The trouble with cognition is that it can fluctuate on a regular basis. The strength of one’s cognition depends upon a number of factors, such as stress levels, amount of sleep, how busy one is, age, and even genetics.

Those who find themselves struggling to think clearly, to maintain proper memory, and to stay focused through any given task, then this review may have a good suggestion that comes in the form of an all-natural cognitive booster duo.

Called NeuroFit, this brand offers two supplements: NeuroFit Xnow White and NeuroFit Black Xnow. With these formulas, users can finally regain their cognitive function and ensure that they are able to think clearly and at their best on a regular basis.

What Is NeuroFit?

NeuroFit is a brand that offers two prime cognitive boosters that work to ensure that men and women of all ages are able to function well daily. The brand’s two prime products focus on key areas such as memory, focus, energy levels, stress, and recall.

By improving all of the facets of cognitive function, the product makes it easier for men and women to stay productive and successful on a daily basis.

Further, the brand’s formulas are designed with the intent to push the boundaries of neuromuscular science. That is to say, the products are closing the gap between the mind and the body so that users are able to enjoy from a perfect harmony.

Why Two Formulas?

While users can use one NeuroFit formula at a time, it is best to actually use the two together. Of course, many may be wondering why it is necessary to do so. As previously mentioned, the goal of NeuroFit is to create a harmony between the mind and the body because it believes that in doing so, users are able to achieve optimal and health.

Therefore, to create that harmony, the brand provides users with two formulas, one which focuses on physical health and cognition and the other which focuses on giving the body the extra boost that it needs to perform even better.

By taking these two formulas on a regular basis, users can achieve transformative benefits to their cognition and their overall health.

NeuroFit Products

The two products offered by NeuroFit are NeuroFit Xnow White and NeuroFit Black Xnow. Here is what users need to know about each formula so that they can make a sound decision for their cognitive health and function:

NeuroFit Xnow White

NeuroFit Xnow White comes in a white container and in powdered form. The formula functions to improve cognitive function by focusing on elements such as circulation, oxygen, and better nutrient and mineral delivery to the brain.

Once the brain has all of the necessary compounds, the formula activates the neurotransmitters so that they can start performing better. Here are a few of the main advantages of this formula:

NeuroFit Black Xnow

The second product offered by the brand is NeuroFit Black Xnow. This is the secondary product and it is meant to give the body and mind that extra boost that it needs to work even better. Those who add this product to their lifestyle notice enhanced muscular performance and function as well. Here are the main advantages of this product:

  • Impacts every part of the body
  • Leads to higher motivation levels
  • Enhance focus
  • Flexes the brain
  • Improves memory
  • Maintains the mind-muscle connection
  • Improves communication between the neurotransmitters

With each of these benefits, users can feel confident they are making the right decision when it comes to a cognitive health duo. These two formulas give users all of the necessary qualities for optimal cognitive health and function on a daily basis.

Very few cognitive enhancers are able to provide users with the same stunning effects and maintain those effects for such a long period of time.

NeuroFit Ingredients

Another important quality to take into account before adding a pair of formulas to one’s lifestyle is the ingredients in the products. Each product has similar ingredients; therefore, here is a comprehensive list and description of each ingredient:


L-theanine is the most influential and important ingredient in each of these products. This ingredient is combined with caffeine to ensure that users experience its benefits on an amplified scale. The ingredient is responsible for improving cognitive function by enhancing memory and reducing agitation.


Choline improves mood, thoughts, and learning abilities. Those who use a formula with this ingredient are able to truly function well.

Panax Ginseng:

Panax ginseng is an ingredient responsible for enhancing cognitive function, promoting better concentration, and boosting one’s mood.


Hordenine is a unique ingredient in the sense that it isn’t used in many products, primarily because it is so powerful. The ingredient works to significantly increase one’s metabolism so that they can shed excess weight. Additionally, the ingredient leads to better focus and concentration.

In addition to these ingredients, the formula also includes agmatine sulfate and taurine.

NeuroFit Xnow White & Black Xnow Summary

Ultimately, those who are interested in ordering NeuroFit Supplements can do so through the brand’s website. The products are currently priced at just $39.99 each. Once ordered, the formulas will be delivered within a week or two.


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