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Today we will be discussing a company called SageWork Organics Bath & Body. We will be reviewing their products and helping you determine if they are the right products for you to use.

What Is Sagework Organics?

SageWork Organics Bath & Body is a skin care company that makes organic, handmade skin care products. Their products are designed to exfoliate, moisturize, condition, and protect your skin with natural, wild crafted ingredients where available. Their mission is to create products in formulations that will elevate your health and beauty from the outside in and inside out.

How The Sagework Organics Products Work

Sagework Organics was founded in 2010 with the mission to create the most natural products possible. They make their products with the highest quality ingredients around that are hand picked to pamper your skin.

Other benefits of SageWork Organics Bath & Body include:

  • Their products are made with wild ingredients as much as possible
  • Their items are made in small batches for quality control and potency
  • All ingredients are organic
  • They create the most natural products possible

SageWork Organics Bath & Body Specialized Products


Sagework Organics makes everything you need to keep your face smooth, blemish free, and wrinkle free. Their products can help reduce the look of aging, care for your skin with natural ingredients that will protect your skin from further damage also. Their Argan oil and ginger eye serum is currently available for $11.95 plus shipping and handling, and is perfect for the delicate area around your eyes. Check back for frequent updates to the product line up.


They have multiple products to keep your skin moisturized, exfoliated, clean, and healthy. These products are all naturally made, and all organic. Their products include:

Lavender Body Butter ($22.00):

Lavender is known for its soothing aromatherapeutic properties, and this thick body butter will moisturize even the driest skin. It is perfect for anyone who needs to seal in moisture and repair dry skin.

Eucalyptus Hand And Body Lotion ($18.00):

Eucalyptus can help energize your day and this lotion is perfect for any part of your body. It is light but effective, and perfect for a touch of moisture any time of day.

Magnesium Body Butter ($15.00):

This body butter is formulated to help soothe sore muscles, cramps, and more. Magnesium is known for more than 300 functions in the body and is great for anyone who needs a touch of relief.

Magnesium Oil Spray ($10.00):

Magnesium is known for being able to sooth sore muscles and cramps. This spray can provide localized application for anyone who needs fast relief.

Lavender Hand And Body Lotion ($18.00):

This lotion contains soothing lavender, and is light enough to put anywhere on the body.

Relax Hand And Body Lotion ($18.00):

This hand cream contains ingredients that are known for their relaxing properties. Soothing aromatherapy can help calm and relax you any time of day in this miracle hand cream.

Rosemary Mint Hand And Body Lotion ($18.00):

This was their first product and one of their most popular. It will help moisturize your skin with its light, silky formula.

Lemoncello Hand And Body Lotion ($18.00):

This version of the lotion has a light citrus scent and will keep your skin moisturized all day.

Unscented Hand And Body Lotion ($18.00):

If you want to try their lotion but do not want the scent, this formulation can provide the benefit of the lotion without any of the scents.

Lemoncello Body Butter ($22.00):

This deeply moisturizing body butter is lightly citrus scented. It is perfect for anyone who needs extra moisture anywhere on the body.


Everything you need for a luxurious, detoxifying bath can be found right here! Sagework Organics sells Epsom salts to help pull out toxins for only $3.00 and up, and a natural spa back scrubber to exfoliate and condition the skin for only $5.99 plus shipping and handling

Should You Buy The SageWork Organics Bath & Body Products?

If you want natural, organic skin care products that will help you care for your skin without the toxins of traditional skin care, or just want to try something new, the Sagework Organics products may have the right products for you to try.

For more information on these products and what they can do for you, visit their website for details.

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