Sabinsa – Quality Herbal Extracts & Healthy Products?


Sabinsa Review – Quality Products?

Sabinsa is a corporation that produces various supplements for the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. This is our review.

What is Sabinsa?

Sabinsa is responsible for the manufacturing, supplying, and marketing of a variety of “herbal extracts, cosmeceuticals, minerals, dietary supplements and specialty fine chemicals for the nutritional, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries.” Essentially, Sabinsa paves the way with thorough research and high-quality scientific studies to produce each item available.

Sabinsa Corporation has been around for almost 30 years. It was established and founded in 1988 by Muhammed Majeed, Ph.D. When he started the company, he stood for his principles of “tradition, innovation, and research.” This soon earned the company recognition in a few ways.

First, in October 1995, Dr. Majeed won the National Award for Quality Products (Basic Drugs) from the President of India. The next two years, Sabinsa placed in the top ten among New Jersey's top 50 fastest growing technology-based companies (NJ Technology Fast 50 Awards). Also, during those two years, Sabinsa happened to be among the top 100 companies in the INC. 500, which is the magazine's annual list of the 500 fastest growing private companies. These recognitions and hard work make it easy to see why Sabinsa has lasted through the law few decades.

The Science Behind Sabinsa

All of the products made by Sabinsa have thorough scientific research and backing behind each of their products. There are certain processes that Sabinsa uses to ensure the highest quality products.


According to Sabinsa, this division is responsible for “the core activity of the company and has played a significant role for the organization to reach its present status. Standardized Phytoextracts that function as nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals or nutricosmetics have been skillfully commercialized to meet the ever increasing global needs. Identification, isolation, characterization of the bio-actives and optimization of the extraction methods form the core activities of this division. A range of Supercritical extracts have been developed using SC CO2.”

Synthetic Chemistry

Synthetic chemistry is what is responsible for the development of “new reactions and methodologies for the efficient synthesis of bioactive molecules.” The main focus of Sabinsa has been on selenium based organic molecules, Chiral molecules, Peptides and Natural Actives. However, there are an additional 40 compounds that have come out of this science as well.

The process involved many steps to get the product from the science lab to the consumer, which sometimes involved tissue samples. The normal steps followed are:

  1. Isolation of high yielding varieties
  2. Rapid multiplication of selected plants through tissue culture technology
  3. Field trials of the multiplied varieties
  4. Supply the plant to contract farmers for large-scale cultivation

While Sabinsa has many different divisions of their labs, the bio-research division is the department that keeps an eye on developing the “safety and efficacy profile of the products by screening through an elaborate series of in vitro methods that does not involve testing on animals.” This division has a wide range of in-vitro testing technologies in the following fields of research:

  • Anti-oxidant studies
  • Anti-Inflammatory studies
  • Skin lightening/tanning studies
  • UV protection studies
  • Wound Healing studies
  • Hair growth studies
  • Sebum regulation studies
  • Anti-Obesity studies
  • Anti-Diabetes studies
  • Dermal Irritation studies
  • Ocular Irritation studies
  • Cytotoxicity studies
  • Mutagenicity studies

Sabinsa Products

The different products that Sabinsa creates helps consumers to find a natural and/or safe solution to a number of ailments. With the constant manufacturing and researching of new products, all of their supplements fall into one of the following categories:

  • Natural Drugs (meaning a chemical compound or substance produced by a microbe or plant material)
  • Standardized Phytoextracts
  • SCFE Products
  • Enzymes
  • Probiotics & Synbiotics
  • Beverage Ingredients
  • Functional Nutritional Blends
  • Functional Cosmetic Blends
  • Specialty Fine Chemicals
  • Nutritional Fine Chemicals
  • Chiral Drug Intermediates
  • Nutritional Fibers
  • Minerals for Nutritional Use
  • Cosmeceuticals

Sabinsa Product Distributors

With all of this research and development of new products, the standard consumer would assume that Sabinsa is the direct distributor, but it is not. The compounds and supplements that Sabinsa produces go to various other companies for distribution and labeling. Some of these included companies are:


With so many employees tirelessly working on their products, Sabinsa is currently able to manufacture over 100 such synthetic and plant-derived products.

Most of the products offered by Sabinsa Corporation are certified Kosher, making them safe for particular dietary restrictions.

Why Choose Sabinsa Products

When you choose to use a product that has been manufactured by Sabinsa, you know that every single ingredient has been thoroughly tested and researched to determine it is the best formula for your condition. With safety measures and constant monitoring, every product from Sabinsa is safe.

Connecting with Sabinsa

If you have questions for the representatives at Sabinsa, you can fill in the electronic form online for an email response. Otherwise, you can speak with someone directly through postal mail, telephone, or email.

Sabinsa Corporation – NJ
20 Lake Drive
East Windsor, NJ 08520, USA

Tel: +1.732.777.1111
E-mail: [email protected]

Sabinsa Corporation – UT
750 S. Innovation Circle
Payson, UT 84651, USA

Tel: +1.801.465.8400
E-mail: [email protected]


Sabinsa is an experienced producer of many different products, but it is the attention to detail and chemistry that allows consumers to easily trust their products and manufacturing methods.

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