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My Pillow Review – Worth Buying?

Sleep is becoming a serious problem in the Western world. With increases in stress every year and technological devices causing subtle disturbances to the sleep cycle, more and more people are feeling the effects of sleep deprivation. In fact, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke found that almost 40 million people, in the United States alone, suffer from sleep problems that have lasted long-term. In addition to these 40 million people, 20 million more suffer from sleep issues on occasion.

With so many people suffering from sleep disorders, it has become imperative to solve the problem of sleep. This has led to hundreds of thousands of different products, medications, and techniques that try to help people sleep better. The problem with these products is they only offer short-term solutions. A sleeping aid may work well for a few weeks, but as the body becomes accustomed to it and begins to depend on it, sleep will once again become elusive.

Thankfully, there is a very simple solution to those who are trying to get better sleep. My Pillow offers the best support for those who want to improve their quality of life by getting better, and more, sleep. MyPillow is designed to be comfortable, but also extremely supportive. And, because My Pillow offers several support levels, there is an option for everyone.

What is My Pillow?

The only official pillow of the National Sleep Foundation, MyPillow is a pillow that offers those trying to get a better night’s sleep all the support they need. MyPillow’s unique design allows it to help users get into their REM sleep cycle faster. Not only does it help them reach REM sleep faster, it also keeps them there longer, giving users a more restful, productive sleep proves.

MyPillow is made using a patented system of interlocking filling. This filling allows users to sleep in any position they want, offering the same level of support for every position. And, because MyPillow contains a natural cooling effect, problems like night sweats and friction rashes are not a problem.

MyPillow uses its patented technology to adjust to the sleep position of all its users. Unlike other pillows, that offer very little support and collapse with time, MyPillow is able to adjust to the curvature of users bodies, offering them an exact fit that will last. It is able to stabilize the head and neck, but also provides this stabilization for the shoulders, something most pillows overlook.

The Importance of REM Sleep

The biggest goal of MyPillow is to help users get into the restorative REM cycle of sleep as soon as possible. Considered the ‘dream’ stage of the sleeping phases, REM is often overlooked as being unimportant. In fact, experts have found that there are very few physical problems that result from the lack of REM sleep.

However, there are several neurological issues that come with lack of REM sleep. While definitely being the stage in which dreams take place, it also helps support cognitive function throughout the day. Those who don’t get the REM sleep they need during the night often find that they can’t concentrate or focus during the day. This results in increased levels of stress, as people begin to feel that they can’t cope with their daily tasks.

By supporting a quicker ascension into the REM stage of sleep, MyPillow is able to support cognitive functions in users. By getting the rest they need, when they need it, users of MyPillow feel energized and focused throughout the day, with fewer aches and pains.

Benefits of My Pillow

There are several benefits for using MyPillow. The first is that it helps users fall asleep faster and gets them into the REM cycle sooner. This has already been described in detail above.

MyPillow comes in five different levels of support. Unlike other pillows that just offer a few size and thickness options, MyPillow has created these five levels of support so that there is a pillow option for everyone. Not only do these different support levels allow users to purchase the MyPillow that is just right for their personal sleep needs and body size, but it will help give the unique stabilization they need to get a good night’s sleep.

In addition to offering varied fit options, MyPillow is also very affordable. Anyone who has tried to purchase a therapeutic pillow in recent years will know that they have become extremely expensive. However, MyPillow is offered at a very inexpensive price, so users can buy as many as they need, whether they’re all for them or for friends and family.

Finally, MyPillow comes with a satisfaction guarantee and a warranty. If within 60 days users aren’t satisfied with their purchase, they can return the pillow and get a full refund. While this would usually be considered more than generous for pillow companies, MyPillow takes it a step further. Because MyPillow promises that it won’t flatten or ebb, if the pillow does begin to take on either of those characteristics, users can return their pillow and get a new one. This warranty is good for ten years.

Purchasing My Pillow

One of the best things about MyPillow is that the company offers several different products. For those who have used MyPillow before and know of its amazing benefits, knowing that they can purchase other sleeping support items from the same company comes as a great relief. While MyPillow is more than enough to improve sleep quality, having more MyPillow products will only increase this quality of sleep.

Below is a list of the many products offered by MyPillow. They can be found on the MyPillow website (, in the mall locations listed on the website, or on Amazon.

  • Standard/Queen Premium: $99.97
  • King Premium: $109.97
  • Classic Series Pillows: $99.97-$109.97
  • All Purpose MyCushions: $24.99
  • Pet Beds: $99.95-$199.95
  • Bed Topper: $149.97-$199.97
  • Signature Series Premium Plus: $109.99-$119.99
  • MyBody Pillow: $119.95
  • MyBolster Pillow: $29.95
  • MyTravel Pillow: $49.98
  • GoAnywhere Pillow: $29.95
  • MyFirst Pillow: $29.95

In addition to the pillow products listed above, MyPillow also offers sheets and pillow cases for each of its products. The prices for these product will depend on the size of the bed or pillow.

Again, all these products come with a 60 day money back guarantee as well as 10 year warranty, though the bed toppers and pet beds come with a five year warranty instead.

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