Nova Scotia Organics

A Canadian based company started by a woman dedicated to offering only the highest quality supplements, probiotics, and dietary support products, this company also offers a small range of smoothie mixes and freeze dried fruits.

Consumers who are concerned for their health and trying to live an organic lifestyle will want to consider Nova Scotia Organics for their commitment to only the highest quality standards and competitive prices.

Please read below to learn more about Nova Scotia Organics and how to purchase.

What Is NovaScotia Organics?

NovaScotia Organics is a Canadian owned and operated company dedicated to manufacturing high quality organic supplements and dietary products. Since its beginning over twenty years ago, Nova Scotia Organics has worked hard to ensure every product they offer meets the highest expectations.

Whether consumers are looking for a pre or post biotic to improve digestion, a general multivitamin, or smoothie ingredients, Nova Scotia Organics delivers. People with allergies will appreciate the variety of gluten free products as well as the company’s commitment to non-genetically modified ingredients.

NovaScotia Organics Products

Consumers will appreciate the wide range of products NovaScotia Organics offers.

Please read below for an overview, full product details are available at

Vitamins and Minerals

People will be amazed at the range of products available through this company. From pregnancy support and respiratory health to anti-aging or cholesterol management, Nova Scotia Organics offers a high quality supplement that will help improve health and wellness.

Offering supplements formulated for men, women, and children, people can choose from a range of supplements that help support their diet by offering more vitamins and minerals. Additionally, Nova Scotia Organics offers supplements formulated for specific health and wellness needs like heart health, nausea relief, strong bones, and healthy skin.

Also produced are superfood supplements as well as a range of natural supplements including grape seed, Maca, and passionflower. Those who struggle to swallow pills will appreciate how easy these pills are to take.

Snack Foods and Smoothies

Consumers who regularly consume smoothies and are looking for all-natural additives to help give them an extra nutritional boost will appreciate the smoothie mixes available through Nova Scotia Organics.

Additionally, consumers can purchase delicious freeze dried blueberries, Gala apples, and pineapple chunks. Nova Scotia Organics offers quantity discounts of ten percent on purchases of their smoothie mixes.

NovaScotia Organics Company Details

Nova Scotia Organics was founded by Nancy Smithers who is a seventh generation Nova Scotian dedicated to offering people high quality organic products sourced from her region of Canada.

Nancy uses her twenty five years experience as an herbalist and organic product specialist to craft a wide range of products that consumers can feel good about using and trust to be truly organic.

All of Nova Scotia Organics’ products are certified organic by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Over the past twenty years of business this company has expanded their product offerings to include not only vitamins and supplements but also foods and probiotics. Consumers who have gluten intolerances will appreciate how many gluten-free options Nova Scotia Organics offers.

Additionally, this company sources all ingredients from non-GMO sources and most are vegetarian and vegan friendly. Interested consumers can learn more about this company and the full product line by visiting their website at

NovaScotia Organics Pricing

The company’s website and Amazon have listings for Nova Scotia Organics wares..

NovaScotia Organics

Purchases made through this website ship for free on any orders totaling $35.00 or greater. Novascotia Organics does not offer a full refund on opened products but are interested in hearing from their customers who are not satisfied so they can improve their products in the future.

This is what makes this company different than other supplement manufacturers, the personal relationship people can have.


Many Nova Scotia Organics products are available for purchase through Amazon. Many supplements are available in two sizes.

Most are eligible to be added to their Subscribe and Save program giving consumers an additional ten to fifteen percent discount depending on how many items they subscribe to. The prices on Amazon are lower in general than the company’s webpage.

Should You Use NovaScotia Organics?

Families who are looking for high quality products to help support their organic lifestyle and maintaining their health will want to consider trying Nova Scotia Organics products. This company offers products people can trust and know they are sourced from the best available ingredients.

By offering vegan supplements, as well as gluten free products consumers with special dietary needs will feel safe using these products to improve their health. Interested consumers can easily order products through Amazon or the company’s website.

Consumers can access the company through US, Canadian and Japanese website platforms.


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