Those who are looking for gentle hair care products to use for their children will be interested to see Monat children products.

The Monat Junior Line offers a shampoo, conditioner, and detangling spray each formulated to keep fine, delicate hair soft and shiny.

Designed to be purchased through a home consultant the Monat kid hair care line is worth considering. Please read below to learn more about Monat Junior Line and how to purchase a bottle or set.

What is the Monat Junior Line?

Monat is a home sales hair care line designed for people to sell to friends and family throughout the United States and Canada. Monat is now offering small selection of hair care products formulated for the special needs of children’s fine and delicate hair.

Parents will appreciate that these products are paraben and sulfate free making it safe for children as well as the environment. Additionally the Monat Junior line is tear free which will help keep bath time fun and relaxing for both child and parent.

Monat Junior Line Products

As a company Monat is proud to offer carefully formulated hair care products designed for the special needs of children’s hair. These products are formulated for fine hair of children ages one to nine.

-Monat Shampoo: This shampoo will leave kids hair soft and clear without causing tears. Additionally, this shampoo is sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free, and free of common allergens like fragrances and dyes. Children’s’ hair is finer and more delicate than adult hair meaning it needs a different shampoo.

-Monat Conditioner: Suitable for all types of hair this conditioner will leave hair soft and shiny as well as less frizzy. Just a small dollop of cream following Monat’s shampoo will help keep tangles and frizz at bay.

-Monat Detangling Spray: Users simply spray this product on damp hair to help keep fine hair from becoming tangled. Monat Detangling Spray can be used by both children and adults who want help in keeping their hair soft, shiny, and frizz free.

All of Monat’s products are tested by both dermatologists and ophthalmologists to ensure they are safe for use by children ages one to nine. Each product offers full ingredient listings on the Monat company homepage at

Monat Company Details

In addition to selling kid specific products Monat also offers high quality hair care products for both men and women. Monat is a small family owned business that in just three short years has grown significantly through their innovative selling approach and rewards program.

Monat Junior Line Pricing

Interested consumers will need to locate a Monat Market partner in their area in order to place an order.

If consumers enroll in the Monat VIP program they will save an additional fifteen percent off all purchases made within their annual membership year. People who decide to sell Monat products may be able to supplement their income helping them pay for extras their family needs.

Interested consumers can learn more about the company and its products through the Monat website at

-Monat Shampoo: Each eight fluid ounce bottle is available for $24.00 but Monat VIP members will only pay $20.00.

-Monat Conditioner: Each six ounce bottle is available for $24.00 at retail and Monat VIP members will save extra and pay only $20.00 per bottle.

-Monat Detangling Spray: Each six ounce spray bottle is available for $22.00 retailer $19.00 for Monat VIP members.

Should You Use Monat Junior Line Products?

Most hair care products are loaded with parabens and sulfates which not only dry out hair but can be hazardous to skin and the environment.

Monat is different, they offer specially formulated products for children’s needs to ensure hair is clean and frizz free without the use of harsh chemicals.


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