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Nefful is a Japanese multilevel marketing company founded in 1973. The company specializes in the sales of negative ion clothing. Here’s our Nefful review.

What is Nefful?

Nefful is a multilevel marketing company headquartered in Shizuokaken, Japan. The company was founded in 1973 by a man named Kamijo Hisami. Nefful specializes in creating body-shaping undergarments, including negative ion clothing.

Over the years, Nefful has expanded to most countries throughout Asia and around the world. They expanded to Taiwan in 1989, for example, and the United States in 2002.

Today, the company has 600,000 distributors around the world. Nefful – which also does business under the name Nefful International – is also a member of America’s Direct Selling Association.

What’s the big deal about negative ion clothing? What else does Nefful sell? Let’s take a closer look at the company’s products.

What is Negative Ion Clothing?

Negative ion clothing is purported to have self-healing abilities. The clothes are made in Japan and Singapore. Nefful has been making negative ion clothing since 1975.

When you look up reviews for Nefful online, you’ll find plenty of enormous health claims. One “customer” claims that she exposed her cancer-stricken mom to 100,000 to 500,000 negative ions per cc/air every day, then watched as her cancer markers dropped from 22 to 16.5.

That reviewer goes on to cite Japanese research showing that rats exposed to negative ions stay healthy and die of natural deaths, while rats exposed to “normal air” quickly die from cancer.

Other research shows that metal rods exposed to negative ions over 4 years have no rust at all, while rods exposed to regular air are coated in rust.

The idea behind the health effects of negative ions is that free radicals damage your DNA. Free radicals are the molecules that roam throughout your body, causing inflammation and chronic disease. The best way to combat free radicals is by using antioxidants – like negative ions.

Nefful sells a unique type of fabric that constantly delivers negative ions into your body. They weave that negative ion fabric into bedding, clothing, and accessories for customers to use.

Nefful’s website is loaded with big health claims about the effects of negative ions in clothing, including, “Numerous studies have shown that negative ions have a positive effect on good health and even aging.”

Unfortunately, Nefful doesn’t actually link to any of those studies, nor does it link to any research showing their clothing has been linked to those same health effects.

In any case, Nefful uses a unique fabric called Nefflon. That Nefflon fabric can be found in most Nefful products.

The fabric must be expensive to make, because Nefful distributors sell underwear for $98 USD, beanies for $96, and women’s panties for $110.

Nefful Products

Nefful separates its Nefflon clothing into categories for men, women, children, “classics”, and “thermowear”.

Here’s a brief overview of each category:

For Women

The Nefful “For Women” category includes negative ion underwear, camisoles, undershirts, pants, sleeveless tops, and long sleeve tops. T

he clothing has wicking action that draws perspiration away from your body, keeping your skin warmer, dryer, and more comfortable.

The clothes come with “a natural pink tone to blend seamlessly with translucent outerwear”, explains the website. Some prices we found online include:

  • Shawl: $380 USD
  • Cardigan: $550
  • Women’s Panties: $110

For Men

The men’s category includes briefs, long underpants, tight fitting pants, boxers, and other undergarments.

The men’s undergarments are made from the same quality Nefflon fabric designed to wick away perspiration.

They promise to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer “thanks to the proven power of negative ion technology”. Some prices and products in this category include:

  • Men’s Boxer Shorts or Briefs: $98
  • Beanie: $96
  • Knee or Elbow Support: $160

For Children

The children category includes undergarments designed specifically for kids, including undershirts, underpants, short sleeve shirts, and briefs.

The undergarments do not appear to have the same wicking technology as the men’s and women’s products, although they all come with the same negative ion technology.

Classic Black

The Classic Black series of Nefful includes camisoles, panties, long undershirts, classic black t-shirts, and long sleeve shirts for women. They’re more stylish than the products in the “For Women” category listed above.


Thermowear products are designed for customers who live in places where the temperature drops below freezing.

The undergarments are designed to keep the chill out, giving you the warmth you need to protect you from the cold.

  • Long Underwear: $275
  • Leg Warmers: $135
  • Circulation Socks: $95

Other Nefful Products

We mentioned above that Nefful makes more than just Nefflon clothing. They also use the fabric to make other negative ion fabrics. You can find a Nefful blanket, for example, for $180.

What Do Customers Have to Say About Nefful?

You don’t have to look far on the internet to find people calling Nefful a scam. Customers online often seem angry at spending so much money on products that have no proof they actually work as advertised.

This Nefful Yelp page, for example, is filled with people calling the company a scam (along with a handful of distributors trying to defend the products).

The main problem with Nefful’s negative ionic clothing is something you’ve probably already realized if you passed grade 6 science class: when you put negatively-charged clothing on your grounded body, that clothing will not maintain a significant negative charge.

To maintain a charge, you’d need an external source of current (like a battery pack). Since Nefful clothing doesn’t have this, it’s unclear how some people believe the clothing will transfer an electric charge to your body.

Ultimately, most customers use words like “scam” and “pseudoscience” to describe Nefful’s products.

The few positive reviews we found online are mostly from people who appear to be Nefful distributors.

One distributor cited a study on rats exposed to negative ions, but we couldn’t find any research showing that humans wearing negative ion clothing lived longer than human who did not.

That being said, some people genuinely seem to believe Nefful clothing works, saying they were able to reduce pain in their elbows and knees after wearing the clothing.

The Nefful Opportunity

Want to start your own at-home MLM business? Nefful’s opportunity is available to distributors around the world.

Nefful’s opportunity comes with similar levels, commissions, and payouts as other MLMs. Here are some of the important things you need to know about the Nefful opportunity:

It costs $55 to join the company as a Consultant

As you grow your sales, you can progress to the ranks of Manager, Area Manager, Area Manager+, and Area General Manager.

The last three titles all require you to recruit and maintain two other “Area Managers” under your network while also achieving various group volume (GV) levels.

The highest Nefful affiliate rank is Nefful Executive Top Leader. To achieve this rank, you’ll need to generate 100 million group volume in one calendar year.

Group volume is generated based on these ratios: 100% of personal and personal down-line sales volume, 60% of sales volume from Area General Managers you personally recruited, 40% on second generation Area General Managers, and 20% on third generation Area General Managers

Nefful affiliates can earn 20% commission by directly selling products to consumers. This involves buying products from the Nefful website at a 20% discount, and then selling those products at a 20% premium.

Nefful does not accept general orders from retail customers. You need to be a Nefful distributor.

Nefful distributors can earn a leadership bonus, which lets you earn on the sales volume made by the generations within the uni-level team.

Incentive bonuses are available to distributors ranked Area General Manager and higher, including a 2.5% volume bonus on the generated sales volume of the entire down-line.

Nefful Review Summary

Nefful reviews vary widely on the internet. You have half the internet calling it a scam, while the other half (many of whom are paid distributors) say that the stuff actually works as advertised to improve your general health.

Nefful doesn’t officially go into detail about its health benefits, but you don’t have to look far on the internet to find people claiming it cures everything from joint pain to cancer.

As far as we can tell, negative ion clothing is just a marketing ploy backed by no significant scientific evidence.

That’s a problem, because you have some Nefful distributors who claim that negative ion clothing can actually cure cancer. You can’t go around saying things like that – even on the internet.

When you’re spending $100 on a pair of underwear, you expect it to be backed by more scientific evidence.

However, some people may be attracted to the Nefful opportunity, where you can join for $55 and call yourself a “Manager” from just the second rank and higher. Nefful also has a competitive compensation structure and commissions structure.

You can learn more about Nefful today by visiting


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