Opal Nugget Ice Maker – FirstBuild’s Affordable Smart Ice Device?


Traditional ice machines usually freeze water and turn them into hard ice cubes. Unfortunately, for those who like to chew their ice, this means they often have to go to restaurants to get the ice they crave. This is why Opal Nugget was created.

Designed for enthusiasts of pellet ice, also known as nugget ice, Opal Nugget is an innovative ice maker that is designed with advanced technology and a broad range of features. Now bringing that soft, crunchy, chewable ice to every kitchen, the Opal Nugget is recreating the nostalgia of ice that a usually only be sold at certain restaurants and gas stations.

Easy and convenient, the Opal Nugget ice machine is an affordable product that is ideal for every home. With a sleek, modern design, the Opal Nugget is a kitchen appliance that will revolutionize every household.

About Opal Nugget

Created by the company FirstBuild, the Opal Nugget was started by a submission from two innovators who wanted a better way to make ice. FirstBuild is a community-based brand that uses a team of talented individuals to change the way that products are introduced to the market.

By allowing the community to give their feedback and influence during every stage of product development, FirstBuild creates a friendly atmosphere that promotes individuality and teamwork. Financed by GE Appliances, FirstBuild works with leading design and engineering experts. Without the community contributions from FirstBuild members, the Opal Nugget would not exist.

As mentioned previously, the Opal Nugget is unlike traditional ice makers. Instead of making ice cubes, the Opal Nugget ice maker makes ice by scraping ice flakes off of the inside stainless steel cylinder. Always chilled, the flakes that are scraped off of the cylinder are extracted through a round hole and compacted into perfect chewable nuggets.

Similar to rolling up a snowball, the Opal Nugget is able to churn out pounds of pellet ice in just a few hours. For convenience and aesthetic reasons, the Opal Nugget was designed to be stored beneath standard kitchen cabinets. Although it can be placed on a kitchen countertop, customers should measure the dimensions in order to determine where it will best fit.

Opal Nugget Features

Despite being made with the highest quality materials, the Opal Nugget is extremely affordable and offers a broad range of features. The Opal Nugget was made with a compact design, so it could be portable and light, allowing it to be plugged into any electrical outlet and placed on any countertop. With high speed and efficiency, the Opal produces 1 pound of ice every hour.

The innovative ice maker features a minimal stainless steel design that easily fits into any kitchen theme, so customers don’t have to worry about it clashing with their current design.  On the front of the Opal Nugget there is just one button – a circular LED ring. The ring allows the device to communicate on the status of the Opal Nugget’s status by glowing in different colors.

Below the LED ring on the Opal Nugget lies a clear ice tray that displays the ice. Because the ice tray allows ice production to be viewed, it can easily be slid out for quick access to the ice or removed and used as a cooler. The most important function of the Opal Nugget is inside the machine and lies directly under the ice tray – the water reservoir.

Because the Opal Nugget is designed without the inconvenience of a water line, users must supply the tank with fresh water. The tank can fill to 3 pound capacity, which essentially allows the machine to make ice for 3 hours until it needs to be refilled.

In addition to the sensors that allow the Opal Nugget to determine when to churn ice and how full the ice tray is, the users can also connect the Opal Nugget to a tablet or smartphone through Bluetooth. Paired with a mobile app, the users can view the app and check the status of the Opal Nugget.

Within the app, users can also communicate with the Opal Nugget and request the machine to start or stop making ice. The app also allows users to brighten, dim, or turn off the LED ring and set up a schedule in which the Opal will regularly churn ice.

Purchasing Opal Nugget

The Opal Nugget is currently available for purchase on the company website (www.NuggetIce.com). One machine only costs $499.

Users should note that when starting the ice making, the Opal will first make some slush, which is completely normal. After approximately 30 minutes of warming up, the Opal will create solid ice nuggets.


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