NutriTower – Indoor Garden To Grow Nutritional Foods?


NutriTower is a hydroponic growing system, which stands at a vertical angle for optimum nutrient distribution.

This design can help you save money every year on your grocery list by encouraging you to grow your own food.

What is NutriTower?

Americans spend thousands of dollars every year on groceries to feed their families, and a good portion of that is used to buy fresh produce. Unfortunately, these types of purchases come at a huge cost to your budget, despite making the effort to feed your family a healthy diet. Buying organic foods without pesticides can cost even more.

Rather than allowing the food industry to dictate the most economical approach to giving your family the right nutrition, grow your own produce with the NutriTower.

The Nutri Tower helps you grow different produce in your home, using a vertical hydroponic design. It has enough space for you to plant seedlings in 24 different pots.

In fact, by spending a small portion of your grocery budget to buy seeds, the system can supply your household with about $700 worth of produce annually.

Giving your family and yourself the right nutrition is essential to your health. With the rising cost of healthier foods, it’s clear to see why obesity is a major problem within the United States and other countries around the world. However, even if you have a limited budget, you don’t need to live off TV dinners and premade cups of soup. Instead, you can use the Nutri Tower to create your own food.

How the Nutri Tower Works

There are many different characteristics of the NutriTower system that make it beneficial to consumers. With advanced technology and a helpful delivery system, you only need to put minimal effort into giving your family the fresh produce they deserve.

The biggest component behind the success of the system is the hydroponic technology. You don’t need any soil to make this technology work, using clay pellets instead to allow the seedlings to flourish.

The hydration system helps you to make sure each pot is correctly watered with a balance of nutrition and moisture to keep the plants alive. In fact, it also helps the plants to grow more quickly.

Your plants will also require the right amount of light, but that doesn’t mean you need to position the system in front of any windows or to monitor it at all. Instead, the tower features an automatic timer for the built-in lights, exposing your seedlings for exactly the amount of time they need to continue growing.

With this timer, each of the pots gets 12 hours of simulated sunlight. However, you won’t need to worry about your electric bill rising, as the entire system only uses 312 watts a month, which is about a $10 difference on your bill.

With these unique components, even the blackest thumb can nourish an entire garden’s worth of food. Plus, you’ll be able to teach the children in your family about the importance of nourishing the environment.

Using the Nutri Tower

To get the results that you want from the Nutri Tower, you will need to follow the directions that are included with the set. To get the process started, you fill need to use the included clay pellets to fill up the pot, leaving the room you need to plant your seedlings.

After the seedlings are in place, you can use the company’s natural solution to add to the water. The total amount of liquid should fill up the entire reservoir in the base of the device. Then, you can turn on the lights and pump to start circulating the nutrients to all the plants.

If you follow the directions correctly, you should be able your first batch of produce within about three or four weeks.

Pricing for Nutri Tower

The total cost to purchase the Nutri Tower system is $1,050. However, this may be an expensive price tag for some consumers. To accommodate a greater range of budgets, you can request to be put on a financing plan to divide up the payments. You will incur a small fee with each payment, but the plan might make it easier to fit the Nutri Tower into your budget.

Along with the Nutri Tower, your purchase appears to require a subscription to get the necessary plant solution for growing your various produce. The plan costs $50.00 quarterly, which is how often you will need the solution delivered.

Contacting the Creators of Nutri Tower

Even if you’ve already initiated your purchase, you may want to know more about the innovative design of the Nutri Tower, or information about your shipment. Luckily, the customer service team can be reached by filling in an online form. You will include your email address and any files that you want to include in your inquiry.

Before you send a message, check some of the frequently asked questions on the website under the link titled, “Support.” You may already have an answer.


The Nutri Tower system is a helpful way to incorporate fresh produce into your diet, without having to spend tons of money at the grocery store every year.

The included information with your purchase will show you what kinds of plants are the best ones to include in the tower, while giving you useful tips for maximizing your success. If you’re ready to eliminate produce from your grocery bill, you can look forward to the freshest food you can get by using the Nutri Tower in your home.


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