BlazePod – Supercharged Flashing Light Reflex Exercise System?


BlazePod is a product that helps you to improve your workouts with fast-paced routine that keeps you moving and active. This regimen connects with your smartphone, and is available for pre-order through pledges on Kickstarter.

What is BlazePod?

If you’ve ever started working out with any regimen, one of the biggest issues with any routine is boredom. You need to be constantly challenged in your routine to maintain your stamina and interest, but you also need to keep changing it up to improve your body’s reaction to it. You need to shake up the normalcy of your routine, and BlazePod has the power to make that happen.

BlazePod helps you to improve your routine by spontaneously changing the exercises you perform. You may be working out at a slow pace with minimal repetitions, and suddenly be pushed into an entirely different exercise at a much faster pace.

You won’t have to worry about a “routine,” since there isn’t enough regularity to really qualify at one at all. By participating, you can:

The exercises on the app center around Flash Reflex Exercise, or FRX. This type of exercise was previously reserved for professional athletes, due to how expensive and complex it was. However, BlazePod’s you to completely change the way your routine works. In fact, this program cuts the first big chunk off the cost of FRX routines by making it available through your smartphone.

When you work out with a regular routine with no challenges, your muscles tend to relax a little more. They know what to expect from every movement, which means that you are more likely to reach a plateau that prevents you from getting anything more out of it. BlazePod manages to change your entire outlook on exercise, making it one of the most addictive types of workouts that is presently available.

What’s Included

There are many different components that go with the BlazePod system to ensure that you get the workout that you deserve. The full package includes:

  • The BlazePod, which features high-quality LED lights, BLE technology, and a high-performance adaption for your phone
  • A charger for the device, which only takes 45 minutes to take it to full power
  • The Pod enclosure, which is resistant to water and features anti-traction grip on the base

You will also receive other workout accessories to make the workouts more effective.

How Does BlazePod Work?

The reason that the BlazePod works is due to both the pod and the application that you connect to it. You need both components to make this remedy effective.

Before you begin the remedy, you will first setup your device’s program on you iPhone or Android smartphone. You will be able to choose from about 100 different workouts, and you can even check how well you improve over time. The app will collect your reaction time, your ability to balance, and more information that will be important to creating the right routine.

The tech team with this company managed to create a high-quality type of software that helps your Bluetooth connection to manage the fast pace of FRX exercises. It even helps to make the connection to the BlazePod in real time when many devices are connected at once.

Using BlazePod

To use the BlazePod, you will need to get started on the app, which should be linked up with your device. You start by choosing an exercise that you want to engage in from the list available. Then, you will need to physically setup the pod where you’re going to work out.

All you need to do after you start is follow the prompts as they occur. This device will take you effortlessly through the entire regimen.

Pricing for BlazePod

The BlazePod system is offered as a Kickstarter campaign right now, giving you the chance to pledge different amounts to gain early access to deals that won’t be available when its released. When it’s available for purchase from the website, the retail cost will be over $200.

If you want to make a pledge to help the company make this product available, you can choose to commit to a payment of:

  • $99 for a Mini Kit, which includes:
    • Two BlazePods
    • Two suction cups
    • Two straps
    • A Blaze bag
    • A charger
    • Access to the BlazePod app, along with 20 exercises
  • $135 for the Starter Kit
    • Three BlazePods
    • Three suction cups
    • Three straps
    • A Blaze bag
    • A charger
    • Access to the BlazePod app
    • 40 exercises
  • $155 for the early-bird Standard kit ($169, if you don’t reserve it in time for special pricing)
    • Four BlazePods
    • Four suction cups
    • Four straps
    • A Blaze bag
    • A charger
    • Access to the BlazePod app
    • 100 exercises for free

As your pledges rise after that, you can increase the number of sets that you receive in your packages, which is impressively beneficial for gyms and fitness instructors who want to give access to their clients.

Contacting the Creators of BlazePod

Even with all the information supplied to you on the website for BlazePod, you may still have more questions about the product and its use. If you decide to communicate with them from the Contact Us section, you will be redirected to your default email browser on your computer.

BlazePod Conclusion

BlazePods has the power to reinvent the fitness industry, but it takes each participant to start building up popularity. You don’t want to become sedentary or bored, and you need to do something to change it up. Instead of relying on your own ideas, BlazePods can take control for you.

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