BrainHQ from Posit Science Review

BrainHQ is an online brain training system and app created by a team of 100 neuroscientists from around the world. Find out if BrainHQ is worth the price today in our review.

What is BrainHQ?

BrainHQ is a brain training program created by a company called Posit Science. According to the official BrainHQ website, the system was “built and tested by an international team of more than 100 top neuroscientists and other brain experts.”

The training program can be customized according to your unique mental goals. You can hop into the training program and let BrainHQ decide which program is right for you. Or, you can just complete the lessons you like whenever you like.

Training sessions can last as little as three minutes per day, although they can also last for hours depending on how long you want to practice.

The program is free to sign up. Free members receive basic access to a handful of free exercises, although you’ll need to purchase a subscription plan ($14 USD per month or $96 USD per year).

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How Does BrainHQ Work?

BrainHQ features courses, challenges, and online games that train your brain to become smarter. After signing up for the program, you’ll receive a daily training schedule featuring courses and games just for you.

There are approximately 25 brain training exercises in total. Exercises test different parts of your brain and there are hundreds of levels of different exercises – so there should be enough to keep you entertained.

As your brain becomes more powerful, the games scale to adjust to your skill level. Posit Science claims that this is important because it places your brain at the “threshold”, which is “the right level for your brain to make real improvements.”

The training programs are available on your computer through your web browser as well as through an iPad/iPhone app. All training you do on one device syncs to the other platforms as well.

Android fans and users of other OSes will have to wait for their own versions of the app. Posit Science claims that “apps for other platforms are in the works”.

How to Start BrainHQ

There are two ways to start training with BrainHQ.

Free Membership:

First, you can sign up as a free member. To do that, you just need to enter your name, email address, and password. Alternatively, you can sign in with Facebook. A free membership gives you access to the basic free exercises and gives you a sneak peek at what you can expect with a full membership.

Paid Subscription:

Second, you can sign up as a full subscriber, in which case prices work like this:

— Monthly Subscription: $14 USD per month (billed monthly)
— Yearly Subscription: $96 USD per year (billed annually)

You can also purchase 1 year ($96), 6 month ($59), and 3 month ($39) e-gifts for someone in your life.

Some of the advantages of the paid subscription over the free membership include:

— 29 Brain Training Exercises (4 Free)
— 16 Courses And Challenges (5 Free)
— Personalized Training (requires Subscription)
— Detailed Progress Feedback

Sample Exercises

You can view some of the sample exercises for BrainHQ here. Here’s a basic description of the exercises available:

Divided Attention: You watch two shapes flash on screen and quickly decide whether they meet certain criteria.

Double Decision: You optimize your visual processing speed by looking through a small field of view to identify cars, signs, and other roadside distractions.

Hawk Eye: A bunch of birds will briefly flash on screen. You have to quickly identify the bird that looks slightly different from the others in the flock.

Hear, Hear: You listen to a target-tone and find the matching tones as they appear.

Face Facts: Improve your people skills by looking at the faces of different people, then choose the information (name, occupation, story) that the person told you when you were first introduced.

Card Shark: Remember sequences of visual information in the form of a card game (like card suit and number) to perfect your card shark skills.

BrainHQ tries to keep the training exercises interesting and varied. Some of the games are similar to other training programs (like Lumosity) while others are totally unique and involve the use of audio signals, facial recognition, and other training systems not found anywhere else online.

About Posit Science

BrainHQ is made by a company called Posit Science. That company is located at the following address:

77 Geary St., Suite 303
San Francisco, CA 94108

The company was founded in 2005. Posit Science initially released brain training programs on CD-ROM. Popular software included Brain Fitness Program, InSight, and DriveSharp. Today, the company focuses entirely on app and web-based development.

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