Amino Build – MuscleTech’s Caffeine Energy Muscle Enhancer?


Amino Build is a workout supplement manufactured by Muscletech to help give users an effective fitness boost whether it is used for pre-workout, intra-workout, or post-workout support. Consumers interested in adding a supplement that supports their workout goals will want to read below to learn more about Amino Build and how to purchase.

What is Amino Build?

Amino Build is a workout supplement drink mix that supports users by serving as a pre-workout, intra-workout, and post workout drink. Amino Build contains a carefully formulated set of ingredients that help improve workout performance and lean muscle development. This supplement helps boost energy and improve endurance.

Muscletech prides itself on offering only high quality workout supplements that have full ingredient transparency. Many bodybuilders and elite level athletes trust Muscletech products because they work.

How Does Amino Build Work?

Branched chain amino acids are used by a huge range of athletes and bodybuilders to help support their training endurance and recovery. Branched chain amino acids are comprised of three powerful amino acids – leucine, isoleucine and valine. These amino acids are perfect for helping hard-training athletes to develop and strengthen muscle and prevent muscle loss and protein breakdown.

Amino Build is made of 100% free form amino acid which means this product offers quick digestion and rapid absorption into the bloodstream. This supplement also contains eight grams of BCAAs per dose which helps support skeletal muscles, preserves muscle glycogen stores to help prolong workouts without fatigue, and protect the body from breaking down proteins which leads to muscle damage.

The Amino Build supplement helps users increase their strength by 40% within twelve weeks of use. Users simply mix one scoop of mix with eight ounces of water and drink two hours before workout. Users can also mix two scoops with sixteen ounces of water for a longer workout. Amino Build can also be used to support post workout recovery by sipping slowly after working out.

Amino Build Ingredients

Amino Build by Muscletech is so effective due to three sets of power packed ingredients formulated to deliver optimum results. The three categories include 2:1:1 BCAA Matrix, Cell Volumizing Muscle Complex, and Strength Enhancing Compound and specific ingredients are listed clearly on the products packaging.

Amino Build Pricing

The original Amino Build is available for purchase at Amazon.

Muscle Tech Next Gen Performance products are available at Amazon, GNC, and The Vitamin Shoppe as well as

Each thirty serving container of Amino Build costs $16.95. This product is eligible for free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

Visit Muscletech’s website today at to find out more information about their full product line. There are authorized distributors of Muscletech products in one hundred countries.

Amino Build Manufacturer Information

Amino Build is manufactured for the fitness supplement company Muscletech. This company offers workout supplements customers throughout the world. Muscletech offer a large range of products including three amino acid building products.

Amino Build is the original product plus two newer products called Amino Build Next Gen and Amino Build Next Gen Energized. Muscletech products can be purchased through their website at,, or GNC.

  • Amino Build Next Gen: ($19.00 for 279 grams) A drink powder clinically shown to boost strength by forty percent. Contains eight grams of 100% free form BCAA’s per serving. This ratio supports muscles and prevent protein breakdown. Available in four flavors.
  • Amino Build Next Gen Energized: ($24.00 for 282 grams) Similar to Amino Build Next Gen but with added caffeine. This supplement is available in five drink powder flavors.

Should You Use Amino Build?

Amino Build is a good option for people looking to add a workout supplements that works in a variety of ways and has a good reputation. Full product ingredients are available which means with this supplement and all Muscletech products there is no guessing on what is in the supplement.

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