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MP45 Review

MP45 is an athletic training system that promises to take you from fat to fit in 45 days. Here’s our MP45 review.

What is MP45?

MP45 is a fitness training program that comes in the form of downloadable eBooks.

The fitness training program promises to use a 6/7 week system, or 45 day system (because it’s called MP45 – get it?), to get you into the best shape of your life.

In addition to a workout guide, the training program comes with a 45 Day Meal Plan, a cookbook, and even motivational music called “Alpha Motivation” that promises to take you to the next level of your training.

MP45 is advertised towards both men and women. It specifically claims it’s perfect for those with busy schedules, those who don’t like doing “boring” cardio all the time, and those who want to become better athletes.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how MP45 claims to work.

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How Does MP45 Work?

MP45 is based on a 6 or 7 week system. It’s called MP45 because the program should take you 6 or 7 weeks to complete. Here’s how each week breaks down:

Week 1: Laying the Foundation

The program starts you off with beginner gym workouts. This early phase is ideal even for those who are fairly out of shape.

As the creator of the program explains, the program “is based off a gradual progressive approach” so newbies don’t feel overwhelmed when they begin training.

The meal plan also kicks into effect this week, so you should start to notice the effects that healthy eating has on your body.

Weeks 2 and 3: Building the Base

During this phase, MP45 introduces traditional cardio workouts in order to increase your aerobic system to burn fat. At the same time, you’re building up a strong muscular base through weightlifting workouts that concentrate on fixing muscular imbalances. This means greater functional strength.

Weeks 4 and 5: Lean Muscle Activation

Lean muscle activation activates the central nervous system, helping to “create a systemic process of packing on lean muscle mass while activating fat loss”.

During this phase, you’re introduced to a combination of sprint-based exercises and bodybuilder workouts. Your strong muscles should finally start to reveal themselves after being revealed underneath your thick layer of fat.

Weeks 6 and 7: The Final Phase

The Final Phase of the program involves “the most intense and advanced exercise sessions” in MP45. It includes exercises that continue to help you burn fat while building muscle. It also helps you minimize your body fat percentage to your lowest levels than ever before. Once your two weeks are complete, you should have a better body than you’ve ever had before.

What’s Included with MP45?

MP45 comes with two core products: a workout plan and a meal plan. Here’s a brief overview of each.

45 Day Workout Plan

During the 45 day workout plan, you’ll progress through the stages that we mentioned above. Those stages include weight training and cardio exercises that promise to fit into anyone’s busy schedule.

Each workout takes less than an hour to complete and you get rest days every week.

By the end of the program, MP45 promises that you’ll be able to run faster, jump higher, and be more explosive than ever before.

45 Day Meal Plan

MP45 claims you won’t be paying more than $30 a week for groceries. And, you’ll be eating even healthier than ever before.

The meals also all take under 10 minutes to make with minimal effort and are proven to build muscle, burn fat, and keep you healthy. The meals are also full of flavor.

This program is also endorsed by Instagram celebrity Jen Selter, famous for having literally one of the best butts the world has ever seen. Her MP45 workout video can be seen online at

Bonus Products

MP45 comes with a selection of bonus content, including:

— The Fit Foods Cookbook: 100 healthy recipes

— Top Workout Music: There are two workout CDs, including Alpha Motivation and It’s All On You. MP45 claims this is “our exclusive best-selling workout music” that has consistently topped the charts on iTunes and Google Play Music.

After paying for MP45, you can download the program onto your computer, phone, or tablet in seconds. It’s all delivered instantly to your email inbox after your payment has been processed.

Who Made MP45?

MP45 was made by a guy named Jaret Grossman.

Jaret claims to weigh 200 pounds while maintaining 6% body fat year round despite having “never touched a hormone or steroid in his life”. He uses supplements like whey protein and glutamine while spending less than an hour a day in the gym, eating lots of food, and keeping himself busy in other areas unrelated to fitness.

Jaret is best known for creating Muscle Prodigy, which is an online fitness blog found at

Jaret doesn’t claim to have any nutritionist certifications, but he does claim to be a certified personal trainer. He also says he’s a former top collegiate athlete.

MP45 Pricing

MP45 is relatively expensive for an online fitness training program, priced at $97 for the 45 day workout plan and 45 day meal plan.

You make your payment online through Payments are accepted with all major credit cards.

For refund information, you can contact MP45 by emailing [email protected]. All purchases com with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can also call 516-864-9349 for refund information over the phone.

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  1. funny enough that MP45 program team are leaving reviews online as if they are MP45 customer.
    the money back guaranty is 100% hassle. they take your off your skin and they will never refund you.
    dont go anywhere near this program.
    if you leave normal comment on their social media page and explains that it dose work , they delete you comment very quick. even if you are polite.

  2. I’m on my second run through this program. My wife and I do it as a team. We’re old too, for this sort of thing… approaching 40.
    It’s been a good program for us. We have a nonpaid/nonsponsored blog that chronicles it at

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