Metal Garden Hose – Stainless Steel High Water Pressure Hose?


It’s time for a positive change in gardening and cleaning with a newly available garden hose that beats traditional hoses. Traditional hoses are made of rubber can be a tough task to use, as it requires time and effort to untangle and carry.

It has the potential to burst if one doesn’t untangle properly and it is easy to cut right through it. It’s time to put away old habits and get hold of the Metal Garden Hose because it is a product that is combined with the solution to issues experienced by a traditional rubber hose.

What Is The Metal Garden Hose?

The Metal Garden Hose, as the name hints away, is a metal hose used for gardening and cleaning the exterior. It is made up of 304 stainless steel, which ensures that regardless of how warm it is outside it is cool to the touch; it maintains its quality and color and remains in tiptop shape.

What makes this hose stand out is the fact that it is made of stainless steel because it brings multiple solutions to the problems faced by using a rubber hose.

What Is the Difference Between a Rubber Hose and the Metal Garden Hose?

People might be confused as to what the big talk around the Metal Garden Hose is, as both hoses provide the same purpose; provides water and are both in the same shape. The main difference between the two is longevity.

The Metal Garden is made to last through anything that comes across compared to the rubber hose. Here is a comparison of what consumers can expect from the rubber hose and that of the Metal Garden Hose.

Rubber Hose:

  • Can be easily cut through
  • Heats up in the sun’s exposure making it hard to hold
  • It is not pet friendly
  • Does not detangle
  • It is much heavier
  • Bends easily
  • Ability to burst when it has not been properly detangled (due to the pressure of the water)
  • It is not kid friendly

All of these cons just come to show that even if it does provide water, it will require multiple replacements, which are just time consuming and a waste of money. Let’s take a closer look at why the Metal Garden Hose is in fact a revolutionized version of the rubber hose.

The Metal Garden Hose:

  • Puncture free: neither a pair of scissors nor a saw cutter machine can bring any damage to it
  • It is cool to the touch regardless of how hot it is outside
  • It is pet friendly, as animals cannot burst it open by biting it
  • Kink free and tangle free
  • It is lightweight as it only weighs 3lb
  • Since it is lightweight, kids can now help around the garden as well
  • Reaches hard to get spots; even roofs
  • Easy to bring along on trips

The comparison between the Metal Garden Hose and the rubber hose shows that the type of material used to make a hose makes a whole lot of a difference! Every con mentioned in the rubber hose section has been made impossible in the Metal Garden Hose section.

How Much Does the Metal Garden Hose Cost?

The Metal Garden Hose comes in 4 different sizes that consumers can choose from, which are:

  • 25 feet hose: $24.99 + $6.99 p&h
  • 50 feet hose: $39.99 + $7.99 p&h
  • 75 feet hose: $59.99 + $8.99 p&h
  • 100 feet hose: $79.99 + $9.99 p&h

Metal Garden Hose Review Summary

Without doubt, the Metal Garden Hose is in fact a worthwhile investment. With hoses, it is important it serves its purpose in a time efficient and convenient way, while ensuring that it lasts long for the money paid.

This has all been made possible with the Metal Garden Hose, as the benefits definitely exceed the cost in this case. Rubber hoses vary in price depending on the type of rubber and how it has been made.

The cheapest rubber hose is approximately $12 for a 50 feet hose. While rubber hoses are cost efficient, the time it takes to water plants or clean the driveway is twice if not thrice that of the Metal Garden Hose.

In addition, a rubber hose will most likely be replaced multiple times, while the Metal Garden Hose lasts over years. For more information on the Metal Garden Hose and where to get hold of one, go to:


  1. We’re professional garden hose manufacturer & we could make metal garden hose.
    For example,our price is USD7.10 for 7.5meter metal garden hose.

    Metal Garden hose is kink proof, puncture proof, light weight, ultra flexible, made out of stainless steel, and gentle enough to work with any water pressure. Designed to be immovable against a variety of odds it is also resistant to rust or heat.

    Please drop me one email and I will send product pictures with details.

  2. This metal hose is a piece of junk. I bought the 50 ft hose at the local retailer in March 2017, by April 23, 2017 the hose is no longer usable. The end that attaches to the faucet became separated from the metal hose and I cannot see any way that it can be repaired. POOR MANUFACTURING QUALITY.
    The hose has plenty of good features too bad it is poorly put together.

  3. The first time I used the metal hose the metal casing started to pull apart leaving the inter hose exposed .don’t known how long the hose will last before the metal cuts through the inner liner.
    I paided for the 100 ft hose . Big mistake .

  4. There is a label on the hose package reading: ” WARNING: Portions of this hose are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. DO NOT drink from hose. Wash hands after use.” Does this mean, I can use this hose only on the flower garden and not the vegetable garden?

  5. I have used this hose a couple times to wash my car, and it is by far the best hose I have ever used. It is super flexible, and it is very kink resistant. It is light, and it is very easy to uncoil and coil before and after use. The only drawback I see so far is that the diameter is relatively small compared to most hoses; however, the water flow through the sprayer seemed to be fine.

    As for durability, time will tell.

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