Metabo Matrix – Advanced Weight Loss Supplement


Metabo Matrix

Metabo Matrix calls itself an advanced, natural weight loss management pill. But does it actually work? Here’s our review.

What is Metabo Matrix?

Metabo Matrix is an encapsulated diet pill supplement that claims to use natural ingredients to raise your energy levels, reduce your appetite, and help you achieve your health goals.

The supplement uses garcinia cambogia as its active ingredient. The rind of this Southeast Asian fruit has shown some evidence that it can reduce hunger cravings while also boosting your metabolism. The fruit has exploded in popularity after being featured on Dr. Oz in 2013 – which is why you can find dozens of garcinia cambogia extract supplements on the market today.

How Does Metabo Matrix Work?

Metabo Matrix uses the active ingredient in garcinia cambogia to achieve its benefits. That active ingredient is hydroxycitric acid, or HCA. That substance may be able to reduce your appetite.

HCA reduces your appetite by inhibiting a specific enzyme called citrate lyase. That enzyme interferes with fatty acid metabolism. Using a 60% HCA extract, Metabo Matrix claims to help prevent your body from storage fat. Instead of storing fat from the foods you eat, it turns that fat into energy. This helps you feel more energetic while also burning away stubborn fat around your body.

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Metabo Matrix Ingredients

Metabo Matrix doesn’t list any of its ingredients aside from garcinia cambogia with 60% HCA. It’s unknown if there are any additional ingredients. Making matters worse is that we don’t know the exact amount of garcinia cambogia included in the supplement.

Some garcinia cambogia diet pills also use high levels of caffeine to “trick” users into thinking they’re experiencing a boost in energy and metabolism, when in reality, they’re simply feeling the temporary surge of energy caused by caffeine. We don’t know if Metabo Matrix contains caffeine because the manufacturer never lists its dosages or full ingredients list.

How to Use Metabo Matrix

The creators of Metabo Matrix claim you should take one capsule 30 to 60 minutes prior to eating a meal. Drink the capsule with at least 8 ounces of water and take the capsule at least twice per day.

The manufacturer also claims that “consistent use for 90 days will yield optimal results.”

How to Buy Metabo Matrix

Currently, Metabo Matrix is only available from the supplement’s official website at At that website, you’ll see all of the following pricing options available:

— 1 Bottle: $49 + $7.49 shipping
— 3 Bottles: $98 ($32.70 per bottle) + Free shipping
— 5 Bottles: $144 ($28.80 per bottle) + Free shipping

The sales page is filled with indicators and warning symbols in an effort to speed up your purchase. For example, at the top of the page, you’ll see a timer that counts backwards from 12 hours for no apparent reason.

You’ll also see a disclaimer at the top of the page that claims the company “only has a limited supply available” but, lucky for you, they just happen to have products in stock today. That message never seems to change – so you don’t have to worry about the company running out of Metabo Matrix supplies.

You can pay for Metabo Matrix using VISA, MasterCard, or American Express on the website’s secure online form.

Who Makes Metabo Matrix?

Metabo Matrix is made by a company that calls itself Metabo Matrix.

That company is based at the following Arizona address:

Metabo Matrix
8390 E Via de Ventura F-110 #260
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

The company can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at (888) 552-3684.

If you Google the above address, you’ll find that the same address in Scottsdale has been linked with a number of other supplements and beauty products.

Some of the products associated with that address include “Cellumis” anti-aging skin cream and “Metabo Garcinia” diet pill, which appears to have been released just before Metabo Matrix.

One review on claims that the address is home to a company called TEN Fulfillment. That company sold one complainant “Metabo Green Coffee” for $5, only to charge her $89 fourteen days later because the free trial was “over” and she didn’t return her product in time.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Metabo Matrix?

Metabo Matrix is a diet pill backed by limited evidence and few results. The company that made Metabo Matrix appears to re-release a new diet supplement every month under a new name. Last month, this same supplement was called Metabo Garcinia. Before that, it was called Metabo Green Coffee. Today, the supplement has been re-packaged again as Metabo Matrix.

Making matters worse is that the manufacturer refuses to disclose its full list of ingredients or any further information about the supplement. This makes it impossible to assess its effects or benefits.

For all of these reasons, Metabo Matrix is unlikely to lead to significant weight loss results. If you’re paying $50 for a diet pill, you can find plenty of better options available online today.

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Supplement Police
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  1. The product and the customer service are terrible. The product made me ill – definitely not true about improving digestion. You have to read the small print as their ad is deceptive – 30 day free trial but your next bill is in 14 days. And they keep your money, but don't give you the product (to keep or return).

    On 6/12/16 I called and spoke to an agent THAT DAY who stated he could not cancel the order as it was already sent. He agreed to full credit and provided me with RMA #s.

    Three weeks after this conversation, I had not received the product so disputed the charges from my bank. Today, I noticed that the credit was reversed as of today because MetaboMatrix company wouldn’t provide the credit. Today, more than 3 months later, I still have not received the product!

    You all know you are wrong, especially when the rep I spoke to today 9/23/16 said” your account is closed and you have to talk to your bank, THEN hung up on me as I was asking for a transcript of my account”. I’m contacting an attorney. I’m quite sure you are in violation of FTC rulings for selling on the internet.

  2. Metabo Matrix and VL Health are SCAMS! They lure you in with the $4.95 trial offer and then charge your credit card with $59.95 — $15 OVER the published rate, but you're the idiot… Stay away from this… of course it doesn't “change” anything — there is no miracle in a pill! Don't waste your money people!!

  3. I have been on this product for 2 months and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! It has really helped me lose weight! I have lost 20 pounds and a lot of inches. It's like the weight just melts off!!! Started at 286 and now I'm down to 266. But, there are two things you HAVE TO DO! 1, Take them EVERYDAY! No exceptions! and 2, drink a lot of water! At my weight I am supposed to drink at least a gallon a day. I am also on BP meds but they don't interfere with them. I also go to buffets at least once a week. And I still lose, of course it is slower on those days. But if you are going to use these you have to at least make an effort to change your eating habits. Metabo Matrix and Metabo Pure are the best!!!!!!

  4. This is a SCAM!!!
    Ordered the ‘free' trial. Now they have charged my bank account 2 X for some $64.00 each time.
    And…. it made me hungry as hell!! The hungriest I have EVER BEEN!!

  5. Im trying to cancel on whatever this company is sending me. I ordered a free trial not no order for $59.96. Please remove my name from your lists. Too much money for me!

  6. DO NOT fall for this scam! Wow did I learn from this… I ordered the trial package of Metabo Matrix for $4.95 and I wasn't aware the company put me on the auto ship program, about two weeks after I received my bottle I was charged $88.49 on my credit card, I called to cancel and they stated it was cancelled until I was billed again, I called them back and after arguing with them I was only refunded 50 percent. I cancelled my credit card and got a new card because I don't trust these thieves. They have no physical address only PO Box address's which was a red flag right there that I didn't see. Buyer beware!

  7. I would like my money returned to my i did not order this product…and have recieve teo bottles…can not take anyway…i am a diabetic..and dialysis patient!!!

  8. I am a diabetic and my doctor told me not to take as I could have serious health issues , I have had an almost fatal reaction to similar meds. Please tell me where to return .

  9. I'm very interested in this product. I've read lots of reviews with some loving it, some hating it, some say it works wonders, and some say it doesn't work at all. Naturally, that happens. Everyone's bodies are made different, so it makes sense that there are mixed reviews. However, MY QUESTION IS … who has done the free trial? It says the initial charges are .99 cents and $1.99 for handling, and then $4.95 for shipping and $5.95 for the cleanse. I get all of that. But in the terms (and I read them well) it states that if you call the number listed within 14 days of purchasing the trial you can cancel your subscription at no extra charge and not be billed for auto-pay or sent another bottle at full price, following the sample bottle(s). I see a lot of comments about those who were unaware of these terms complain about auto-pay when they did not order another bottle, due to non-cancellation, however, I have yet to see if anyone who knew about these terms get burned or scammed from calling and canceling within the 14 day trial period. Is this true? Has anyone called and canceled within 2 weeks of purchasing the trial, yet still gotten charged for another order following their trial bottle(s)?

    • I got my bottle for $29.99 a few days ago, read some reviews, knew they were gonna send more in the future, so I just called them and canceled it with no problem.

    • Thank u om wonder the exact same thing. And my name is also desera…. Scary lol. Im going to call tje costomer service and make sure. Its been 4 days for me so its really early to weigh myself for results. But i will say it has DEFINETLY suppressed my hunger. And i dont have hunger pains. I eat heather chocies n work out when i can during the week. I think its wise to see this pill has a boost to weight loss, not a magic pill that eats away fat without help. So im happy to get another bottle so far. I only have 1 right now with the cleanse. I paid 10$. So no complaints so far. Im gunna give them a call right now to clear up any confustion of what happens after 2 week. ✌

      • Ok so im back (desera) and i just dpike with marina ( customer service clerk) and i asjed her what exactly am i nilled after two weeks. Abd what happebs after regarding being charged and dhiped the product over. N over month. Its onlh beeb 4 days for me n im satified so far and i let her know that. She reasured me wuth extebding my trial an extra week to decide wheather i wabt to continue reciving the diet pill and cleabs monthly. I ask her what will i be charged for the trial period ( 2 weeks) but in my case 3 weeks now. And she said i will be charged $45.48. And she also said shes giving me a 60% discount on my second month of the diet pill and clease. So im a content customer right now. Marina also told me i can cancle during my trial period. Or i can cancle geting any more bottles after my second month of using. Becuase i know i defenitly want to suppress my hunger for 2 months n see if its working for me. U cant see change fast. Things take time so i fig 2 months is a decent amount of time for results. So good look to u other girls on your jurney. Paitence and manners take you along way 😇 so if u ever call with questions just keep ur cool n i feel the look out for u or at leat thats how marina made me feel.

  10. I want to cancel this crap now. I only wanted the trail now I'm being charged $59.99 I do not want this at all!!!

    • If you used your Bank card or credit card cancel the payment through them they need at least three days in advance to cancel before your trial is over

  11. Pues a mi me llego el producto y llebo dos dias usandolo veremos como me funciona pero si te controla el apetito y espero q solo sea loq pague q fueron 7.99 de envio 4.95 por un pote y 3.99 del otro .

  12. I saw the ad on my fb feed offering the trial bottles of the M.M weight mgt & the M.M metabopure capsules to b used together for max results. I was charged like .99cents for the weight mgt pills and $3.99 for the metabopure ones and did expedited shipping for a discount also. The 3 charges were immediately posted on my debit card. A couple days later I find a couple more low amount charges also had been drafted from them bringing total product charges/shipping to $12.89. After a few more days & no email confirming shipment to me, I replied to a “payment recieved” email sent to me after the first 3 charges were drafted, just to see if I'd get a response from my asking where my products were since I'd been billed the $12.89 a week ago. The response email came an hour later & said that my sent email had been rejected. A few days later I recieved a bubble wrapped envelope with the 2 bottles of products inside with a basic pamphlet on the products & my packing slip showing what I'd been charged. I was sick with flu at tha time so I held off on starting the pills. I'm over the flu & am ready to try these out now. I'm at 193 lbs today as my starting weight on February 18 2016. Im hoping for positive results here…. will update you all after a full week of taking both pills as directed….. wish me luck!!!!!

  13. I also signed up for the free bottle paying only for the shipping! But… Then came another bottle and another bottle with $59.99 being charged to my card each time. Now just try to find a phone number!! Not on the packing slips or the bottle. I finally googled them and found a number. I was told there was a phone number on the bottle and they were so sorry I couldn't find it. I do believe I have successfully cancelled any more orders. On top of the outrageous prices I didn't loose a pound. Please be careful what you sign up for.

    • Please can you share the phone number with me as I had no idea nor do I want to continue receiving this regularly, I haven't even tried the trial yet. I need to stop shipments so guess need to call. Thank you so much. Nancy Kuntz

  14. This company is a SCAM. I had the same experience as lesson learned. They refused to put a superviser on the phone. Kept placing me on hold and stalling and then hung up on me stating their phone time limit was up. I called back and each person did the same thing. I plan to dispute and report this company to all news channels. I have never experienced such “BS” before. I was charged .99 to secure a trial then 4.95 for shipping and then without ever being told or seeing the dislosure of the need to cancel and return a trial product charged an additional $60. Insane!!!! And this priduct isnt fda approved im finding out. Wish i googled before getting excited over a .99 deal- way too good to be true! Shouldve known. But my satisfaction will be when karma hits these assholes.


  16. I wish I could leave a successful message on here! I wish I knew what the product really did. UNFORTUNATELY I never received my product! I forgot I even ordered it because it never came. Today's $60.00 charge on my account reminded me tho. I now have two HORRIBLE choices….keep the $60.00 charge and get another bottle sent to me…but I can't return it if I don't like my product. OR accept only 50% refund?! So I've still stupidly paid the initial shipping and handling to “try” a product and the company that handles the orders gets to pocket the rest of the $30.00. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT PAY THE INITIAL “SHIPPING ONLY”!!!! ITS A LIE! THEY ALSO LIE OVER THE PHONE WHEN TRYING TO GET THINGS RESOLVED. THEY PUT YOU ON HOLD EVERY 30 SECONDS OR SO; PROBABLY TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO DIG THEMSELVES OUT OF WHAT THEY JUST SAID. THE COMPANY I DEALT WITH, I WAS TOLD WAS CALLED MATRIX. THEY DISTRIBUTE MULTIPLE PRODUCTS AND THE PERSONNEL IS EXTREMELY RUDE!!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!!

  17. Metabo Matrix has become part of my daily routine. The energy i receive from Metabo Matrix helps me get through my workouts and the appetite suppressant helps me feel full. The pair has definitely helped me shed some unwanted weight.

    • Akim,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Would you mind letting us know how much weight you have lost while on Metabo Matrix? What was your starting & current weight and how long did it take you to shed it. I think that's something our readers would love to know.

      — Supplement Police

      • I agree! Please add to your comment asked by supplement police! It would be extremely helpful, as I just took the offer from Walmart to receive a free
        trial but had to pay 0.99 for S&H. I look forward to your response
        Be regarding your success of weight loss and also, how long you have been using this supplement! Did you follow any special diet as well? Thanks in advance

      • I have also purchased the MetaboMatrix Trial only. I have experienced weight loss in first week and experienced greater levels of energy. I can say I maybe exercised once in this two weeks i have been taken pills. Im not good with daily pill taking but i have skipped 3days in two weeks. But i was 325lbs on start, now a 2wks down to 301.6 from my scale. Sorry about others miss happenings. I only ordered cause i thought it was a scam. I have had great results.


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