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Old School Labs Review – Worth Trying?

Old School Labs is a company that creates sports supplements for athletes and fitness enthusiasts . This is our review.

What is Old School Labs?

Old School Labs creates various sports supplements that have enough essential nutrients for any active lifestyle. Many sports and fitness supplements contain a lot of toxic chemicals to get an extreme result when you’re at the gym or on the field. However, the makers of Old School Labs products didn’t want to become another one of those companies; they wanted to create products that are safe and helpful to the consumer’s goals.

The company established a mission to produce:

“uncompromising, premium supplements for informed customers who demand the very best.”

Basically this means that they want to improve the quality of the supplements that are offered to the general public. When you are not informed about the ingredients in your supplements, you put yourself at risk for an adverse reaction. In reality, if your supplements were safer to begin with, you wouldn’t have this problem. The makers at Old School Labs wanted to become part of the solution.

As Old School Labs puts it, they want to invest the time and attention needed to over the supplement industry, but they are unwilling to sacrifice quality for quantity. The company constantly relies on feedback from their customers to make sure that the products they sell are helping to meet their fitness needs. That being said, the current products available through Old School Labs have earned a four-star rating or higher from 91% of consumers.

All of the products by Old School Labs are produced in California, and are made with premium ingredients.

Products by Old School Labs

Old School Labs has created an array of different products that are devoted to helping the consumer gradually and safely move towards their fitness goals. Each product by Old School Labs is specific to the way the consumer will use it, which makes it easy for that consumer to select the right one for them. Here are just a few of the products that Old School Labs devotes their time to producing:

  • Vintage Burn – Burns fat without eliminating muscle
  • Vintage Build – Helps to build up muscle tissue
  • Vintage Blast – Helps to prepare your body before a workout
  • Vintage Boost – Gives you an extra boost in your physical, mental, and sexual health
  • Vintage Base – Gives you your daily vitamins and minerals, and is also a probiotic for digestive health
  • Vintage Bliss – Replenishes your body after a workout
  • Vintage Bright – Helps improve your brain function
  • Vintage Bloom – Infuses your body with the healthy nutrients from green vegetables
  • Vintage Burst – Improves your energy level in everyday life
  • Vintage Bend – Enhances your bone and muscle health
  • Vintage Balance – Provides you with a highly concentrated dose of Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9

Each product requires you to take two soft gels together each day. The usage directions vary slightly, depending on if the product is meant as a daily supplement, or if it is designed to be used in conjunction with your workout.

How is Old School Labs Different?

Old School Labs sets itself apart from many other supplement companies, even by just maintaining a healthy list of ingredients. They take no time to hide what’s in the product, which is something that many supplement companies do if their product is a sham. Essentially, the makers of the products want to go back to the basics of healthy living, which means going back to the original way that bodybuilders supplemented their workouts.

When the body building trend began, the supplements around that era were designed with the intention of improving the short-term results of the workout. However, the ingredients were safe enough to use for a prolonged amount of time. Nowadays, many supplement companies make supplements that are so potent and high above the safe levels of many active ingredients. This concoction puts consumers at risk if they decide to take the product for more than 60 days. The companies think that producing a more potent formula, they can gain more customers. However, more customers consuming these toxic ingredients will soon mean that there are less healthy consumers available to purchase them.

Old School Labs does not take advantage of a consumer’s lack of knowledge about supplementing their workout with a vitamin. Their products are only made with premium ingredients at a safe dosage size for any height and weight. Their goal is to make sure their products focus on the real needs of athletes and fitness experts, which means their products have the basics that you need to improve your progress.

Buying Old School Labs Supplements

At this time, the only place you can really buy the Old School Labs supplements is through Amazon.com. However, due to the healthy balances of ingredients in every bottle, it is actually one of the best-selling health supplements on Amazon right now. The pricing for each product is as follows:

  • Vintage Burn – $49.99 sale, $79.99 retail
  • Vintage Build – $39.99 sale, $55.99 retail
  • Vintage Blast – $39.99 sale, $59.99 retail
  • Vintage Boost – $69.99 sale, $94.99 retail
  • Vintage Base – $35.99 sale, $59.99 retail
  • Vintage Bliss – $39.99 sale, $59.99 retail
  • Vintage Bright – $44.99 sale, $69.99 retail
  • Vintage Bloom – $39.99 sale, $59.99 retail
  • Vintage Burst – $39.99 sale, $59.99 retail
  • Vintage Bend – $35.99 sale, $59.99 retail
  • Vintage Balance – $35.99 sale, $59.99 retail

All prices are subject to change. Each price reflects the total cost of a bottle with 90 soft gels, which makes the supplement very easy to swallow.

Contacting the Company

If you want to speak with the company, you can fill out the online form with your contact information and a question. However, if you have questions about ordering or returning the product, you need to go through the Amazon.com customer service page, since they are who you would order from.


Old School Labs does something that other companies just don’t – they use real ingredients to make their supplements. Their products use the nutrients you need to give you a greater level of effectiveness as you run laps or toss a football. Old School Labs is all about fulfilling the consumer’s dietary needs for fitness at a basic level.

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