Moji Heated Roller – Cushioned Foam Roller For Pain Relief?


The Moji Heated Roller is a new product that just launched on Kickstarter. Find out everything you need to know about how the Moji Heated Roller works today in our review.

What is the Moji Heated Roller?

The Moji Heated Roller, also known as the MojiHeat Roller, is a heated version of the Moji Roller. The roller promises to be “the ultimate warm up, recovery, and pain relief solution”.

You use the Moji Heated Roller just like an ordinary roller. You place it on the ground, then roll over it with various parts of your body. Athletes and massage therapists have long used rollers for warm up, recovery, and pain relief. Today, thanks to the Moji Heated Roller, you can enjoy the same benefits at home.

The Moji Heated Roller is available through today, where it’s priced at around $45 per roller. Estimated shipping date is May 2017. The final MSRP will be $58.

How Does the Moji Heated Roller Work?

The Moji Heated Roller offers all of the benefits of a conventional roller – just with the added benefit of heat.

Adding heat to a roller, according to the manufacturer, “stretches and elongates the muscles”, helping to ease muscle tightness, soreness, and pain.

Other benefits of the Moji Heated Roller include:

The Moji Heated Roller doesn’t have its own built-in heat source. In fact, on its own, it looks and performs like a conventional roller. The main difference is that you can twist the MojiHeat Roller apart, place it in your microwave, and heat it up to enjoy added benefits.

The Moji Heated Roller was created through a partnership with an engineering firm called Product Development Technologies (PDT). After going through dozens of prototypes, the company “finally cracked the code” and created the “multiple patents-pending MojiHeat Roller”.

Who Makes the Moji Heated Roller?

The Moji Heated Roller is made by a company named Moji. The Kickstarter page describes Moji as “a real company with real employees who have been working together for years”.

The company has successfully brought 10 different massage and recovery products to market. Unlike other Kickstarter-funded projects, the MojiHeat Roller isn’t made by some flash-in-the-pain startup.

The company is seeking support through Kickstarter to “help us finalize our tooling and scale production”, explains the Kickstarter page.

The company’s other popular products include the Moji Curve PRO ($49.99), the Moji Curve ($39.99), the Moji Foot PRO ($39.99), the Moji Foot ($29.99), and the Moji Mini PRO ($29.99).

You can get in touch with Moji by phone at (800) 593-2045. The Chicago-based company was founded by Victor Viner.

MojiHeat Roller Pricing

The Moji Heated Roller is available online through Kickstarter today. When you order the roller, you’ll receive it in May 2017. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • MSRP Target: $58
  • Super Early Bird: $42 (includes one roller and one handheld massager)
  • Early Bird: $42 (includes one roller)
  • Kickstarter Special: $45 (includes one roller)
  • Early Bird for Two: $80 (includes two rollers)
  • Bundle Pack: $350 (includes 10 rollers)

Additional fees, including import fees, VAT, duties, taxes, and “any other fees their country or government imposes” may be added onto your order.

Should You Buy the MojiHeat Roller?

The MojiHeat Roller, at the time of writing, had achieved $8,300 of its $15,000 goal with nearly a full month to go. It appears Moji will achieve its funding target, which means early backers will receive their MojiHeat Rollers as early as May 2017.

Cushioned rollers all work in a similar way: they help improve circulation in the region, boosting your muscle recovery and flexibility. They make it easy to warm up and recover from a workout. With the MojiHeat Roller, the company has added heat to the equation. You place the roller in the microwave, then use it like a conventional roller to enjoy additional benefits.

Priced at around $40 on Kickstarter, the Moji Heated Roller is not much more expensive than a conventional foam roller.

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