Krill Oil Review


Krill Oil: The New Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids are widely considered to be one of the best ways to reduce the risk for heart attack, stroke, inflammation, and certain cancers. There has been some confusion over which type of omega-3 fatty acids are best, EPA, DHA, and ALA.

Most research points to EPA and DHA as the two best types of omega-3 fatty acids and due to the toxicity concerns of salmon and tuna (the primary sources of omega-3), a brand new source of omega-3 fatty acids has arose called krill oil.

Krill Oil – What Is It?

Krill oil comes from tiny crustaceans that act as the primary food source for whales, seals, penguins, squid, and other fish. Commercial fishing for krill is huge in the Pacific Ocean and krill is considered a huge part of the Japanese diet.

However, for the most part, krill are used to produce krill oil, which is naturally found in krill. Taking krill oil has many benefits and krill oil is quickly becoming the hottest source of omega-3 fatty acids as a result.

Health Benefits of Krill Oil

Krill oil has been the subject of dozens of studies and so far the results have been incredible promising. Some of the many benefits of krill oil include:

Lower cholesterol: In a recent study, 120 participants were given either a placebo or krill oil. After an unidentified period of time, researchers found that participants who took krill oil had lowered their LDL cholesterol over 30% and increased HDL cholesterol by over 40%. The placebo group saw a decrease of 4.6% and an increase of 4.2% respectively.

Arthritis: A study that was published in the Journal of American College of Nutrition found that taking 300mg of krill oil on a daily basis could help reduce both joint pain and inflammation.

Another study found that krill oil could significantly reduce joint stiffness and increase joint mobility within a few weeks compared to other anti-inflammatory products.

Lower CRP levels: CRP stands for C-reactive protein, which is produced by the liver. When CRP levels are high it means the body has inflammation somewhere in the body, normally in the heart. A recent study found that krill oil lowered CRP levels by 19% in just one month, indicating that plaque and other inflammatory agents had been removed.

Reduced symptoms of PMS: Women specifically can benefit from krill oil because of its’ ability to reduce the symptoms of PMS. In one study, women who took krill oil saw less mood swings, less severe discomfort from cramps, and reduced unwanted fluid retention. Their symptoms also tended to last a much shorter period of time.

Krill oil has several other benefits and it is widely considered to be one of the best sources of omega-3s because krill oil seems to have a higher absorption rate compared to other sources of omega-3s.

Where to Find Krill Oil

Krill oil can be found in various stores online or in your local health store and if you’re serious about your health, it is one of the few supplements that can actually help improve your health.

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