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Vitagene Review – Is It For You?

Because each and every patient is unique and has specific and unique needs, they shouldn’t expect supplements made for the masses to help treat their body. They will have different sleep goals, different exercise patterns, and different nutritional intake, resulting in them needing supplements that are just as unique as them. Vitagene provides these unique patients with personalized supplements that help treat their daily needs.

The genetic reports created by Vitagene to create its customizable supplements give doctors a deeper, more thorough look into the needs of their patients. By providing this information, Vitagene works as a partner with doctors in providing their patients with targeted and relevant healthcare options.

What is Vitagene?

Vitagene is a company that provides personalized supplements, or smart supplements. Doctors can use Vitagene to create supplements for their patients that meet the specific needs and goals of the patients. These supplements are created by using the DNA of the patients, the lab work provided by the primary care physician, and the lifestyle of the patient. By providing these personalized, smart supplements to doctors, Vitagene gives patients the ability to have the highest quality solutions to support them in reaching optimal health.

Benefits of Vitagene

The vitamins and supplements provided by Vitagene are pharmacy-grade, so doctors don’t have to worry that their reputation will be tarnished by giving their patients these products. And, because Vitagene personalizes these supplements based on the information provided by the doctor, the supplements won’t be delivered to patients until the doctor approves of them. Once they’ve been approved, the supplements will be delivered to the patients in daily blister packs.

With so many questionable supplements on the market today, being able to provide patients with options that aren’t just based on thorough research and science but are also made specifically for each patient, can come as a relief to most doctors. Vitagene comes with trustworthy recommendations and the products created by the company are based on data points that are continually being updated. These supplements are based on things that doctors can support: Evidence, data, and quality ingredients.

More importantly, Vitagene is supported by a science advisory board made up of M.D.’s, Ph.D.’s, scientists that specialize in research, and other advisors in the health field. By having the support of these experts, Vitagene is able to create products that benefit both doctors and the patients depending on their doctors to give them the best supplements available.

The advisors on the Vitagene science advisory board have expertise in genomics, biotechnology, bioinformatics ingenuity systems, bariatrics, and functional, integrative, and naturopathic medicine. By including such a wide range of experts on their board, Vitagene can assure its customers that they are getting vitamins and supplements that are based on thorough and effective scientific evidence.

Why Doctors Prefer Vitagene

Most people these days take some form of vitamin. While this isn’t usually a huge problem, for doctors it can be a bit upsetting that patients are taking their health into their own hands, with little to no knowledge about effectiveness or side effects. Vitagene allows doctors to provide their patients with the highest quality supplements, each one created to help a specific issue with specific patients. Vitagene manages supplements for doctors, so they don’t have to worry or overthink about what their patients are putting in their bodies.

Vitagene knows that control is key when it comes to using supplements. This is why the company provides quality products that are delivered directly to patients, so doctors don’t have to worry about passing them out or replenishing them. And, because these vitamins and supplements have been personalized to match individual patients, doctors don’t have to worry about the dosage or the frequency in which their patients are taking these supplements. Each one has been crafted to the right amount for each and every patient.

The Vitagene Process

Vitagene knows that running a practice is stressful work, which is why it aims to integrate itself into an already existing system effortlessly. The Vitagene process doesn’t require a practice to change any of its methods, because it will morph around the already existing workflow of the practice. This makes integration easy for doctors who are looking to help their patients and regain control of the supplements their patients are taking.

The first step in the Vitagene process is information gathering. Doctors and patients will provide Vitagene with the labs and DNA data that the company needs to create personalized supplements. Patients will also fill out a questionnaire that will go over their current lifestyle as well as their health goals. The questionnaire will give Vitagene a starting point for creating supplements and vitamins that will give patients the help they need to reach their health goals.

Once Vitagene receives the information from the doctor, the data is passed through a knowledge base that contains millions of data points, all of which are interconnected. When this algorithm is finished processing the information, it will create several recommendations and present it to the doctor. The doctor can then adjust or approve of the recommendations.

When the doctor has approved the supplements of his or her patients, Vitagene will send a 30 day supply of the approved products directly to the patient. These approved vitamins and supplements come in blister packs, so patients don’t have to think about what they need to take on a daily basis. Everything is conveniently packaged to give them the most ease.

As patient’s lifestyles and labs change, doctors can adjust the supplement plans provided by Vitagene. This makes it easy to stay on top of every patient’s needs, giving them supplements that actually help.

The Science behind Vitagene

Vitagene has two main parts that sets it apart from other supplement providers. The first is its knowledge base, which is constantly being updated on the latest supplement and disease associations. The knowledge base at Vitagene only includes evidence that has been supported scientifically, so every recommendation made by the company can be trusted to be effective.

The second part of Vitagene that sets it apart is its algorithm. The Vitagene algorithm was created to do a comprehensive analysis of the data provided by the patients. Once the analysis is done, the data is passed through the knowledge base mentioned above, which every possible issue a patient has is related to potential supplements. When the system has a list of possible supplement recommendations, it is run through another database that looks at contraindications and other studies that might change how effective the supplements are for each patient. Then, the final recommendation is given to the doctor.

Vitagene considers several different genetic factors when creating a supplement plan for patients. Each factor plays a vital role in which supplements will be given, making sure that the ones selected will be the most beneficial for every individual patient.

The genetic factors taken into consideration by Vitagene are listed below.

Nutrigenetics: Looks at the dietary and nutrient components in the body. Markers will fall into the categories of Dietary Intake, Eating Traits, Metabolism, BioLevels, Lifestyle Traits, and Exercise.

Exercise Genetics: Looks at the unique fitness needs for each person, providing the best physical activity for each patient.

Disease Genetics: These genetic factors look at any and all associations between genes and disease, providing patients with what they need to fight their predispositions towards certain conditions.

Pharmacogenetics: Examines the drug behaviors of each patient, as well as the therapeutic effects of these behaviors. This area will determine dosage amounts in the personalized supplements given to patients.

Starting Vitagene

Vitagene is only offered through physicians or nutrition professionals. For doctors or nutritionists looking to start setting up Vitagene for their practices, the Vitagene website ( has a form available.

For patients who are interested in finding a practice that provides Vitagene supplements and vitamins, the Vitagene website also contains a form that can be filled out to receive this information.

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