Mind Milq Cognitive Rush

Mind And Brain enhancers have become extremely popular in the past few decades. This is because, many older people as well as individuals working in high pressured jobs find such supplements helpful in increasing their overall sharpness and vitality levels.

Using certain nootropic agents, these supplements help increase the overall efficiency of our neural pathways. When the transfer of signals between our brain and other organs is optimized, an individual will see a marked increase in his/her overall productivity levels. For example, almonds are commonly used for such cognitive purposes.

This is because, natural oils present within almonds have been clinically shown to have a lubricating effect on our cranial work centers. This helps in increasing the overall efficiency and energy levels of a person.

About MIND MILQ Cognitive Rush

As the name clearly implies, MIND MILQ Cognitive Rush is an all new ‘mind enhancer’ that has been made using various potent natural/ herbal extracts. All of the added compounds have been studied in relation to cognitive enhancement, and have been found to provide various mental benefits.

Also, there are various studies which one can check out before making a purchase. Thus, users can be completely at ease when they start to make regular use the product.

Benefits Of MIND MILQ Cognitive Rush

Some of the key features of MIND MILQ Cognitive Rush include:

Stress Release:

The potent formula has been shown to decrease the buildup of a hormone known as ‘Cortisol’ within our bodies. Cortisol is known to induce stress and other constrictive effects on our muscles and tissues. Thus, when this hormone is released from one’s body, a person feels more relaxed and calm.

Energy Release:

A core component of this supplement is its ability to increase the energy release potential of an individual. Using a certain blend of potent stimulants, Cognitive Rush is able to increase the overall efficiency of our Metabolic System. This not only results in added energy supply, but also helps increase our muscle mass development and regeneration capacity.


Due to the presence of Mucuna pruriens, the supplement is able to help stabilise our mood states and overall happiness levels. Similarly, there is a compound called Teacrine® in the mix which helps in the sustained release of energy through the course of our daily activities. Lastly, there are some energizers in the form of caffeine derivatives which help us to keep going at a high level.

Brain Efficiency:

Clinical studies have shown that as we age, a protein fragment called beta-amyloid starts to accumulate within our cranial centres. This reduces the efficiency and overall working capacity of our brains. To cure this issue, Mind Milq contains a compound called DMAE which helps block this buildup, enabling our brain to operate more efficiently.

Memory Retention:

One of the primary uses of Mind Milq is its ability to increase our overall retention and storage capacity. Thus, the supplement can be of great use to individuals who need to store large volumes of data in the course of their regular work (uni students, bankers etc).

Full Refund Available:

According to the official shopping portal, the manufacturer is ready to provide a full ‘no questions asked’ refund, in-case users are unhappy with the product or the benefits it has delivered.


All of the production is done in accordance with guidelines set forth by the cGMP. Also, the facilities where production takes place have been cleared by the FDA. This ensures that only the finest ingredients have been used in product formulation.

MIND MILQ Cognitive Rush Pricing and Availability

Each bottle of MIND MILQ Cognitive Rush contains 60 capsules. In terms of dosage, 2 pills should be consumed early in the morning with 12 oz of water daily. Ideally, each bottle should last a user for the entire month. However, depending upon results required, dosage may be increased.

A single bottle is priced at $49.99 and orders can be placed on the official amazon portal of the company. Lastly, payments can be done using many safe means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.


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