Constipation Relief Program – 21 Day Natural Digestive Treatment?


The Constipation Relief Program is a downloadable eBook that claims to use natural methods to relieve “even the most severe cases” of constipation. Here’s our review.

What is the Constipation Relief Program?

The Constipation Relief Program is an eBook that teaches you natural ways to relieve constipation. The eBook was written by a woman named Kiera Johnson, a nurse who previously worked for Doctors without Borders.

Over her years of nursing, Kiera apparently discovered a “100% natural method” anyone could use to relieve constipation. More importantly, this method could actually be used to relieve “even the most severe cases of chronic constipation”.

Some people become so constipated they have to visit the hospital – or else they’ll experience internal damage. Kiera claims her natural methods will cure cases of constipation even when they’re this severe.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how the Constipation Relief Program works, and how Kiera learned it.

Who Is Kiera Johnson?

Kiera Johnson is the author of Constipation Relief Program. Kiera is a nurse. A few years ago, she was working for Doctors without Borders in a small South African town when her small intestine ruptured.

Kiera was airlifted to a hospital in Cape Town to receive urgent medical attention. There, doctors told her that her issue wasn’t related to parasites or diseases – it was related to the fact that her digestive system had “had enough” and “couldn’t cope with my body’s inability to pass stools”, explains Kiera.

Eventually, her small intestine burst. She went through emergency surgery and a six week recovery period. After that recovery period, doctors warned her that she suffered from severe chronic constipation problems. Her body’s digestive system was always backed up – to a point where it was damaging her health.

Where Did Kiera Johnson Learn this Information?

Kiera Johnson is a nurse. However, she doesn’t claim to have any special experience. She doesn’t claim to have any unique skills as a constipation nurse, nor has she partnered with any doctor to write this book.

So where did Kiera get her information?

Well, during her treatment in South Africa, Kiera claims that doctors gave her drugs for constipation, but they just made the issue worse. They caused side effects like insomnia, genital bleeding, and depression.

That’s when Kiera started researching natural cures for constipation. As you’ve probably guessed from the fact we’re writing this review, Kiera found a number of natural constipation cures that were more effective than pharmaceutical drugs.

She attributes many of these cures to a South African “local healer” named Ali Kantu. Ali uses natural remedies to cure over 130 ailments. He learned this information from his grandfather, and has dedicated his life to spreading that information around the world.

How Does Constipation Relief Program Work?

Kiera claims to have discovered all sorts of natural cures for constipation with the help of Mr. Kantu, including everything from lifestyle changes to foods, beverages, and supplements you can add to your diet.

Some of these lifestyle changes are small, while others are major changes. Overall, however, Kiera promises that these changes will allow you to “eliminate constipation from your life without any expensive medications”. You can throw out those constipation relief drugs prescribed by your doctor – because you won’t need them.

Here are some of the things that Kiera wants to teach you:

-Adding certain foods to your diet, and removing a few other foods from your diet, is all you really need to cure constipation, according to Kiera and her local village healer Ali Kantu.

-Taking certain vitamins and supplements can provide almost immediate relief, including magnesium, potassium, and selenium. Kiera recommends taking these minerals to solve your digestive problems.

10 easy-to-follow modules you can implement in your lifestyle today to relieve your constipation.

-An explanation of how your body digests food, and how you can use that information to understand your constipation.

-The macronutrients you should be eating for a healthier body.

-Understanding constipation, including the different types of constipation caused by different things.

-Constipation treatments, including why 50% or more constipation sufferers are incorrectly diagnosed with conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), when chronic constipation is the real culprit.

Natural healing and constipation techniques you can use to cure your constipation, including the foods you should be eating, the foods you should be avoiding, and the nutrients that can help you.

Scientific Evidence for the Constipation Relief Program

Kiera doesn’t link to any scientific studies or major clinical trials to back up her claims.

She does, however, claim to have tested the program on 35 random people through an internet forum. She sent her program to these 35 people. 34 of those people claim they cured their constipation using the program. In fact, they cured their constipation permanently:

“…and the constipation symptoms hadn’t returned since”, explains Kiera, giving no further information about the study or how it took place.

None of this information was published in any peer-reviewed journal. There’s also no information about this trial available online.

Constipation Relief Program Pricing

The Constipation Relief Program is available online today at a price of $39 USD.

If paying $39 USD for an eBook seems expensive, then consider the fact that Kiera’s “friend” recommended selling the program for $349.

Out of the sheer kindness of her heart, however, Kiera decided to stick with the $39 USD price point. She claims that neither she nor Mr. Kantu are looking for wealth or fame: they just want to help as many people as possible. That’s why they’re selling a PDF file for $39 (if any of this was true, of course, they’d be giving the eBook away for free).

All purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Should You Buy the Constipation Relief Program?

Constipation is a serious and deadly problem. It can cause severe health problems. Constipation Relief Program claims to cure your chronic constipation problems without the use of medication or pharmaceuticals. In fact, all you need to do is eat the right foods while eliminating certain other foods from your diet.

Kiera Johnson (which is actually a pseudonym) claims that her treatment plan comes from a South African local healer named Ali Kantu. She also claims it’s been successfully used to treat hundreds of people around the world.

Ultimately, there are certain foods you can take to relieve constipation – including natural laxatives and natural fiber-rich compounds. Essentially, Constipation Relief Program just wants to tell you about these foods, and wraps all the information up in some dramatic story about a South African healer.

You can find natural laxatives online with a quick Google search. Since Constipation Relief Program isn’t written by medical doctors or constipation specialists, it doesn’t seem to have any information that would be worth spending $40.

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