MHP Super BCAA – Leucine Loaded Branched Chain Amino Acids?


Workout supplements have completely redefined the the way people approach heavy lifting and training. No longer do individuals have to slog every day at the gym for hours on end, because today there are products that can help optimise our workout efficiency to such an extent that even a good, small workout can help us build our muscles quite well.

For example, protein supplement help us optimise our innate workout capacity by allowing us to push ourselves longer and harder. Not only that, modern pre workout mixes also allow us to exponentially enhance our gains so that we can become ripped in the shortest amount of time possible.

However, with all of that out there, one primary concern that many people have to deal with is the fact that there are now many products out there that come with chemically loaded agents. These products may provide short term benefits, but in the long run can lead to cellular degeneration and even dcrease our overall metabolic efficiency.

Thus, users need to be wary of products that claim to provide amazing benefits within a week or so. Also, for their own good, people should study potential supplements by doing some online research before they decide to make a purchase.

About Super BCAA

MHP Super BCAA is an all new ‘workout optimiser’ that has been infused with clinical doses of BCAA’s and other essential active agents. Owing to its natural formula, the product is completely biocompatible with human bodies, and has been shown to deliver tangible results within a month.

However, users should understand that when consuming a product like Super BCAA, they should adhere to a strict workout and dietary regime. This enables us to extract maximum benefit from the supplement, and enables our bodies to obtain heightened muscular development potential.

Some Key Facets Of MHP Super BCAA

(i) Strength Enhancement: as is abundantly clear from the name, the branched chain amino acids in the mix allow for the faster development of pure lean muscle mass in a user's body. This in turn leads to a direct increase in our overall strength and power levels.

(ii) Stamina: research has shown that the core elements contained within the product help reduce the buildup of lactic acid in our spinal columns. This results in reduced fatigue and enables us to push harder and longer at the gym.

(iii) Muscle Pump: when used as prescribed, the supplement has been shown to increase our innate muscle pump potential. Due to the increase in nutrient delivery and supply, the core ingredients help in allowing users to push themselves harder while lifting heavy weights.

Compositional Data

The core ingredients which make this product highly include:

(i) Leucine: this compound is an essential amino acid which our bodies cannot produce directly. Thus in order to maintain optimal levels of this potent compound we need to consume food items that allow for its synthesis Leucine is the most abundant of the three branched chain amino acids and it has the capacity to directly stimulate muscle protein synthesis within our bodies.

As a dietary supplement, leucine has been found to slow the degradation of muscle tissue by increasing the synthesis of muscle proteins.

(ii) IsoLeucine: this compound is a derivative of leucine and is unique in the sense that it is not only an essential amino acid; but is also a branched chain amino acid. When looked at in more depth, this compound is known for its ability to help enhance endurance and assist in the repair and rebuilding of damaged muscle tissue. It also plays an important part in one’s physical conditioning as it helps increase stamina and delay the onset of fatigue.

(iii) Valine: like the other two aforementioned compounds, l-valine is also a branched chain amino acid which plays an important role in supplying energy to our muscles. Other than that, studies have shown that when taken in prescribed doses, this potent compound can help enhance energy, increase endurance and aid in muscle tissue recovery and repair.

MHP Super BCAA Pricing And Availability

Each bottle of MHP Super BCAA contains 60 capsules which should last users for a month. Since the product has not been released for public consumption as of yet, the pricing details are not yet certain.

However, users can sign up for the official newsletter of the manufacturer so that they get to know when the product has become available for commercial purchase.

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