Neurova – Dinosaur Nutrition Natural Nootropic Brain Booster?


Having enhanced mental faculties can be useful for students, professionals, or anyone who is coming into their middle years.

A new brand of supplements are now available that can enhance the user’s focus, memory, and defense against neurodegenerative decline. The supplement industry has termed these products: nootropics, and they can be purchased with a range of different formulas and resultant benefits.

When these pills are taken as directed, users can enhance their memories and overall intelligence. Although the results are not guaranteed, there is enough evidence in the form of customer testimonials and reviews to make them recommended and reliable.

Nuero Nova by the company Dinosaur Nutrition is one of the latest additions to a long line of nootropics available today. There is a variety of benefits claimed by Dinosaur Nutrition for their product, some of which we will cover in this article.

What Is Neuro Nova?

Neuro Nova is known as a brain boosting supplement. The company claims that years of research went into designing a supplement that would boost the user’s cognitive powers and give mental energy.

Each capsule of Neuro Nova contains over 42 vitamins, minerals, herbs, and plant based compounds, with each being carefully crafted to complement each other.

Shoppers can find Neuro Nova via Dinosaur’s Nutriton’s website, and it is available through the means of a free trial. Free trials let shoppers experiment with supplements without the risks of disappointment or buyer’s remorse. One simply reimburses the company for their shipping and handling fees in order to get it delivered to their front doors.

It should be noted that after 14-16 days, customers will be automatically rebilled month to month on their credit cards. This automatic payment can be cancelled if shoppers contact the business in advance, so one is not locked into any long-term commitments that they may be unhappy with.

Neuro Nova Benefits

When used as directed, there are a number of benefits to consuming the nootropic, including:

As one can see from the above list of benefits, there are many reasons for my shoppers would consider using Neuro Nova to improve their mental faculties. One thing to note about the product is that each of the additives used are first checked in a GMP certified facility in the United States before the product is shipped to the end user, thus making it safer for consumers to utilize.

Neuro Nova Ingredients

Neuro Nova contains 42 mind-enhancing ingredients as part of its formulation.

  • GABA: Helps the brain’s neurotransmitter to function at premium levels and also clams the central nervous system.
  • DHA: An omega-3 fatty acid that can be found throughout the body. Critical for the health of major limbs and body parts
  • DMAE: Also known as the “Smart nutrient”, helps to enhance one’s mood, improve memory, and heighten intelligence.
  • Bacopa: A nootropic herb used for enhancing longevity and cognition
  • Glutamic Acid: Works to protect the brain against toxins and neurodegenerative decline.

Neuro Nova Review Summary

Neuro Nova could be a viable means of enhancing the user’s intelligence and cognitive faculties if one is prepared to use the product as directed. The reviews that can be read about the product are sound, with many people stating that it was able to enhance their focus and memory in a short span of time.

If one is interested in giving the product a try, one can easily find the product on the company’s website with the major payment methods being credit card and internet banking.

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