RTIC Can – Legit Stainless Steel Drinkware Tumbler Cooler?


The RTIC can will keep your drink cold until the last drop. This can holder traps temperature and keeps beverages at that perfect coolness. Get yours today.

The Simple Things

It’s the simple stuff in life that goes a long way.

Take, for example, how much crazy technology we have nowadays. All of our smartphones and tablets, we are living in the future, it would seem.

But even with all that high-speed technology, it is still the simple things that have the most lasting effect on us.

Many people would revel at an object that was able to keep their drinks cold for as long as liquid remained in the cup.

That is simple, and yet, it’s amazing.

If people knew there was a product like that and it was affordable they would completely lose their minds.

And the most-crazy part about that is; there is.

A couple of company’s out right now actually make this type of product; A cup holder that keeps your drink cold.

One of the company’s names is RTIC. Why don’t we take a look?

RTIC Can: Futuristic Cup Holder

To call the RTIC product a “cup holder” would be a gross misrepresentation.

This can is so much more. It’s designed to be extremely good at doing one thing; keeping beverages cold.

This stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulation having can is designed to snuggly fit a 12oz can of any beverage.

When the beverage is placed into RTIC and closed, the coldness is sealed within and it never escapes unless the user wants it to.

Some people may be wondering just how the RTIC can achieves the amazing feat of keeping beverages cold?

The secret lies in its double wall vacuum insulation. This insulation allows for maximum temperature retention, which doesn’t allow for the temperature inside the RTIC can to escape.

But that’s not it. This design not only has the ability to retain temperature, it also insulates the hand of whoever is holding the can. That means people’s drinks could be freezing cold, but their hands wouldn’t know the difference.

This same feature is what causes the RTIC can to not produce moisture on its outside. Because of this feature, a coaster will not be needed when the RTIC can is used.

Paired with the Double Wall Vacuum Insulation is the locking gasket. The gasket sits at the top of the RTIC and is what seals in the cold.

Now, there are similar products to the RTIC that exist on the market, that shall not be named here. It is important to note that although these products are similar to RTIC, they do have their differences.

For starters, RTIC keeps beverages colder for up to 10 times longer than the traditional Koozie. If this is true, then it’s a no brainer which product is preferred.

The second biggest difference between RTIC can and competitors is the price. Guess who’s is more affordable? That’s right, RTIC can is.

This product sells for $8.99 per can, while some competitors sell their products for $29.99. That is simply outrageous when you consider that they do the exact same thing.

RTIC Can is the best value as far as Koozie’s are concerned. There really is no debate about that fact.

With RTIC Can, No Other Koozie Needed

When it comes to RTIC Can, no other equipment is needed!

That is because this product keeps beverages cold just as good as any other product, but it’s widly more affordable.

If someone wants to overpay for a brand name, that’s there prerogative. But for those looking to get the most bang for their buck, RTIC Can is the way to go.


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