Mömi Premium Tooth Polishing Kit – Professional Strength Whitener?


Mömi Whitening Premium Tooth Polishing Kit is a kit designed to help whiten and polish your teeth. It is available on the company website and on Amazon.

What is Mömi Premium Tooth Polishing Kit?

Mömi Whitening has developed a Premium Tooth Polishing Kit to help you smile with confidence. It is your first step in achieving whiter, brighter teeth and a bolder smile. The Mömi kit includes a scientifically formulated, professional strength tool polish and 16 polishing tips to help you remove years of surface stain buildup. The polish is free of harsh chemicals and blends all-natural ingredients to remove tartar, plaque buildup and surface stains. It comes in Mint and Cherry flavors.

The Polishing Kit will permanently remove surface stains to reveal a cleaner, brighter smile. The unique compact polishing head reaches all surfaces of your teeth, including hard to reach places such as behind the teeth, to give you complete oral cleaning. Detailed instructions are included with the kit to ensure you achieve the best possible results from using your Mömi Whitening Polishing Kit. They even include the batteries.

Almost immediately, you will notice that the Mömi Tooth Polisher moves at a slower pace. This is done intentionally to prevent damage to your teeth and gums. Often people purchase spin brushes that spin quickly and miss areas of the tooth’s surface. These fast spinning brushes can damage the tooth’s surface and be abrasive on gums. Mömi Polisher is designed to prevent these things from happening. To get the most out of your polishing kit, please follow the enclosed written (and visual) instructions included in the box.

Welcome to Mömi, where your brighter, whiter, more captivating smile awaits you.

How does Mömi Whitening Premium Tooth Polishing Kit Work?

Mömi Whitening has developed their Tooth Polishing Kit with ease of use in mind. This complete kit comes with:

  • 1 Premium Tooth Polisher
  • 1 Professional Strength Tooth Polish – 15g Jar
  • 16 – Professional Polishing Tips
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • 1 Travel Cover
  • Instructions

To be the most effective in polishing your teeth, this is not a simple fast spinning brush. It is designed to go slowly to prevent any damage to your teeth and gums. It will slow down if you press too hard.

The kit contains a professional strength tooth polish made with Xylitol and Fluoride Ion. Xylitol is a product said to improve dental health. Made from birch trees and other types of plants, this sugar alcohol tastes sweet but does not convert to acids in the mouth, thereby preventing tooth decay. Fluoride Ion is a naturally occurring element that prevents tooth decay when used orally or topically. The kit includes 15 grams of Cherry Flavored Mömi Tooth Polish.

The professional tips come in two shapes to ensure the ability to reach, clean, and polish all tooth surfaces.

Using Mömi Whitening Premium Tooth Polishing Kit

Your Mömi Tooth Polisher comes with complete instructions. A brief summary of instructions is below.

  • Remove cover and insert 2 AAA batteries.
  • Replace cover.
  • With polisher turned off, fill the tip with tooth polish. Spread polishing paste over your teeth. Turn polisher on. The best way to clean teeth is to use short, quick pecking motions on your teeth. Work across all teeth.
  • After all teeth are polished, turn polisher off.
  • Rinse excess tooth polish from your teeth with water or mouthwash.
  • Remove the used polishing tip and discard. Use a clean tip each time you polish your teeth.

Directions on how to clean and maintain your tooth polisher are provided in the kit.

Pricing for Mömi Premium Tooth Polishing Kit

To purchase your Mömi Whitening Tooth Polishing Kit, go to the company website at https://momiwhitening.com/products/momi-premium-tooth-polishing-kit/ where you can purchase the kit for $34.99. This product is also available on Amazon for $36.99.

Contacting Customer Service for Mömi

To contact customer service regarding you Mömi Tooth Polishing Kit, go to https://momiwhitening.com/contact-us/ and complete the standard fill-in-the-blank form provided for your convenience.

Mömi Premium Tooth Polishing Kit Conclusion

Mömi Whitening Premium Tooth Polishing Kit is a tooth brush kit designed to clean, whiten and maintain the whiteness of your teeth. This simple to use polisher will whiten your teeth without an expensive trip to the dentist.

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