Nature’s Smile – Natural Solution To Gum Disease


Nature's Smile Review

Nature's Smile is a dental product that stops gum disease. It's marketed as an alternative to periodontal surgery

The Company

Nature's Smile is based in Miami, FL and has a rating of “F' with the Better Business Bureau. That may be a little misleading because it's based on only 6 complaints. Apparently they haven't done a very good job of answering those complaints, however.

On the bright side, the company offers a 60 day money-back guarantee on their product. You'll end up paying only shipping and handling if you return the unused portion within 60 days.

The Product

The product has supposedly been used in Sweden for 50 years. It contains all natural ingredients (seven different plants) which when combined offer exponential powers of bacteria-killing defense (or so says the website).

Why people need this product?

You see, the cause of gum disease is bacteria which collect in pockets and grooves in your teeth and start to erode away your gums. The traditional treatment is prevention…keep your teeth clean and get the plaque removed twice a year by a real dentist.

But for anyone who's missed a few dentist cleanings over the years. plaque can build up and start introducing bacteria more and more underneath your gum line (rather than just on the exposed ares of your teeth). That's when the real misery begins and you're suddenly a candidate for a root canal and other fun, expensive stuff.

This is also when you could be facing a root canal or even tooth implants. And you're already experiencing bad breath and bleeding gums, for sure. Those are the signs of periodontal disease.

That's where Nature's Smile comes in. When you've reached the point where bacteria is eroding away your gums, this product not only gets way in there and attacks that bacteria, it also creates a shield that protects you against further bacterial damage.

The ingredients

If you're into natural ingredients, you'll love the Nature's Smile list of ingredients, as follows:

— Oak: Bark from the oak tree contains tannins, which strengthen the gum tissue, reduce swelling, and act as an antiseptic.

— Silver Fir: Acts like eucalyptus- also an antiseptic and reduces inflammation.

— Pine Tree Carotene Extract: Removes toxins and adds antioxidants.

— Chammomile

— Yarrow: Contains alkaloid which can stop bleeding.

Saint John's Wort: Heals wounds and reduces inflammation.

— Nettle: An anti-inflammatory and reduces mouth bleeding.

— Greater Celandine: Anti inflammatory properties.

These ingredients have other positive side effects but I've kept the descriptions relevant to gum disease and the mouth. Basically what the product does is strengthen your gums so they can fight back against bacteria and grow back strong again.

There are no chemicals or other harsh ingredients so it's safe to use every day. The product is a mouthwash plus a gum balm- two separate jars that work together synergistically.

The active ingredient in the mouthwash is Sodium monofluorophosphate (0.84%), which is another name for a type of fluoride. Tom's of Maine, the natural personal products company, also puts this in their toothpastes, although at a lower concentration ().76%).

The National Institutes of Health indicates that Sodium monofluorophosphate is considered a specialty whitening and polishing agent and as a prevention against dental decay.

The Verdict On Nature's Smile

Nature's Smile gets good reviews on Amazon, where it is currently unavailable for purchase. It's debatable whether gums can grow back, but the natural ingredients do have a positive effect on red, swollen, diseased gums, according to lots of customer reviews.

At just under $25 for a jar of the gum balm that lasts one month, it's a bit pricier than your ordinary toothpaste but then again it does much more than a tube of Crest. The oral rinse (mouthwash) costs the same for a one-month supply.

You get a discount for bulk orders- order directly from the company website to get those offers, which include deals like “buy 4 bottles, get 2 free”. There's a toll-free number for questions and orders. Seems on the up and up.

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