Trying to select a new piece of workout equipment can be quite complicated due to the sheer amount of choices. The New Edge Glider Elliptical offers consumers a reasonably priced device that is fun to use while still being effective at burning fat and enhancing cardio.

Users will appreciate the simple to read electronic dashboard that helps them stay on track towards their fitness goals. Interested consumers can learn more about the New Edge Glider Elliptical by reading below.

What is the New Edge Glider Elliptical?

Adults who have been considering purchasing a home workout machine will appreciate the simplicity in this product. Unlike more expensive products this machine offers just what people want and need without a lot of costly bells and whistles.

New Edge manufacturers a wide range of easy to use pieces of exercise equipment that are known for low prices without sacrificing quality. The gliding elliptical offers a fun workout that is effective.

This device does not take up a lot of room which makes it a good option for people who live in apartments or who have homes where space is a premium. New Edge mentions that the swinging motion of this device stays quiet even at the most intense levels which is also a great feature in a low cost machine.

How Does the New Edge Elliptical Work?

This innovative yet simple piece of equipment offers users a no nonsense workout that is both effective and fun. People of all fitness levels can enjoy the swinging action of this device that reacts to how hard users push their exercise intensity.

Since the swinging motion is self-induced people can control the speed at which they workout helping prevent injury.

New edge’s Glider elliptical has a built in electronic display that keeps track of distance covered as well as sleep and calories burned. The handle bars have built in sensors that track heart rate helping people train effectively without added cords.

New Edge Elliptical Features

Consumers looking for an easy to use piece of fitness equipment that offers durability without a high price tag will want to give this elliptical some consideration. A built in fitness tracker shows users their distance traveled, speed, workout duration, and calories burned.

The handlebars have embedded sensors that keep an accurate reading on heart rate. One of the drawbacks of this machine is that it is only built to support users up to 265 pounds so that could be limiting.

The foot rests are wide and have rubberized grip helping people stay safe no matter how hard they push their workout. Due to the quiet operation of this device it is a good option for people who live in an apartment or want to exercise while others are sleeping.

New Edge Gliding Elliptical Pricing

Amazon offers this piece of workout equipment for $137.43 and shipping is free. Consumers who would prefer to have their machine professionally assembled can pay an extra $92.09 for that service.

Should You Use the New Edge Gliding Elliptical?

Many pieces of workout equipment can be difficult to use or more complicated than necessary. The Glider Elliptical by New Edge offers consumers a dependable, long lasting machine at a fraction of the cost for similar products. Further details, although limited are available at the product listing on Amazon.


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