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Primal Sleep System Review

The Primal Sleep System is a downloadable eBook that promises to teach you the six step formula to reset your body’s sleep schedule and enjoy a more restful night’s sleep. Here’s our review.

What is Primal Sleep System?

Primal Sleep System is an eBook that promises to teach you how to enjoy a more restful sleep.

The book explains a six step process anyone can use to reset their sleep schedule, for example, as well as other tips and tricks that fight against the root causes of your insomnia and allow you to feel refreshed in the morning.

The eBook was created by a guy named David Sinick, who has previously been known for creating Paleo Hacks LLC.

Primal Sleep System, as the name suggests, is based on similar lessons to those espoused in the paleo diet – by returning to our primal cycles and habits, you can reset your sleep schedule and enjoy healthier sleeps every night.

How Does Primal Sleep System Work?

The core part of the Primal Sleep System includes six steps along with other tips and tricks for curing your insomnia. Here’s what’s included:

— Six core steps that will gradually reset your sleep schedule and help you get a more rejuvenating sleep

— 1 simple trick that will align your sleep cycle with Mother Nature and trigger your brain to start producing melatonin

— The “Sleep Sanctuary Secret” for setting up your bedroom to be the perfect environment for a deep sleep

All of this information is available in PDF form. After buying Primal Sleep System, you immediately download it and can access it across any electronic device.

Don’t expect groundbreaking tips in this section. One of the key lessons in Primal Sleep System is to put down electronic devices within one hour before going to sleep. Your body can’t produce melatonin when it’s looking at artificial light sources – like your smartphone or the TV in your bedroom late at night.

Many people find that by avoiding artificial light sources before bed, they can instantly fix whatever sleep problems they’ve been experiencing.

There are also tips related to what you eat and what times you eat it. The system particularly recommends one tea that it calls the “tea of immortality” to help you fall asleep more easily at night.

Audio Brain Training Sleep System

In addition to the core eBook of Primal Sleep System, you get several audio files that promise to help you sleep more soundly at night.

This system is called “Brain Entrainment Audio Technology”. It claims that it uses audio signals, music, and noises to put your brain into different states of mind. The technology includes:

— Audio File 1: Primal Sleep – Delta (30 minutes): Promotes Delta wave production in the brain, slowing down your brainwaves and promoting a more restful sleep.

— Audio File 2: Nature Mind – Theta (30 minutes): Promises to help you relax your overactive mind using “blissful meditation music”.

— Audio File 3: Deep Dreams – Delta (30 minutes): By listening to this for up to 2 hours before you sleep, you can enjoy deep sleep for 7 to 8 hours.

You may have heard that our brains work in four cycles and produce four different types of brain waves.

Those waves include Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta. Delta, theta, and alpha waves are generated while we sleep, while beta waves are produced in stressful situations.

There’s no mention of any clinical trials or scientific tests that have taken place with Primal Sleep System’s meditation sounds. Maybe they’ll work for some people, while other people might try them once and feel like it’s not for them.

What’s Included with Primal Sleep System?

Primal Sleep System includes the core eBook, the core audio files, and several other bonus eBooks that teach you about other parts of your sleep cycle.

Those additional bonuses include:

— Eat Your Way To Better Sleep: The Primal Sleep Diet Guide: This book explains which foods trigger the best sleep of your life, which foods are secretly harming your sleep, and how to eat the right types of foods before bedtime to trigger the release of hormones that promote a healthy sleep.

— Stress Release Audio (Theta): This meditation music promises to calm you down after a stressful day. If you’re too stressed or wound up to sleep, then this system promises to bring you back down to earth.

Primal Sleep System Pricing

Primal Sleep System is exclusively available online through

At that site, you’ll see a counter that counts down as you scroll through the page. You have about 20 minutes to make your decision about the program. By the time the timer runs out, the discount is supposedly removed.

The truth is: that discount is always there. So don’t be tricked into making a rush decision just because a timer on the internet told you.

In any case, Primal Sleep System is priced at $10.

All purchases are processed through Clickbank and include a 60 day money back guarantee. if you’re unhappy with the training program for any reason, then you can request a refund at any point within 60 days to receive all your money back. Plus, since the program is delivered digitally, you don’t even have to return it. It’s yours to keep.

Who Made Primal Sleep System?

Primal Sleep System is made by a guy named David Sinick, who runs Paleo Hacks LLC.

David Sinick doesn’t appear to have any medical background or nutritional experience. Instead, it appears that his lone qualification to tell you how to sleep is that he’s written for a website called

David claims he adopted the paleo lifestyle when he moved to San Diego. Ever since, he’s noticed enormous changes in his health and fitness. Thus, he’s spent the last few years of his life spreading the benefits of Primal Sleep System to the world.

Nevertheless, David Sinick doesn’t seem to have an enormous presence online. He’s written a few articles about “how to make money online” on, but doesn’t appear to have written much outside of that.

Can Primal Sleep System Help You Fall Asleep More Easily?

If you’re looking for medical advice on how to sleep more easily at night, then Primal Sleep System isn’t it. If you’re looking for basic tips on nutrition, wellness, and other tips on how to sleep more easily at night, then Primal Sleep System may be able to help.

Meanwhile, the meditation audio files – which claim to be worth over $200 in value – do not appear to be backed up by any clinical trials or scientific testing. They’re ambient noises and meditation music that may put you in a more relaxed state of mind, or they might just make you feel silly when you fall asleep.

Ultimately, the best way to cure your insomnia is to talk to a real medical professional who knows your unique health characteristics and can recommend scientifically-proven medical advice based on this information.

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