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Fat Obliterator Review – Should You Buy?

Fat Obliterator is a downloadable eBook available exclusively online. The book promises to teach you how to obliterate fat from your body without “useless” diet plans or “crazy” workout routines. Here’s our review.

What is Fat Obliterator?

Fat Obliterator is a diet plan that promises to teach you how to trim fat from your body without relying on traditional weight loss techniques like dangerous surgeries, expensive drugs, or useless diet plans.

The program was created by a personal trainer and nutritionist named Joseph Rosa. Rosa tells a fascinating story of how his sister was almost murdered one night, and that he stumbled “upon the real secret to obliterating fat” while he was performing “emergency CPR on her, covered in another man’s blood and facing a charge of attempted murder.”

Rosa claims that his sister used the techniques in Fat Obliterator to lose “a whopping 35 lbs. in just 33 days”.

With that colorful story in mind, let’s take a closer look at how Fat Obliterator works.

What’s the Story Behind Fat Obliterator?

Fat Obliterator was made by a man named Joseph Rosa. As mentioned above, Rosa claims he discovered the secret to weight loss when he was covered in another man’s blood after an attempted murder.

Rosa is a 39 year old fitness trainer and nutritionist who lives in Stamford, Connecticut. He claims he has been working as a personal trainer and sports nutritionist for 10 years.

That story, by the way, involves his sister being attacked outside a train station by two thugs. His sister was too heavy to run away from the thugs, and they eventually harassed her so much that she had a heart attack “even though she was only 43 years old”.

Joseph claims he fought back against the men, one of whom had a knife:

“He had a knife and swiped at me with it, cutting my face and arm, but I fought with every ounce of my being. It was truly life or death.”

After beating up the knife wielding man, Joseph heroically performed CPR on his sister, bringing her back to life.

In the aftermath of that attack, doctors told Joseph’s sister that she needed to lose weight: her organs were surrounded in “dangerous and life-threatening visceral fat, the worth kind of fat you can have, but undetectable without an MRI scan”.

To make a long story short, Joseph eventually stumbled upon the advice by a medical school student. That advice was controversial and not accepted in the conventional medicine community. The medical student was a man named Ajit who had studied in India. Here’s what Joseph has to explain about Ajit’s advice:

“During his research, he’d discovered a specific combination of herbs, spices, plant extracts, minerals and vitamins that had produced phenomenal reductions in weight amongst his trial subjects.”

Thus, when you’re buying Fat Obliterator, you’re getting access to that magical blend of plant extracts, minerals, and vitamins.

Benefits of Fat Obliterator

Fat Obliterator promises all of the following benefits by taking the blend of plant extracts, minerals, and vitamins:

-Fat melts away within weeks
Blood pressure falls back to normal, healthy levels
-Blood sugar will stabilize
-Energy levels will go “through the roof”
-Chronic inflammation will vanish

How Does Fat Obliterator Work?

So what exactly are these plant extracts, minerals, and vitamins used in Fat Obliterator. Here are some of the things you’ll learn with this program:

-Cumin: Some studies have indicated that a daily teaspoon of cumin can help you lose 3 times more fat than someone who doesn’t eat cumin.

-Turmeric: Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric, and it’s known to reduce the formation of fat tissue by suppressing the blood vessels needed to form it.

-Capsaicin: Capsaicin is the chemical found in cayenne pepper that gives it its spiciness. In recent years, capsaicin has also been linked to phenomenal weight loss results, where it’s been shown to fight obesity, decrease caloric intake, and shrink fat tissue. Many believe that it works by promoting thermogenesis, which is when your body physically heats up, melting away fat (it makes you sweat).

-Dozens of Others: We don’t want to give away the secrets of Fat Obliterator here (we don’t want to get sued). But suffice to say there are dozens of other herbs, spices, plant extracts, minerals, and vitamins that have been linked to weight loss in various studies.

Basically, the goal with Fat Obliterator is to teach you about dozens of minerals, vitamins, foods, and ingredients you can add to your daily diet to promote better weight loss. It’s not miracle advice and it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll lose 30 pounds in a week. But it’s a straightforward collection of tips and tricks you can start implementing today.

Fat Obliterator Pricing

Fat Obliterator is priced at a flat rate of $37 USD.

After paying that fee, you’ll receive an instant download link to Fat Obliterator in your email inbox.

7 Fat-Busting Supplements

You’ll also receive access to an eBook called 7 Fat-Busting Supplements. That eBook promises to teach you the “most powerful and 100% safe supplements proven to supercharge your metabolism, kick your fat burning into high gear, and accelerate your weight loss.”

Energy Boosting Formula

You’ll receive another additional bonus eBook called Energy Boosting Formula. The creator of Fat Obliterator claims that this eBook was created by Ajit (the same guy who taught Rosa the miracle mixture of herbs listed above). Energy Boosting Formula promises to teach you about “the most energizing and 100% natural foods on the planet that will give you sustained all-day energy without the crash.”

Sex Drive Stimulator

There’s one final bonus called Sex Drive Stimulator. This eBook contains a list of 100% natural aphrodisiacs that promise to maximize your (and your partner’s) satisfaction in the bedroom.

All purchases are processed through Clickbank, where you can pay using PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

You can contact the makers of Fat Obliterator by emailing [email protected]

Hint: You can save a good chunk of money on Fat Obliterator by hitting the “Back” butt on once you’re on the sales page. Just click “Stay on Page” in your browser and you’ll eventually be redirected to an offer where you can pay $27 for complete access to Fat Obliterator.

Should You Use Fat Obliterator to Lose Weight?

There are hundreds of foods, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients that are all connected to weight loss in some form or another. Fat Obliterator is essentially just a collection of foods that have been linked to weight loss in certain studies. It’s not a meal plan or exercise guide – it’s pretty much just a collection of tips.

Sure, Fat Obliterator comes with a fascinating story of how one man’s life or death struggle led to him finding a cure for weight loss. But in reality, these are mostly tips and diet techniques you can find at most diet websites online for free.

Of course, some people are willing to pay $37 to have that collection of tips conveniently outlined for them in an eBook. (Remember: you can pay $27 by hitting the back button before you order).

Fortunately, Fat Obliterator does come with a 60 day money back guarantee: so you can request a full refund after you order if you’re unhappy for any reason.

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  1. YES. Without question this fat obliterator is a complete SCAM. They take your money, and provide you with nothing and you have no recourse as there is no we b site or phone contact number of the company.


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