PhosphaGrow SX-7 by MuscleTech – Healthy Phosphatidic Acid?


PhosphaGrow SX-7 is a formula by MuscleTech, which is meant to help increase your lean muscle mass and increase your strength as you work out. The makers of the supplement state that you can experience significant results within about 8 weeks of use, but you should continue use for optimum gain.

What is PhosphaGrow SX-7?

Everyone has different goals in their fitness routine, varying between getting slimmer or improving upon your muscle. Getting slimmer is usually a matter of cutting the right calories and improving your metabolism, but bulking up is a little bit different. You may need supplements to help your muscle mass reach its full potential, but you need to be selective in what you choose. Luckily, MuscleTech offers PhosphaGrow SX-7 to aid you in your journey.

PhosphaGrow SX-7 is a supplement that is designed to tackle a couple different areas of your fitness. The formula is used to amplify your energy and provide nutrition to your body before your workout even begins. Due to the results recorded in recent studies, consistent use for 8 weeks will result in an average of:

  • About five pounds of additional lean muscle mass
  • About 114lbs of increased leg strength
  • About 67% more cross sectional area in their rectus quadriceps muscles

Essentially, with regular use, you can become stronger and bulkier than you experienced before. If you truly want to reach your fitness goals, then the PhosphaGrow SX-7 supplement is the way to go. However, before you trust any supplement, you should first learn more about what makes it effective to determine if it’s the best product for you.

How Does PhosphaGrow SX-7 Work?

The main reason that the PhosphaGrow SX-7 supplement is so helpful in your fitness routine is due to the inclusion of phosphatidic acid, which is not currently found in any other supplement with this dose. When you work out on your own, you are able to produce small, but natural, amounts of phosphatidic acid, which activates the enzymes that your body requires to build muscle.

Through careful studies, MuscleTech has been able to replicate a synthetic version of this natural acid, and amplify the amount to give you additional muscle-building power. Essentially, this supplement makes it possible to increase the protein production in your body, which is necessary during anabolic activity. You are adding to the natural enzyme, which increases the muscle mass that you would have with your normal levels of phosphatidic acid.

All of the research that MuscleTech uses to back up this formula is based on the information found by the University of Tampa.

Using PhosphaGrow SX-7

This supplement is meant to be used on a daily basis, and as a pre-workout supplement. Each day, you will need to take one serving, which is 5 soft gels a day. If you are working out that day, you will have the same serving, but you will take it about 30 minutes before you begin your exercise routine.

You should only take one serving a day, so plan accordingly. The label includes important information about use, so read through it completely before you take your first dose. If you are concerned about your reaction or potential use in any way, contact your physician for an examination and to discuss the potential effects. You should also discuss if your current medications will be affected by the use of the supplement.

Stacking PhosphaGrow SX-7

The good thing about PhosphaGrow SX-7 is that you are able to stack it with other supplements to give you a more impactful workout. MuscleTech actually offers you all of the supplements you will need while stacking. However, you need to first choose your fitness goals to determine what you need to stack PhosphaGrow SX-7 with.

MuscleTech’s website offers a simple chart to dictate what products need to be used and how. However, due to the high amount of combinations and dosages you will select from, the best choice is to go to the MuscleTech website directly.

Purchasing PhosphaGrow SX-7

If you want to add the PhosphaGrow SX-7 supplement to your daily regimen, you cannot actually order it from MuscleTech. Instead, when you select the “Buy Now” button on the product’s page, you are redirected to the GNC website. On this website, the PhosphaGrow SX-7 formula is listed for $99.99.

On the GNC website, you have the opportunity to enroll in an automatic delivery program. Rather than having to submit a new order every month, you get the product shipped to you each month, but without paying the cost of shipping. By committing to these automatic shipments, you also get a 10% discount, which brings your total down to $89.99 on a monthly basis.

You can also purchase PhosphaGrow SX-7 at your local GNC store.

Contacting the Makers of PhosphaGrow SX-7: MuscleTech

At this time, there doesn’t seem to be a direct way to speak with MuscleTech. However, you can follow along with their social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

If you submitted your order through GNC, you can speak with them to get updates on the status of your shipment.

PhosphaGrow SX-7 Conclusion

With so many empty supplements on the market, you need to be selective about what you are willing to consume and include in your routine to boost your results. While other companies rely on testosterone production, which can be dangerous, PhosphaGrow SX-7 managed to find a way to use a chemical that is already in your body. Since the formula is fairly close to the real thing, your body accepts it as part of natural production much easier, resulting in increased muscle mass.

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