Teadora – Ancient Brazilian Beauty Secrets Skincare Line?


People are becoming more aware and vigilant about to what they expose their skin. As the realization that the skin absorbs everything, even the chemicals and toxins in skin care products, people are taking the steps to use more natural, safer products. And the company Teadora is offering some of the best of these natural products.

Using ingredients found exclusively in the Amazonian rainforest, Teadora is a skin care and beauty company that has dedicated itself to providing the best of the best. With its focus on natural, high-quality ingredients, Teadora has quickly become a favorite amongst those who want to elevate their skin care routine.

About Teadora

Founded by Valeria Cole, Teadora is a skin care and beauty company that has its roots firmly in the rich and diverse country of Brazil. As a child, Cole’s mother always used natural remedies to care for her hair and skin.

This wasn’t just done because the natural ingredients offered better results, but because using them supported sustainable business practices. As Cole came of age, her passion for superior skin and hair care products, as well as a deep love for rainforest conservation, grew, resulting in Teadora.

As its name suggests, Teadora is all about self-love. Every product created by Teadora was designed with a deep love for the environment, as well as the happiness of its customers. By using natural and organic ingredients that are often only found in the Brazilian rainforest, Teadora is able to transform the skin and hair of its customers while also protecting the resources the beautiful rainforest offers.

By intricately combining better products with sustainable business practices, Teadora is growing in popularity, especially amongst those who value the health and beauty of their skin.

What Makes Teadora Different

The foundation of Teadora is also what makes the company so different from other skin care and beauty companies. At the center of Teadora is its superior, high-quality ingredients. While all the ingredients used in Teadora products are natural, what really sets them apart is that the majority of them are only found in the rainforests of Brazil.

Many of these products are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them superfoods, perfect for restoring and protecting the health and beauty of skin and hair. By using these unique ingredients, Teadora offers its customers an experience unlike any other.

Just as important as the quality of its ingredients are the actual ingredients used in Teadora products. Natural ingredients are a bit of a trend in the beauty and skin care industry, with one or two ‘natural’ options being featured in a vast range of products, like acai and cocoa butter.

However, Teadora doesn’t use ingredients because they’re trending, but rather because of the many benefits they offer, all supported by thorough research and testing. For example, pitanga fruit are extremely rich in antioxidants and vitamins, making them the perfect ingredient for anti-aging products. Carnauba wax doesn’t just moisturize the skin, but also protects it from damage, making it perfect for lotions and creams.

Teadora differs from other companies because it is very transparent about its ingredients and blends. The company has crafted many elixirs and scents which not only nourish the body, but also revitalize the skin and hair.

With these many elixirs and scent mixtures, customers will be able to experience the Brazilian rainforest and all if has to offer in their homes. The Rainforest Elixirs offered by Teadora include ones for anti-aging, hydrating, and restoration, covering all the needs of those trying to perfect and protect their skin.

The natural scents found in Teadora products are made using natural herbs and botanicals and are completely gender neutral, offering options like Rainforest at Dawn, Amazonian Afternoon, and Rainforest at Dusk.

Products Sold by Teadora

Because Teadora offers such a wide range of products, the company has broken them down into categories, making the shopping experience for customers easier than ever. The product categories for Teadora are:

  • Whole Body
  • Hair
  • Face

The company also offers gifts and promotional products, for those who want to gift or save money on their purchases. Because Teadora is a strong believer in ensuring its customers satisfaction, it offers samples for many of its products, so customers can try them before making a larger purchase.

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