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Modicare Review

Modicare is a multilevel marketing company that, unlike most MLMs, was founded in India in 1933. Find out everything you need to know about Modicare today in our review.

What is Modicare?

Modicare is a multilevel marketing company based in India. The company was founded in 1933 by a guy named Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi.

Today, the network has over 150,000 active members. In 2010, it was reporting a monthly growth rate of 20%.

The 80+ year old company mainly focuses on personal care and hygiene products, including color cosmetics, skin care, fragrances, laundry care, auto care, and men’s care products.

The company also recently entered the food, beverage, and nutritional supplements market, bringing its total number of products to over 200.

Modicare and Direct Selling

Modicare is a direct selling company, which means it avoids conventional selling methods and “sells directly” to consumers through salespeople.

These salespeople are called Modicare Consultants.

The company likes to emphasize that Modicare Consultants are not employees: they’re entrepreneurs. The harder they work, and the better salespeople they are, the more money they’re going to make.

Modicare Products

As mentioned above, Modicare has over 200 products in its lineup. You can view all of those products here:

Here’s a brief overview of each of the product categories and the most popular products included in each one:

Health & Nutrition

This category includes mostly nutritional supplements designed to boost your overall health, encourage weight loss, and help you achieve your health or fitness goals.

Popular products include the Well Protein Powders and dozens of other supplements under the “Well” brand name, including multivitamins, fruit juices, and a detox supplement called D Tox.

Skin Care

Modicare’s Skin Care lineup is separated into several other categories, including Cleansers, Scrubs, Masks, Moisturizers, Sunscreens, Eye Creams, Fairness Creams, and Anti-Aging creams.

Popular brand names in this category include Fruit of the Earth, Schloka moisturizers, and FOTE (which is simply the acronym for Fruit of the Earth) “Natural Fairness Gel”.

Color Cosmetics

This category includes products that help you color your nails, eyes, and face however you desire. They include nail polishes, eye creams, and a face coloring tool called Silky Base.

Personal Care

Personal Care products are separated into the following categories: Men’s Grooming, Oral Care, Bath Basics, Body Care, Hair Care, and Deodorants.

Products in the Men’s Grooming category have “manly” names like Velocity and include things like men’s shampoo, gel, and deodorant.

Home Care

The Home Care products include everything you need to keep your home in order, including disinfectants and cleaners, kitchen care products, bathroom care products, and metal care products.

Laundry Care

As you might expect, this category includes Detergents and Stain Removers.

Food & Beverages

Modicare only sells a small number of food and beverages, including 2 types of tea products and 2 oils. The oils are Fote Coconut Oil and Active Life Rice Bran Oil, both of which can be used for cooking. Meanwhile, the teas are Fote CTC & Long Leaf Tea as well as Fote Power Green Tea.


The Agriculture category includes pesticide sprays to keep your garden or farm fresh, healthy, and pest-free.

Auto Care

Modicare truly has branched into a wide range of different product lines. The Auto Care category includes an Auto Wash Advanced Concentrated Auto Shampoo for Rs 92.


You can also shop for Modicare products through different brands. Those brands include all of the following:

Well, Washmate, Autowash, Beyond Blue, Duz All, HD, Mighty in One, One Der Drop, Silver Dip, Spic N Span, Steri Clean, Autowash, Essensual, Essensual 20, Fresh Moments, Salon, Sofwash, Velocity, Active Life, Fruit of the Earth (FOTE), Active 80, Activzyme, Schloka.

How to Become a Modicare Consultant

Like it is with joining most MLMs, the best way to join is by knowing an existing Modicare Consultant. Sign up through that person’s network, and then he’ll earn a portion of commission from your sales.

If you don’t know a Modicare Consultant, then you can also join the company through the Modicare office, where the customer relations team will refer you to an existing Modicare Consultant in your area, after which you’ll join that person’s network.

The joining fee is approximately Rs. 1950 ($28 USD). After paying that fee, you’ll get your Starter Kit, which includes literature, products, sponsoring materials, etc.

You also immediately get 20% off all Modicare products as well as access to seminars, programs, and events across India.

About Modicare

Modicare is a New Delhi based company found at the following address:

5, Community Center,
New Friends Colony,
New Delhi, Pin – 110025

You can contact the company by email at [email protected], by email form here on their website, or by phone at 011-66623000.

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