Micellar Water and Micellar Casein Protein


Micellar Water & Casein Protein Guide

There’s a new buzz word in the health community called “micellar”. You may have heard about micellar cleansers and micellar casein protein, for example. Find out what the big deal is behind both of these products today in our guide.

What is Micellar Water?

Micellar Water claims to be a total cleanser and moisturizer that requires no rinsing. It claims to be able to replace your cleanser and moisturizer in just one simple step.

Does that sound too good to be true?

Some people have described micellar water as “magical”. But once you try it, you’ll understand.

Micellar water has been around for over 100 years. It was popularized in the French cosmetics industry, where locals had to come up with innovative ways to get around the famously harsh water supply in Paris.

Micellar Water vs Tap Water

The main difference between micellar water and ordinary water is that micellar water contains something called “micelles”. Micelles are tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water.

The technology for micelles has been around since 1913, but micellar water has only recently become popular.

Micellar Water Benefits

Micelles are an effective skin treatment because the tiny oil molecules are attracted to dirt, grime, oil, and other impurities in your skin. They latch onto these impurities without drying out your skin like a foam cleanser.

Today, beauty products use a micellar water-based formula to provide better lifting, extraction, and moisturization. The end result is cleaner, healthier-looking skin with no scrubbing required. Plus, many micellar water products have no harsh chemicals or weird additives. It’s the natural power of oil molecules at their finest.

Using micellar water-based cosmetic products is fairly straightforward. Most people use it as their “final cleanser” in their regimen. At night, after you’ve used makeup remover wipes, an exfoliator, and a toner, then you might want to use micellar water to pick up the last traces of impurities hiding beneath your skin. You’ll be surprised by how many compounds the oil molecules pick up.

Popular Micellar Water Products

Popular micellar water-based skin care products include:

— Bioderma Crealine H20
— Simple Micellar Cleansing Water
— Perricone MD Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment
— La Roche-Posay Solution Micellaire Physiologique

What is Micellar Casein Protein?

Bodybuilders know that not all protein powders are made equal. Some protein powders go to work instantly, while others are slowly digested by your body over 8-10 hours.

Casein protein is a slow-digesting dairy protein that accounts for almost 80% of all proteins found in cow’s milk. Casein is famous for containing a rich pool of amino acids similar to whey protein. It also forms a clot in the stomach that reduces the rate of gastric emptying. That means amino acids are slowly absorbed into your blood stream over time.

So instead of getting a flood of amino acids entering your body immediately after a workout (many of which would be wasted), casein protein delivers those amino acids over a longer period of time. That’s purported to lead to better muscle growth.

Micellar Casein Protein vs Ordinary Casein Protein

There are multiple types of casein protein on the market today. The most effective type of casein protein is called Micellar Casein.

Micellar casein is advertised as being the superior alternative to ordinary casein protein (which typically contain milk protein and something called calcium caseinate, which is different from micellar casein).

Bodybuilding.com calls micellar casein protein “the pinnacle of protein supplementation.”

Buying Micellar Casein Protein

But when shopping for casein protein, things can get confusing. All casein contains micelles that increase solubility in water (this leads to the clotting effect). During milk processing, heat and acid is adding to the milk, which denatures and disturbs the casein peptides and micelle structures. This creates a gelatinous material which leads to the slower digestion rate for casein protein.

Many cheap casein manufacturers try to advertise themselves as being micellar casein protein. However, if you want to buy genuine micellar casein, then you need to buy undenatured casein protein to ensure you get the maximum amount of undenatured micelles, which lead to the benefits of micellar casein protein.

Ultimately, the micelles in casein protein lead to the desirable “clotting” effect which slows down absorption over time. Micellar casein is the best at creating this timed release, which is why many believe it’s the best-quality protein money can buy.

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