Drybar – Blowout In A To Go Box & Hair Care Products?


When people get a service, they want to be sure that the person providing them with that service is an expert in the field. Whether it’s an oil change or heart surgery, people want the best of the best when it comes to their belongings or bodies.

This is why, so often, those who provide these services specialize in one area of expertise. A mechanic doesn’t try to become a heart surgeon and a surgeon won’t try to be a plumber.

Everyone picks an expertise and sticks with it, giving those who use their services peace of mind.

However, even though people are expected to become experts in certain areas, there are others where this hasn’t been required in the past.

For example, hairstylists. When people go to a salon, they expect a hairstylist to know everything about hair. But, hair is a huge topic. There’s cutting, coloring, trimming, styling, and so much more when it comes to hair.

For some reason, however, most people are perfectly content going to a stylist who is supposed to have working knowledge in all the points described above and trust him or her to provide the best experience ever.

This may be part of the reason people are often so disappointed with their trips to the salon.

The Drybar takes a different approach when it comes to hair. Instead of trying to offer expertise in a variety of very complex services, Drybar only offers one service: Blowouts.

Because Drybar focuses on blowouts and only blowouts, customers can come to the salon and know that they’re getting the best of the best from experts in that field.

What is Drybar?

Started over six years ago, Drybar was a dream of Alli Webb. As a professional hairstylist who had worked in public relations, when Webb started a small business where she provided blowouts, she never thought it would grow into a nationwide phenomenon.

However, that was exactly what happened, which led Webb to start Drybar, which has quickly opened locations across the entire United States.

The concept behind Drybar is rather simple. Instead of trusting a stylist at a salon to provide a wide range of services, people can go to Drybar and get one service from an expert stylist.

Not only does this singular focus of Drybar give users peace of mind, knowing that they’re getting the best service from the best experts in the field, but it also makes the salon process so much less complicated.

Often, when women go to the salon, they are pressured to get a long list of services. They can’t just go in for a wash and a blowout, they have to get a trim or a color and then the blowout.

However, because Drybar only provides one service, customers know exactly what they’re getting whenever they enter a Drybar salon.

Over the years, as Drybar has opened over 65 new locations across North America, the company has also started selling its own blowout products.

From hairdryers to shampoos and serums, Drybar allows customers to buy the same products that are used in salons to get the perfect blowout.

Benefits of Drybar

The biggest benefit of Drybar is the simplicity of the service it offers. As mentioned above, women often balk at making appointments at hair salons, because they don’t want to fight all the other services that are pressed on them.

With Drybar, customers can go in, get their perfect blowout, and leave knowing they’ve had the best experience ever. By keeping the focus on blowouts, Drybar has created an environment free of pressure and distain.

People are naturally picky when it comes to their hair. And with good reason. Hair is one of the defining features in most people, making how it looks very important. Because hair is so important, people want to go to experts when it comes to styling their hair.

The problem is that most stylists at most salons are expected to be experts in multiple areas. They need to know how to cut and trim, style and color, curl and straighten.

By having to learn so much, it can make it hard to become an expert in one area, which is what the stylists at Drybar are.

At Drybar, the stylists are experts in one thing: Blowouts. This allows those who want the best of the best to know exactly where to turn for their wash and blowout.

Another huge benefit of Drybar is that the brand didn’t just stop at opening locations across North America. Because the company has become a leading expert in blowouts, it has started offering products that relate to blowouts.

With these amazing products, users can get the same amazing blowouts at home that they get at Drybar, using the same tools and products. Selling these products has just cemented the expertise Drybar has in this field.

Finally, because Drybar offers one service, there’s no guesswork when it comes to cost. Women everywhere dread paying at salons because they never know what hidden little charges will be made for things they might not have asked for if they knew the price.

With only one service being offered, Drybar makes budgeting for its amazing blowouts easier than ever.

Styles Offered with Drybar

While Drybar only offers one service, this service can be used to get a wide range of styles. Because everyone has different hair and wants different looks, Drybar has become an expert at providing different styles of blowouts to meet the needs of each of its customers. A list of the different styles offered by Drybar can be found below.

The Straight Up – A straight style with only a little body.

The Manhattan – Completely straight and smooth.

The Cosmo – Loose curls framing the face.

The Mai Tai – Messy waves that look perfect for the beach.

The Cosmo Tai – A style that mixes the loose curls of the Cosmo with the mess waves of the Mai Tai.

Southern Comfort – A style with lots of volume, for bigger hair.

Dirty Martini – Textured hair that looks tousled.

The Uptini – Different styles of updos.

Shirley Temple – Blowouts for those under the age of ten.

In addition to these services, customers can also add a braid to their style for only $10 extra.

By offering these styles at all of its locations throughout North America, Drybar has made it easier than ever for people to find their signature look and know exactly where to get it, no matter where in the country.

Whether people are traveling or on vacation, every Drybar location will be able to provide the same styles, for perfect continuity.

Purchasing Drybar Products

As mentioned above, Drybar has started offering products and tools to help people get their blowouts at home.

These products are the same ones used in Drybar locations across the country, so users know exactly what results to expect with their purchases.

The categories of products sold by Drybar are listed below.

  •  Cleans and Condition
  •  Treat and Protect
  •  Style
  •  Tools
  •  Kits, Bundles, and Accessories

Drybar also offers ways to extend blowouts and accessories. The company is constantly releasing new products and offering new discounts, so those who are serious about their blowouts should sign up for the Drybar newsletter to stay on top of all updates.

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