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People care about the health of their skin. All the washes, serums, and creams that people use on a daily basis are a testament to how much people care about the health and the appearance of their skin.

Unfortunately, many of the products that are supposed to help people maintain beautiful, healthy skin are also the cause of their skin damage.

The skin is extremely sensitive, taking in bits and pieces of everything it is exposed to into its lower layers.

As a result, if the skin absorbs compounds that are harmful to its structure, its general health begins to decrease.

The protein structures that make up the skin begin to break down, causing blotching, blemishes, and uneven skin tones. Even worse, some of these harmful ingredients can cause rashes, breakouts, and scarring.

While many people shrug off the side effects of using skin care products that contain harmful ingredients, there is one group that holds these products to higher levels: Parents.

Most adults care about their skin health, trying to choose the best products whenever possible. However, when it comes to the skin of their children, the best of the best is the only option.

All the unwanted side effects that skin care products cause in adults, the rashes, breakouts, and blemishes, are ten times worse on the sensitive skin of babies and children. However, many of the skin care products for children contain the same ingredients that cause problems in adult skin care.

For those who refuse to compromise the health and wellness of their children’s skin, there is California Baby.

This skin care line was made to offer parents a better solution to the skin care needs of their babies and children. Using safe and effective natural ingredients, California Baby is able to help with skin problems without compromising the health of the skin.

About California Baby

California Baby was started by Jessica Iclisoy out of a deep necessity for better products for her children.

As is the case with most parents, when Iclisoy became aware that many of the skin care products for babies contained the same harmful ingredients as skin care products for adults, she knew she had to do something.

Refusing to expose the sensitive skin of her children to the toxins and carcinogens found in baby skin care products, Iclisoy decided to start her own skin care line, with the goal of providing better options for parents across the globe.

The products offered by California Baby are made out of natural bases and are all designed to sooth, comfort, and nourish the skin of babies and children. California Baby is able to offer so many amazing skin care solutions by staying dedicated to the concepts of pure and sustainable products.

The company has been able to keep these two ideas as the foundation of the company, finding sustainability and purity in their ingredients, packaging, and even their manufacturing.

By sticking with these standards, California Baby has been recognized a company that is ‘best in class’, putting it far ahead of many other natural skin care options on the market.

What makes California Baby products so amazing is the difference they make on the soft, sensitive skin of babies and children. The natural, soothing ingredients used in these products are able to offer amazing results, sometimes within a few hours of applying them. Rashes disappear and rough skin is soothed with California Baby products, because the ingredients in California Baby products are designed around being safe and effective.

While California Baby products are designed to be used by babies and children, as parents across the world have noticed the amazing differences in the skin quality of their children, they’ve started using the products, too.

Over the years, California Baby has become a go-to option for those who don’t want to expose their skin to the toxins in other skin care products or have sensitive skin. The same benefits babies and children get from California Baby products can be experienced by everyone, because natural isn’t just for the young.

What Makes California Baby Different

There are a lot of products on the market that claim to be natural and safe for sensitive skin, especially the sensitive skin of babies and children. However, a quick look over the ingredients on these products will show that most of them contain the same harsh and harmful ingredients found in cheaper, adult skin care products. This is where California Baby offers the biggest difference.

The number one priority of California Baby is to use ingredients that are safe, natural, and effective. In order to do this, California Baby has committed itself to using ingredients that are pure and organic, so they are more gentle on the skin and more potent, allowing them to treat and sooth the skin of babies and children.

And, unlike other ‘natural’ skin care companies, the ingredient labels on California Baby products prove that they are committed to their priority.

There are no harmful toxins in California Baby products or questionable synthetic fillers that cause more harm than good. By keeping things pure, gentle, and effective, California Baby is able to offer results without compromising skin health.

The reason California Baby is able to stand behind the purity of its products is because the company is extremely involved in the growing process of its ingredients.

Not only do the people at California Baby go to the organic farms that grow their products to advise and work with the farmers, but California Baby also owns some of its own farms.

By making sure the quality of the ingredients are superior, from the moment they’re planted to when they’re bottled and shipped out, California Baby can assure its customers that they’re always getting the best of the best.

California Baby doesn’t just care about the health and wellness of its customer’s skin, it also cares deeply about its impact on the environment. Many of the synthetic, toxic ingredients used in skin care products come from unsustainable sources, making a hugely negative effect on the environment.

However, the ingredients used by California Baby aren’t just pure, they are sustainable. From the ingredients used in the products to the packaging of the products, everything California Baby does is also good for the planet.

By keeping these standards, California Baby allows its customers to feel good about the products they’re using.

Products Sold by California Baby

One of the great things about companies that offer quality products is that when customers realize they’re being offered the best, they keep coming back.

It’s this loyal customer base that allows California Baby to continue to grow its product lines.

Over the years, California Baby has added several different categories and products to its original shampoo products that it first offered years ago. A list of the categories offered through the California Baby website ( can be found below.

Bath and Hair – The original California Baby product was a shampoo that didn’t contain the harmful carcinogens found in other baby shampoos. These products carry on the tradition, offering soothing, cleansing products that will protect, not harm, the skin.

Body Care – These products are multipurpose and are able to support even the most sensitive skin. By soothing, hydrating, and protecting the skin, these hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic products are perfect for children.

Diaper Care – Offering products to cleanse, sooth, absorb, cool, protect, and prevent, these options are perfect for all diaper wearing children.

Using natural ingredients that offer more effective results when it comes to fighting diaper rashes, these products are perfect for any nursery.

Eczema – No parents wants to see their child suffering with dry, itchy patches of eczema. However, many of the more effective treatments contain synthetic ingredients that have horrific side effects.

These natural treatments will sooth the skin while treating eczema, sometimes clearing up the problem in a matter of days.

Bug and Sun – These mineral based products are tear free and reflect harmful rays instead of filtering them out. By rebalancing the pH of the skin, these products are able to provide support and protection for sensitive skin.

In addition to the products described above, California Baby also offers options for around the home, like sanitizers, hand washes, and diffusers.

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