Paragon Fish Oil

Omega 3 oils have caught the attention of many health enthusiasts in the past few decades. This is because these oils have the potential to greatly improve our cognitive capacity as well as increase our overall vitality and energy levels.

Apart from these benefits, many studies have shown that omega 3 acids can also work towards the enhancement of our metabolic functionality. Thus, users who consume regular amounts of such supplements can also experience benefits in terms of weight loss, heightened work efficiency and decreased dullness.

With all this information, one still needs to remember that there are many cheap, chemically synthesised products out there. In order to capitalise upon this awakened interest in fish oils, many manufacturers have started producing cheaper variants that sometimes do not undergo adequate quality control measures. Thus, these oils may still contain traces of heavy metals like lead, mercury and may even cause us long term harm. Thus, individuals should try to buy products that have been certified by the GMP or other quality control agencies.

About Paragon Fish Oil

As the name clearly suggests, Paragon Fish Oil is an all new ‘Omega 3 concentrate’ that has been clinically studied and found to deliver many potent benefits. In terms of its composition, all of the oil contained within the supplement is derived from wild fish that has been sourced responsibly. Additionally, the manufacturer has also provided various studies which users can check out before they decide to buy the product.

Some of the key features of Paragon Fish Oil which make it stand out include:

  • Ultra Concentrated Formula: to provide users with maximum benefits, the manufacturer has added large doses of concentrated Omega3 Fatty Acids in the Mix. These oils not only help in improving the transfer of stimuli, but also allow for enhanced circulatory support and improved cardiovascular functionality. In order to give us a clearer understanding of how potent these capsules are, each serving has been found to contain ‘800mg of EPA and 600mg of DHA ‘.
  • No Aftertaste: a common issue that many people have with fish oil based supplements is the weird aftertaste they leave behind. However, Paragon comes coated with an enteral formula that completely eliminates any unpleasant aftertaste that might interfere with our tastebuds.
  • High Purity: to ensure that there are no trace metals or toxins left in the mix, the core formula is made to undergo rigorous ‘Molecular Distillation’. In this process, all of the core components are made to go through extreme temperature conditions so that any harmful agents that might be present can be vapourised.
  • USA Made: the product is fully manufactured within the United States in facilities that are run in accordance with guidelines established by the GMP. Additionally, all of the manufacturing sites are regularly audited by the FDA so that the quality levels are maintained at a high standard.
  • Responsibly Sourced: all of the fish that are used for the production of the Omega 3 oils are caught in the wild from the Antarctic Sea.

Dosage Directions

  • 2 capsules should be consumed on a daily basis for best results.
  • The dose can be ingested along with a meal or simply with water.
  • Incase users have a serious medical history, a medical practitioner should be consulted before starting daily intake.
  • The supplement can be taken safely along with other daily products like multivitamins etc.

Why Paragon Fish Oil?

A legitimate question that is bound to rise in many individuais is ‘Why should i even bother consuming Fish Oils?’. The simple answer is that, Fish Oils are full of Omega 3 Fatty Acids and are known to lower blood triglyceride levels.

These triglycerides are free-floating fats in our bloodstream which have the potential to accumulate and block our circulatory channels. Fish Oils also promote cardiovascular health, and regular users can attest to the fact that Omega 3 supplements can allow for enhanced stamina and overall vitality.

Paragon Fish Oil Review Summary

A single bottle of Paragon Fish Oil contains 60 capsules and should last users for a month. There are 3 primary deals that users can choose from, they include:

  • One bottle is available for a sum of $34.99 (plus $5.95 for shipping and handling)
  • Two bottles are available for $59.48 (free shipping)
  • Three bottles are available for $78.72 (free shipping)

Additionally, all purchases come with a full ‘90 day satisfaction warranty’.

Payments can be completed using a host of safe means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.


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