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Totála Glycation Defense Review

Totála® Glycation Defense is a brand-new, patented nutritional drink which protects the body against the effects of “glycation”.  If you've never heard of glycation, that's OK…neither had I.

But I do know that most people consume way too much sugar.  I also know this wreaks terrible health effects on the body and it's a worldwide epidemic now.  Come to find out, “glycation” is one of the bad things that happen to your body if you consume too much sugar.

So let's find out what this product is all about- seems like most of us could benefit from something that helps solve the negative side effects of too much sugar!

About Mineral BioSciences

Totála® Glycation Defense is developed, manufactured and distributed by a company called Mineral BioSciences.  CEO is Luke Blotsky and the company has been around for more than 20 years.  They use a natural ionic extraction process to get the good stuff (minerals) out of fruit to put in their drinks.

They've patented the formula for their Totala Ionic Mineral Complex® and claim there are multiple scientific studies showing it aids the body in counteracting glycation.

They should know: they run the Integrated Life Science Research Center (ILSRC), a R&D consortium of labs and production facilities which regularly publishes scholarly articles in research journals.

Located in Goodyear, AZ, (that's near Phoenix) the company focuses on issues of sustainability, environmental science, biochemistry, nutrition, ecology, microbiology and more.  In addition to Mineral Biosciences, the company that makes Totála® Glycation Defense, the research center is also associated with the following companies:

— Global Organics (biological nutrients for organic framing, using ionic minerals as the main ingredient)
— BioFlora (biological solutions for crops and soil), in business for 40+ years

Mineral BioSciences Totála Glycation

The Totála® Glycation Defense product is new for 2016 and as I previewed above, fights against the effects of too much consumed sugar.  Mineral BioSciences put years of research into the product (remember, they've been in business for decades and this is their first nutritional product for human consumption).

Glycation occurs when the excess sugar molecules you consume run wild throughout the blood stream.  They're called “Advanced Glycation End Products” or AGEs.  They attach to tissue, muscles and organs in your body.  The problem with that is it causes a little bit of damage to whatever it grows onto…sort of like ivy that eventually breaks down the brick building it climbs up.

As you may have guessed, structural damage to your body parts is seriously bad for you!  This is glycation…found to cause diseases, disorders, and other misery.  These include cancer, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.  All the serious health concerns that plague our world.

The Totála® Glycation Defense has been shown in studies to actually reduce the formation of AGEs.  It also does more than that; it repairs the damage done by glycation!  It does this by improving mitochondrial metabolism, aka a glycation defense system.

Here are some other nice factors people will appreciate about Totála® Glycation Defense:

— It's All Natural
— There Are Zero Calories
— It's GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe)
— It's Kosher Certified
— It's Vegan
— It's Gluten & Soy-free
— It's Sugar And Sucralose Free
— It's Caffeine And Guarana Free

It's available online and will soon be available in drugstores, according to a press release put out by the company.

The Verdict

I looked up to see what's being published in the area of glycation, and there's not much at all recently.  That can mean one of two things: either scientists and nutritionists consider it a dead end avenue of research, or Mineral BioSciences is a leader in the field of human nutrition.

Elle magazine did a story on glycation, as did WiseGeek and a handful of healthy living/alternative lifestyle/anti-aging websites.

But the real authority, in my book, is the National Institutes of Health.  What did they have to say?  First of all, yes it does exist.  Secondly, those AGEs truly are damaging to our bodies.  But most interestingly, the NIH indicate that there's a real dearth of data in this area.

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