Numirium Brain & Focus – MIT Nutrition’s Powerful Nootropic?


During the aging process, the brain’s ability to perform often becomes compromised. Caused by certain illnesses and mental disorders, the symptoms can take a toll on learning or memorizing important information. Other symptoms can also be associated with daily stress related to personal and professional environments.

Numirium Brain is a natural dietary supplement that enhances brain function. Ideal for individuals that experience a decrease in cognitive performance, the formula improves concentration, focus, and mental sharpness. Safe and effective, Numirium Brain ensures that the brain is functioning at optimal levels.

Numirium Brain & Focus is manufactured by the company MIT Nutritions. A nootropic formula, the supplement is free of stimulants, fillers, and synthetic ingredients. Designed to help with various areas of cognitive function, the specially formulated ingredients help increase brain performance in learning and memory.

The natural ingredients work together to enhance the learning process while also treating anxiety and lack of energy. Shown to benefit all areas of life, the supplement helps prevent degenerative symptoms that may impact performance at work, school, and more.

About Numirium Brain & Focus

As the body begins to age, it becomes difficult to learn things quickly and efficiently. Numirium Brain is a comprehensive formula that addresses various aspects of cognitive ability. As a student, taking in a large amount of new information can become tedious. For those in the workforce, daily tasks can become more stressful as procedures and policies change.

In both scenarios, Numirium Brain & Focus is the perfect solution. The supplement contains a variety of nutrients that benefit neurological function. Helping users learn new concepts, the formula supports the ability to process information faster.

By allowing users to retain and recall new information, Nimirium Brain benefits a variety of daily needs. When it comes to memory, the brain functions similarly to a computer. In memory, there are three functions: storage, encoding, and retrieval. Each component is essential for maintaining short-term and long-term memory.

Because retrieval is usually the most difficult aspect of memory, the ingredients in Numirium Brain & Focus work to improve the overall ability to remember and recall important data. Enhancing the critical functions involved in memory, the supplement keeps the brain sharp.

Numirium Brain & Focus gives users the ability to face daily tasks with confidence and ease. By strengthening mental efforts, the supplement is a creative solution to daily stressors and problems. To help manage anxiety, the supplement eliminates feelings of stress and fatigue. During the day, the stress of completing tasks can cause trouble with focus and concentration.

The supplement helps with mental ability and increases motivation. Increasing mental effort, the formula contains mechanisms that improve every aspect of life. For the best results, it is recommended that users take one capsule one to two times a day.

Ingredients in Numirium Brain & Focus

Numirium Brain & Focus is scientifically formulated with a unique blend of ingredients. The key ingredients in the supplement, as well as their benefits, are listed below.

  • John’s Wort – Used for centuries, this ingredient alleviates symptoms associated with mild depression and anxiety. A powerful herb, its nutrients are believed to improve mood and boost energy levels.
  • Glutamine – A building block for protein, this amino acid enhances cell health and supports tissue growth in the body. It is also needed to form healthy brain tissue and support healthy brain function.
  • Phosphatidylserine – A phospholipid, this ingredient is crucial for neural tissues. Making up 70% of the neural walls and membranes, the properties are vital for neural activity. Studies show that this ingredient stimulates the production of dopamine in the brain.
  • Bocopa Monnieri – Also known as Brahmi, this plant has been used in Ayurvedic medicinal practices for centuries. Research shows that the plant helps slow the progression of cognitive decline associated with aging.
  • DMAE Bitartrate – This amino acid is needed for the production of choline and acetylcholine, neurotransmitters that conduct nerve pulses in the brain.

Purchasing Numirium Brain & Focus

Numirium Brain is available for purchase on the company website ( Each bottle contains 60 capsules, a one month supply, and costs $79.95.

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