Nokia Body BMI – Complete Smart Weight Tracking Scale?


Consumers in the market for a great all-around bathroom scale will want to take a look at the Nokia Body Scale. This tool offers individuals and households an accurate way to keep track of weight whether people are trying to lose weight or are watching their pregnancy progress.

In addition to offering accurate weight readings this scale offers immediate BMI readings and can be synched with a tandem health Mate App to help users maximize their purchase and improve their health. Please read below to learn more about the Nokia Body Scale and how to purchase.

About Nokia Body Scale

Nokia which many people recognizes a cell phone manufacturer also has a full line of products focused on improving people’s health.

The Nokia Body Scale is the most economical option in their line of scales which offers not only accurate weight readings but also a way to sync the scale with their tandem app called Health Mate that offers users a wide range of ways to track their diet, weight, blood pressure, sleep, and more.

Those who are looking for a reasonably priced scale that offers more than just weight management features will want to consider this product. Parents of small children or women who are pregnant can use this scale to track growth and ensure that their child is developing at a healthy rate.

How Does The Nokia Body Scale Work?

More than just a basic bathroom scale this device gives users insight into their weight as well as other health factors like BMI. Since eight different users can use one scale it is easy to share within a family to track growth and weight loss for every member of the household.

Along with instant weight and BMI readings this scale also offers daily weather forecasts to help users plan their day appropriately. When paired with the Health Mate App users can gain greater insight into ways they can improve their health and track their changes over time from the convenience of any smartphone or tablet.

Health Mate App Details

People who are working hard to lose weight will appreciate the support and features offered through the tandem app designed to complement the Nokia Body Scale. Users can set weight loss goals and even log their diet within the nutrition feature.

In addition to supporting weight loss efforts the Health Mate App can also help people monitor their sleep and daily activity to help them lower blood pressure, improve sleep, or just live a healthier life.

There are also three tailored programs available that can guide users through steps to help them reach their goals in these areas Healthier Heart, Pregnancy Tracker, Sleep Smarter, and Better Body. This App can also work together with over 100 other health and fitness apps to ensure users get comprehensive health information to help them make informed decisions.

The Health Mate App is available for both Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded for free.

Nokia Body Scale Features

For such a reasonably priced scale this device offers a wide range of features that will help users meet and achieve their health goals. Up to eight different users can share this scale making it easy for families to keep track of their child’s growth or even monitor their pregnancy weight.

Each user can see the data from their last eight weigh ins making it easy to see if they are on track and with an automatic BMI calculation users trying to lose weight will know exactly where they stand easily and quickly.

When synced with the tandem Health Mate App users will be able to see how their weight is fluctuating anywhere they want. Nokia is proud to offer such an accurate scale that can support the whole family’s needs.

Nokia Body Scale Pricing

Interested consumers can purchase the Nokia Body Scale online through the Nokia Health website or Amazon.

Both sites offer the same price of $59.95 per scale.

Purchases made through Amazon automatically ship for free whereas Nokia ships purchases over $115.00 for free.

All purchases of the Nokia Body Scale come with a thirty day money back guarantee.

Should You Use The Nokia Body Scale?

By offering accurate readings as well as instant BMI readings this scale makes it convenient to stay on top of users’ health by monitoring weight and helping people see progress.

It appears that this scale is a great option for people who are looking at a new scale that is less than sixty dollars and offers the ability to sync with health apps.

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