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Sleep Smarter Review – Worth Buying?

Sleep Smarter is a book that gives different methods for getting a better night of sleep, which has multiple health benefits. This is our review.

What is Sleep Smarter?

Though Sleep Smarter is described as a book that is “fun” and “entertaining,” it actually contains a wide range of different techniques that are essential to getting a good night of sleep. By sleeping better on a regular basis, you improve much of your overall health

There are many scientifically proven benefits for sleeping better, including the ability to have better brain function. On the flip side, getting less sleep can impact your cognitive abilities, and is actually more dangerous to your driving skills that driving while under the influence of alcohol. For these reasons, learning the skills described in this book can make your life exponentially improved.

According to Sleep Smarter, you can reap multiple benefits from being well-rested, including:

The program is designed to teach readers how the duration of your sleep does not impact the quality of your sleep. In fact, with the tools you learn in the book, you learn how to “sleep smarter” for six hours, which gives you more benefits than sleeping for nine hours of low-quality sleep.

How Sleep Smarter Works

Sleep Smarter has 21 different methods to help you sleep better at night. However, on the website, none of these methods are listed. The company urges you to buy the book to learn about the program, so it reveals very little about the methods involved.

All the program really states about the way it works is that sleeping the right way is the key to really opening your options for a better life. Sleep is something is essential for every person. However, your needs change as you get older, which means that the sleep you get may suffer.

Obligations in your personal and professional life can sometimes cause stress. Stress is the biggest problem with being able to get a deep sleep. Unfortunately, getting relaxing sleep is essential to being able get rid of the stress. In the book, there are 21 different methods that help you calm down and prepare for a better night of sleep.

Using Sleep Smarter

To use the programs in the book, each method comes as a separate chapter, telling you the exact way to utilize the method and what benefits you reap from changing your daily routines. None of these methods are listed in the description, so you will need to buy the book to know what you need to do.

Basically, by following the instructions given in the book, you are able to sleep better and have a healthier life.

Sleep Smarter Pricing

When you decide to purchase the Sleep Smarter program, you can choose between two different packages.

If you choose the one-book order, you will receive a single copy of Sleep Smarter. You will also receive a $25 Thrive Market gift card and a one-month complimentary membership. You will also receive the Sleep Smarter video series, which is usually priced at $49. You can only get this special through the website.

If you choose a five-book order, you will receive five copies of Sleep Smarter, which is a great idea if you want to read the book as a group with other friends. With this package, you get a $25 Thrive Market Gift Card, a one-month complimentary membership, access to the Sleep Smarter video series, a free bottle of EASE topical magnesium, and five entry tickets to win a new intelliBED.

To get these deals, you must separately purchase your book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or one of the other major bookstores. The retail price of the book is $26.99, but you may be subject to different sales through the bookstores.

The Author of Sleep Smarter: Shawn Stevenson

Shawn Stevenson discovered the importance of sleeping better after trying multiple sleeping medications to try to get the sleep he needed. Once he finally figured out how to sleep at night, he says, “I saw faster weight loss, better grades in school (I was still in college at the time), and a total transformation in my health overall.”

Shawn decided to start working in a clinical practice after graduating from college, and he tested out his theories on sleeping better with clinical studies. Essentially, through testing and trials, he found 21 different techniques for getting the sleep you need.

Shawn presently has multiple tour dates scheduled to educate others about the importance of sleeping better for a healthier life. The appearances are set for California and New York at this time.

If you have additional questions for Shawn about the program, you can fill in the electronic form on the website.


Sleep Smarter is a book that dictates natural remedies for falling asleep and getting the sleep you need. It’s not a supplement or a drug or a special recipe.

With 21 different remedies, you are highly likely to be able to find the method that works for you. The book is a safe investment, and you get many bonus products added to your purchase as well.

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