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Tricovel Review

Tricovel is a recently-released hair loss solution that uses a patented Italian technology called Biogenina. Find out everything you need to know about the effectiveness of Tricovel today in our review.

What is Tricovel?

Tricovel is an anti-hair loss formula that uses an active ingredient called Biogenina. Biogenina is a registered trademark formula that acts on the hair bulb to promote the growth of healthy hair and counter-act hair loss. The formula uses a mixture of Biotin, Calcium Pantothenate, and a Polyamine.

Tricovel is designed for both women and men and claims to reverse hair loss that has occurred for all different reasons – including stress, changes of seasons, an unhealthy diet, sun exposure, or aggressive cosmetic treatments.

Tricovel comes in a few different forms. You can take one tablet of the formula per day for two months. Or, you can take one vial every 3 days and massage it into your scalp.

You can also use Tricovel as a regular shampoo, using it every day to promote hair growth.

How Does Tricovel Work?

Tricovel uses an ingredient called Biogenina, which was created by a company named Giuliana Tricological Research. Biogenina reportedly “acts on the hair bulb, promoting the growth of healthy hair and counteracting hair loss.”

The formula itself is made from a mixture of four main ingredients, including biotin, calcium pantothenate, and a polyamine.

Biotin has been chosen because it plays a critical role in scalp health, while calcium pantothenate has been chosen because it plays a key role in strong and healthy hair. When our bodies are deficient in calcium pantothenate, it causes damage to the hair shaft.

Biogenina can be found in all Tricovel products.

Tricovel Products

There are three different Tricovel products available today, including:

— Tablets with Biogenina: Take one tablet per day.
— Vials for Women: Use one vial every three days by massaging it into your scalp.
— Fortifying Shampoo: Use it as a regular shampoo daily.

Scientific Evidence for Tricovel

Tricovel claims that in clinical trials, the supplement was able to lead to some significant anti hair loss results, including:

— 75.7% Decrease Of Hair Loss After Washing
— 57.8% Increase Of Hair Shaft Diameter
— 20.2% Increase Of Hair Bulbs In Anagen (growth phase)

Nevertheless, the manufacturer claims that “results vary from person to person”. The website also doesn’t mention the details of that clinical trial – including crucial information like how many people took part in the trial or how severe their hair loss was. There doesn’t appear to be any further reading or scientific studies available on Tricovel outside of this initial trial.

You can, however, see a number of before and after pictures at the manufacturer’s official website here. Those before and after pictures are separated into different sections based on whether the patient used vials or tablets (although based on these pictures, both seem effective).

How to Buy Tricovel

Tricovel is sold across Canada and Europe. The product has an EU patent as well as a Canadian patent. In Canada, you can purchase Tricovel at Shopper’s Drug Mart locations across the country.

In America, Tricovel can be harder to find. Currently, the only place you can really buy Tricovel is through eBay retailers as well as a recently-unveiled website called

That website only sells monthly supplies of Tricovel tablets for $29.95 USD + $8.95 shipping and handling.

Shipping is available across America. The product is prominently advertised as being “the #1 hair treatment in Europe” and retailers are promoting the fact that Tricovel is popular overseas and has only recently arrived in America. All shipments of Tricovel through this website come from Canada.

It’s important to note that the manufacturer claims it will take 2 months before you start to notice the results of Tricovel. So you’ll need to buy two full shipments of Tricovel from this site before the results become more noticeable.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Tricovel?

Tricovel has been used for years in Europe and Canada. Today, the formula is finally arriving in the United States. Unfortunately, you can only really buy Tricovel from a single website, where it’s priced at around $40 for a monthly supply of 30 tablets.

Like most hair loss solutions, Tricovel won’t work on everybody. People lose hair for all different reasons, and some hair loss cannot be reversed. Nevertheless, if you’re willing to try all sorts of different methods to reverse hair loss, then Tricovel is one option that appears to be backed by real scientific evidence and may be worth a look.

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  1. I have been using this product in the pill form since January 15th 2016 I don’t see any change, my hair is still falling out like crazy.
    How long before you see any improvement?

  2. Hair loss in women can be the reason of starting menopause. thinning hair and hair loss can be a symptom for that, besides an unbalanced diet, general stress etc.

    I may try it for a couple months to see if it does it for me.
    Good review, thanks for the article.

  3. I searched in the internet and found the following (possibly FROM HIGHYA WEBSITE if I remember well) :
    Despite its limited effectiveness for regrowing hair, Tricovel’s ingredients should be well tolerated by most users.

    It’s important to note that, “in some people, zinc might cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, metallic taste, kidney and stomach damage, and other side effects.” And in doses over 40mg, zinc can decrease the amount of copper absorbed by the body.

    Again, we’re not told how much of each ingredient Tricovel contains, or what kinds of side effects you can expect based on their dosing.


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