Olivia Pope Wine Glass


Olivia Pope Wine Glass Review

If you’re a fan of Scandal, then you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say the “Olivia Pope Wine Glass

Who Is Olivia Pope?

On Scandal, Olivia Pope is played by Kerry Washington. She acts as a fixer who solves various presidential scandals. That’s why the TV show is called Scandal. Get it?

When Olivia Pope isn’t solving presidential crises, she’s sitting back on her couch with a glass of wine. That glass of wine – colloquially known as the Olivia Pope Wine Glass – has gathered a huge following of fans online.

The wine glass steals every scene it’s in. It’s hard to ignore the distinctive fishbowl design with the absurdly long stem. The wine glass manages to look classy and sophisticated – just like Olivia Pope herself.

Olivia Pope Wine Glass

Well, we’re here to tell you that the Olivia Pope Wine Glass wasn’t just a prop created for a TV show: it’s a legitimate product anyone can order online today.

Camille 23 oz. Red Wine Glass from Crate & Barrel

The Olivia Pope Wine Glass from Scandal was purchased from Crate & Barrel. The product is officially known as the Camille 23 oz. Red Wine Glass and it costs $14.95 for a single glass.

You can view the official product listing here: Official Olivia Pope Wine Glass

It has a SKU of 573208 and if you’re lucky, you can find it at your local Crate & Barrel outlet.

Here’s how Crate & Barrel describes the glass:

“Handcrafted glass rises to the occasion on elongated slender stem with a bubble bowl that’s perfect for cradling in hand to allow wines to open up and breathe.”

Under the Details and Dimensions section, Crate & Barrel lists the wine glass as having the following qualities:

— Handmade Glass
— Fire-Polished Rim
— Pulled Stem
— Made in Slovakia
— Hand Wash
— Height: 10.25”
— Diameter: 4.25”

The glass has an enthusiastic following on the Crate & Barrel online store, where it has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 with about 200 reviews.

One warning common across all the reviews is that the wine glass can be top heavy when filled with too much wine. The thin stems aren’t designed to handle a cup that’s filled to the brim – so you might have to pour yourself a couple medium-sized glasses instead of one gigantic glass.

The glass must also be washed by hand – of course, most dishwashers won’t be able to accommodate this glass anyway, so you were probably going to wash it by hand anyway.

The Wine Glasses Are Frequently Sold Out

You’re not the only Scandal fan in the world. Scandal fans around the world love this wine glass, and that’s why it’s frequently sold out at Crate & Barrel retail stores and online.

Crate & Barrel is slowly starting to realize how popular this wine glass is, so they’re getting better about filling supply. Nevertheless, the wine glass will still be frequently sold out when you check the online store. So don’t be disappointed if it’s not available: just check back frequently to see if it’s been restocked.

You can also check your in-store pickup options on the Crate & Barrel online store by entering your ZIP code and listing nearby stores.

Want to be as classy and sophisticated as Olivia Pope / Kerry Washington? Buy the official Olivia Pope Wine Glass today and pour yourself a nice tall glass of red.

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