De La Beuh CBD Bath Bombs – Cannabidiol Body Coffee Scrubs?


Consumers who are looking for a way to access the healing benefits of CBD will appreciate this unique bath product line by De la Beuh.

By offering consumers body scrubs, sunscreens, and bath bombs users can help nourish their skin while helping release pain while healing their body. Please read below to learn more.

What is De La Beuh CBD Bath Bombs?

US based, this company offers consumers a range of bath products that are infused with CBD. Cannabidiol is the well-known plant chemical in marijuana plants that has medicinal value. CBD has been safely used to support and treat anxiety, depression, arthritis, and cancer.

People have also had great success using CBD to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures. De La Beuh CBD Bath Bombs offers consumers a way to reduce pain while simply relaxing in a bath or shower. This is especially true for burn victims who have difficulty finding any relief from skin pain.

De La Beuh CBD Bath Bombs Products

Whether consumers are looking to try a body scrub or bath bomb to help them manage pain De la Beuh offers a range of products in varying price points that make CBD bath products accessible to nearly anyone.

Sexy Girl Spa Box:

Consumers who truly want to pamper themselves or someone they love this is a perfect box. Each set includes one 24K Dripping in Gold Bath Bomb, one Your Highness Bath Bomb, Pink Flowers Body Scrub, Honey Lavender After Bath Massage Bar, and a Scented Heart Candle.

Sampler Gift Set:

This set includes five full size bath bombs of various scents and a bag of Coffee Body Scrub.

The Gold Box:

Nine different bath bombs plus a bag of coffee scrub are wrapped up in a box perfect for gift giving.

Mega Box:

Purchases of this box come with twelve bath bombs plus two packages of coffee scrub and one body scrub.

Bath Bombs:

De la Beuh offers six different bath bomb varieties and each have their own specific health benefits. The Grapefruit Swirl variety offers natural antibiotic properties and decreases fluid retention helping promote weight loss. Grapefruit extracts can also reduce hangover symptoms.

Lavender Rose Bath Bombs work to reduce stress and anxiety while also healing burns, wounds, and other skin issues. Many people know that lavender naturally promotes a deep restful night of sleep.

The Kaleidoscope Bath Bomb is a best seller and leaves skin lightly scented like fresh citrus fruits and the Thin Mint Bath Bomb helps clear the respiratory tract and relieve headaches while boosting energy levels and enhancing mental function.

Coffee Scrub:

Each pouch contains enough scrub for one treatment. This scrub combines the healing properties of CBD along with coconut oil, Shea butter, olive oil, and a blend of essential oils making this scrub perfect for softening rough elbows and feet while also reducing inflammation and pain.

Body Scrub:

These coconut based scrubs are available in three scents and are formulated to soften skin and leave a delicious lingering scent. Consumers can choose between Lavender, Unicorn, or Tangle scents. However, there are no details on what Unicorn or Tangle smells like.


A 30 SPF sunscreen at protects skin and contains 70 milligrams of CBD to help heal skin while also protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays.

De La Beuh CBD Bath Bombs Pricing

Consumers interested in purchasing De La Beuh CBD Bath Bombs products can visit

  • Sexy Girl Spa Box: This box set is perfect for a night of pampering and is available for $45.00.
  • Sampler Gift Set: Five bath bombs and a package of coffee body scrub are boxed nicely and available for $75.00 per box.
  • The Gold Box: Nine different bath bombs plus a bag of coffee scrub are available for $125.00 per box.
  • Mega Box: Each box contains fifteen items and is available for $130.00.
  • Bath Bombs: Each bath bomb can be purchased individually for $15.00 each.
  • Coffee Scrub: Each pouch contains enough scrub for one thorough treatment and costs $10.00 each.
  • Body Scrub: Available in three scents and cost $10.00 per pouch.
  • Sunscreen: Each tube is available for $20.00.

Currently they are only able to ship within the United States.

Should You Use De La Beuh CBD Bath Bomb Products?

Worth checking out for consumers who are dealing with nerve pain, arthritis, and severe burns. Now consumers have a bath product line that can help them take advantage of healing properties of CBD.

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