NitroTech Cafe – MuscleTech’s Whey Protein Coffee Blend Shake?


Today with a lot of study going into fitness supplements, many researchers have designed novel products which offer users with unique health related benefits. Using a combination of various stimulants, whey blends, protein extracts and amino acids, many new supplements provide users with benefits like an increased attention span, enhanced energy production, reduced dullness, increased sharpness, superior power and strength production.

Using various specialized techniques, manufacturers have been able to infuse protein supplements with caffeine derivatives. This is a completely new matrix which has been clinically shown to deliver results that are in harmony with the individual chemical structure of both the components.

In simple terms, studies have found that the chemical nature of whey proteins and caffeine do not interfere with each other, this means that one can reap benefits like increased muscle development, enhanced energy production, rapid lipid metabolization along with a series of cognitive benefits.

About Nitro Tech Cafe’

Nitro Tech Cafe is an all new fitness supplement that aims to deliver users with a host of muscle development and cognitive benefits . It contains a host of pure whey extracts along with various pure caffeine derivatives, which when added in specialised quantities, can contribute towards the faster development of our physical and mental being.

Benefits Of MuscleTech NitroTech Cafe

Some of the key features of NitroTech Cafe include:

(i) Energy:

There are many key agents in the mix which help in the release of various enzymes in our bodies. These compounds promote the faster metabolization of triglycerides, so that they can be used as fuel for delivering our muscles and tendons with instant energy.

(ii) Fat Loss:

All of the primary ingredients which are contained within the supplement aim to speed up our metabolism, this allows for the faster oxidation of our fat deposits and eventually substantial weight loss.

(iii) Focus:

This is a key area which Nitro Tech Cafe addresses, using its potent blend of many stimulants, it is able to heighten the working of our Central Nervous System.

The various ingredients target specific centres in our spine, from where various ‘stimuli responses’ are regulated and efficiently delivered to the various organs from our brain.

(iv) Sharpness:

Through the activation of certain neural pathways, the supplement is able to greatly enhance the alertness levels of a person. This allows users to immediately come into the present moment and drop any feelings of dullness, grogginess or mental fogginess.

(v) Stamina:

Another aspect of Nitro Tech Cafe is that it prevents the buildup of certain harmful compounds in our spinal column. Similarly, it prevents the relay of unwanted signals pertaining to fatigue and tiredness, which are sent prematurely as soon as one starts to perform some physical activity. Through this neural regulation, one can greatly improve the quality of his/her workout sessions and perform at a high level athletically.

It is important to understand that Nitro Tech Cafe is not a protein supplement that contains stimulants,but rather a product which in equal measured volumes contains caffeine derivatives along with whey protein extract.

MuscleTech NitroTech Cafe Ingredient Information

The key ingredients which make NitroTech Cafe so potent include:

(i) Whey Protein Concentrate:

This extract contains around 80% pure whey proteins, it has been found to contain some lactose content and is known for its rich and luscious flavour.

Also important to point out is that Whey concentrate contains all 9 essential amino acids which are required for the optimal development of the human body. Some other benefits include increased protein transmutation, faster muscle development, increased strength, enhanced power.

(ii) Whey Peptides:

Whey peptides, are supplements that derived from the liquid in dairy products called milk plasma. These compounds are known to contain strings of amino acids which are linked together by peptide bonds.

These long strands of amino acids, provided by these whey peptides, are what build proteins, tissues, cells, muscles in the human body.

(iii) Caffeine:

This is one of the most widely used stimulants in the world, it is most commonly consumed in the form of a beverage called coffee. Its origins date back to over a thousand years, when it was first discovered and used in the Mediterranean region.

Soon talk spread across the entire region, and in under 200 years its influence and use had spread all through Europe. People found that through the consumption of this compound they were greatly able to enhance their work rate and overall productivity.

Today, with the use of many scientific studies, we have found that the substance is highly useful in activating our CNS. Through the regulation of neural activity in our bodies, caffeine is able to keep us alert, focused, concentrated and sharp. It also helps in the sustained release of energy during the course of our daily work.

Dosage Details

  • Nitrotech Cafe is a caffeine drink which can essentially be consumed like a morning beverage (think coffee, tea).
  • 1 scoop of the powder can be added to a large mug of water or milk.
  • Thickness and consistency can be maintained according to the users preference.
  • The supplement should be avoided at night (upto 5 hours before our bedtime).

MuscleTech NitroTech Cafe Availability

The product is completely new in the market and thus there aren't many details available, the pricing is still not certain but users can avail of a trial pack by visiting the official website.(

Each container possesses 30 servings of the mix and users can opt to go in for a monthly delivery scheme as well. This can save users up to 15% on the original cost price of the product. Payments can be done using a host of safe means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

Lastly, there is also a full refund guarantee in case users are dissatisfied with the product composition or the benefits they have obtained.

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