystal bed therapy and that is why its popularity is soaring. This gives it an edge over the competition, as consumers of the therapy do not have to worry about adverse side effects.

Top Crystal Bed Therapy Products

There are a number of top products of crystal bed therapy available in the market today for interested clients to purchase, some of the notable ones include the following:

Hanging Quartz Crystal Sphere Bed

The hanging quartz crystal sphere bed is sold at a price $2,200. The price is inclusive of shipping. It provides consumers with a transformational experience, emotional blockage clearances, deeper meditation sessions, vitality, and more energy.

Hanging Vogel Crystal Bed

This top notch bed is sold for $2,700. It is sold and shipped by Tiffany Powers Healing. It uses varying frequencies of pulsating colored light that are focused through the Vogel crystals.

Standing Quartz Bed

This bed is sold with a stand, a manual, batteries, seven custom chakra crystal lights, a case to hold the lights, as well as control unit. It is sold for $2800.

Standing Vogel Crystal Bed

This high quality product is sold for $3,300. It runs on low voltage, so as to decrease EMF, which means that your body will be able to better absorb the healing energy.

Vogel Plus Quartz Sphere Combination Hanging Bed

It is sold for $2800. It is the best equipment with which to use to properly align, cleanse, and balance chakras.

Vogel Plus Quartz Bed

This high quality product is based on the design by Walber Pinto. It is sold for $3,300.

There are hundreds of different crystal healing products, but the above stand out because of their high quality and performance. They should be bought from reputable suppliers to guarantee their authenticity. In the end, the user will have to make sure they are purchasing the best product, and that it has been certified to be safe and meets the recommended industry standards.

Crystal Bed Therapy Conclusion

Crystal bed therapy is a powerful healing system that was designed and created by the divine beings that operate via John of God at the Casa de Dom Inacio, located in Brazil.

This therapy has the potential of creating a deep healing on all levels: spiritual, emotional, and physical. It is important to note that there is no limit to the number of crystal bed therapy sessions that one can have.

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