Nitro Tech Amino Boost – MuscleTech’s BCAA Performance Enhancer?


Most people know that protein is essential for the growth of healthy muscles. However, very few people know that branched chained amino acids, or BCAAs are just as important to the health of muscles, including the recovery and growth.

Due to the importance of BCAAs, there are hundreds of thousands of supplemental powders on the market, all aimed at helping those trying to build stronger bodies and protect their muscles.

However, because BCAAs are typically very sensitive, they can’t be mixed with just any drink.

Nitro-Tech Amino Boost is a supplement that offers a unique advantage over other BCAA formulations. While Nitro-Tech Amino Boost still provides the boost of BCAAs athletes need, it can also be used in hot drinks, being one of the only heat stable options on the market.

What Is Nitro-Tech Amino Boost?

Nitro-Tech Amino Boost is an innovative BCAA formula that was designed to provide muscles with the support they need to increase strength, mass, and to recover faster.

However, unlike many other BCAA blends on the market, Nitro-Tech Amino Boost was made with an additional benefit. Unlike other BCAA mixtures, MuscleTech, a research group, created the formula used in Nitro-Tech Amino Boost to be heat stable.

As a result, Nitro-Tech Amino Boost can be mixed with a wide range of hot drinks, allowing users to get the muscle support they need in more diverse forms.

Most athletes are aware of how important BCAAs are to supporting the health and growth of lean muscle mass. The problem is that the body can’t produce these amino acids on its own, requiring a supplemental source instead.

While there are many powdered BCAA formulations on the market, Nitro-Tech Amino Boost is unique because it can be used even in hot drinks, not breaking down like so many other supplemental powders, giving users the support they need.

Nitro-Tech Amino Boost is extremely easy to use, requiring no blending or complicated mixing. One serving of the supplement can be mixed with eight ounces of any hot drink, whether coffee, tea, or something else.

Nitro-Tech Amino Boost only takes about 30 seconds of stirring to be completely dissolved, allowing users to enjoy their hot drinks with a BCAA boost in no time.

Nitro-Tech Amino Boost Benefits

The biggest benefit of Nitro-Tech Amino Boost is that it is heat stable. People who spend a lot of time building and growing their muscle mass know how annoying it can be to drink the same protein or BCAA smoothies or juices on a daily basis.

Nitro-Tech Amino Boost offers an innovative way to get the BCAAs needed to support muscle and strength.

Instead of having to use cold drinks to protect the formation of BCAAs, Nitro-Tech Amino Boost was made with a heat stable blend of amino acids that can be mixed in with tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, making it a new way to get the nutrients needed to protect muscles.

Another problem with many BCAA powders on the market is that they are grainy and leave an unpleasant aftertaste. While the main goal of Nitro-Tech Amino Boost was to offer a more versatile option to athletes, taste and texture was very important to the formula.

Not only does Nitro-Tech Amino Boost blend perfectly into any hot drink, it also tastes delicious. Coming in three rich flavors, hazelnut, caramel, and French vanilla, Nitro-Tech Amino Boost is the perfect addition to any drink, adding just enough smooth flavor.

Finally, Nitro-Tech Amino Boost is made using the highest standards of quality and purity. Every single batch of Nitro-Tech Amino Boost is tested by a third party lab, making sure it matches all of the strict quality standards set out by MuscleTech.

By putting so much work and focus on assuring the best quality and purity, Nitro-Tech Amino Boost can be used with complete peace of mind by those who want to build and protect their bodies.

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Nitro-Tech Amino Boost Ingredients

One of the great things about Nitro-Tech Amino Boost is that it is made using multiple branched chain amino acids to allow users to absorb the formulation better.

Nitro-Tech Amino Boost is able to do this by creating a blend that has a 2:1:1 ratio, made up of the BCAAs leucine, isoleucine, and valine. A description of these three BCAA can be found below.

Leucine –

Considered the ‘main’ amino acid, leucine supports the biosynthesis of proteins, aiding in the growth of strong, lean muscle mass.

Isoleucine –

Considered a precursor for glutamine and alanine, isoleucine fuels muscle cells, being broken down in muscle tissue to aid in the recovery of muscles after intense workouts.

Valine –

The third BCAA found in Nitro-Tech Amino Boost works very much like a stimulant. The amino acid boosts the metabolism of muscles, aiding in tissue repair keeping the nitrogen levels in the body balanced.

In addition to using the ingredients above to create an innovative BCAA blend, Nitro-Tech Amino Boost formulates its amino acids to be free form. By using free form amino acids, Nitro-Tech Amino Boost can be absorbed faster by the body, offering better results in less time.

Purchasing Nitro-Tech Amino Boost

Nitro-Tech Amino Boost is currently listed on the Muscle Tech website. However, at the moment, Nitro-Tech Amino Boost is not available for purchase. Because the supplement is still in its beginning phase, it will be posted for purchase soon.

For those wanting to keep track of when Nitro-Tech Amino Boost will be available, they can follow MuscleTech on one of its many social media platforms.

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