What is NootroBREATHE?

NootroBREATHE is a breathing device that contains oxygen and xenon both of which are harmless gases. It is designed to help enhance breathing and subsequently performance in activities that require excellent breathing and respiration.

These can be any activity from professional athletics to leisure activities like mountain climbing and skiing. A simple puff of this will leave you reenergized with a better focus, concentration and mental clarity.

It is not a drug and neither is it a supplement. It is just a combination of gases that are safe and improve one’s mental state greatly.

About NootroBREATHE

NootroBREATHE comes in a bag filled with oxygen and xenon in different concentrations. There are bags with 30% Xenon to oxygen concentration while others have 40% and 50%. Together with each bag comes supplement bag/bags, filters, re-breathing tubes and other accessories. These are used to supply the gases to the lungs during inhalation and out during exhalation.

The discovery of NootroBREATHE can be attributed to Michael and Davis who climbed Mount Everest and were not please with how much they had to rely on supplemental oxygen. They wanted a simpler way to be able to climb the world’s tallest mountain without oxygen while remaining in focus and mentally healthy. Xenon offered this solution and mixing it with oxygen made it even more viable and they branded their innovation as XenAir Lung Exerciser.

These products and the brand that followed called nootropic were very expensive but after making several changes here and there, a cheaper brand was developed under the name NootroBREATHE.

This is what athletes and others who take part in endurance sporting to improve their performance now commonly use. A person not engaging in these activities can use it to enhance mental capabilities and alertness too.

How NootroBREATHE works?

The supplemental bag contains around 10% xenon and 90% oxygen while the main bag contains more xenon. These two bags are connected while the user’s breathing tube is on the main bag only. During inhalation the xenon and oxygen in the main bag are taken into the lungs where the oxygen is replaced by carbon dioxide.

On breathing out, this carbon dioxide is absorbed by an absorbent material fitted in the top of the main bag removing it from the system. During the next inhalation, oxygen is pulled from the supplemental bag to replace the one taken up by the body previously. As for xenon, it diffuses out of the body slowly and is also replaced in the main bag by that in the supplemental bag. The oxygen and xenon are exhaled into the main bag so the supplemental bag only lets the gases out but do not receive any.

When the supplemental bag is empty, it needs to be replaced and at the same time replace the carbon dioxide filter. Up to 4 supplemental bags can be used before the main bag needs to be replaced.

By employing this simple mechanism, the oxygen supply to the lungs is increased greatly from the usual 21% in atmospheric air to a higher concentration. This increases the amount of oxygen your body cells get making them work optimally for best capabilities in respiration and energy release.

Benefits of NootroBREATHE

NootroBREATHE is safe for use since it is composed of gases (xenon and oxygen) whose safety has been proven. There are no complicated side effects associated with these except for mild nausea and slight headaches. Its use should be discontinued in case of any of these symptoms. The results are almost instantaneous and in as little as 50seconds after use, you will feel your spirits elevate and your energy build up. This effect will last for up to 8hours later allowing you enough energy boosts and time to get what you need to so.

The use of replaceable supplemental bags allows for economical expenditure as there is no need to replace the entire package often. In each supplement bag is 15 minutes worth breathing and it will last quite a while. Though this depends on the age and needs of the user, 2 minutes is the average daily need.

Any downsides of NootroBREATHE

Like all other products out there, NootroBREATHE has several concerns. The very first is the cost; it is quite a costly way to boost performance compared to other methods. This is because xenon is a very expensive compound but if the results it gives are to be the basis of making the judgment it is definitely worth every dime spend on buying it. The legality of its use may be questioned by some sports bodies though it is definitely not a drug.

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