Baby Boomer’s Best Anti-Aging Joint Health Nutrients – Top 7 Aids?


The market for joint health supplements will always be on the rise with the ever increasing population of the elderly. As people grow older, their bone density and mass decrease, causing them to be at a higher risk of fractures and breaks. Degeneration of the joints further causes inflammation and pain, making it hard for boomers to perform their tasks.

The market for joint health supplements is targeted at boomers who are feeling the effects of their age. This is further boosted by increased knowledge in science that has identified better nutrients to help boomers lead a more stable lifestyle. Supportive supplements that help the wear and tear on the joints have filled the market and gained more attention in the United States than ever before.

The Baby Boomers of today are more educated and lead a better active lifestyle as compared to previous generations because of the latest discoveries. The current boomer generation has refused to remain dormant and be dependent, instead looking to lead a normal lifestyle by taking natural supplements that help with aging joints.

The market for joint supplements is quite strong for these aging individuals who wish to lead an active life. However, this trend is slowly changing as manufacturers try to meet the trends of the younger generations, as well. With the heavy day-to-day tasks, more people are experiencing joint pains at a younger age.

Nowadays people start to experience joint pains at an early age depending on their jobs and trauma experienced. Active people like athletes can experience micro-trauma in their knees, shoulders, ankles, and hips and start to feel discomfort over time due to wear and tear.

Some educated young people fully understand that taking supplements for the joints from a young age can be beneficial once they are older. These supplements further help support flexibility and mobility, suiting the lifestyles of the young people today. Long-term use of these supplements in the right amounts, proportions, and dosage can help build stronger bones and connective tissues.

Even for those who have not started to experience pain, there is nothing wrong with taking a dose of glucosamine and chondroitin for the joints. The only caution here is taking them in the recommended dosages. For the ingredients to work properly, they need to be supplied to the body in the right amounts as prescribed.

Supplement manufacturers usually create complex formulations that can either be for the general body or targeted to a specific region of the body. They are usually created depending on the varying needs of the joints.

Some of the joint supplements available in the market currently range from basic maintenance supplements for people that have not shown any signs of pains, supplements for individuals that have started to show early signs of pains like minor stiffness and soreness, and more complex formulations aimed at people with acute joint pains.

This means there are joint supplements out there for people of all ages targeted to their very specific needs. Unlike in the past when joint supplements were meant mostly for the elderly, science has changed all that, and people can now use these supplements at any age.

For the current population to make educated choices, one has to learn of the available joint supplements and how they work. In the section below, we will discuss some of the common joint supplements in the market currently and how they work to help relieve pain and inflammation in the joints.

Baby Boomer's Best Anti-Aging Joint Health Nutrients:

1. Chondroitin Sulfate

Chondroitin sulfate is usually the primary substance found in the cartilage, where it plays a key function of inhibiting enzymes that degrade the cartilage tissue and decrease water retention. Water retained can be used for synovial production, the formation of proteoglycans, and utilizing glucosamine.

The desired flexibility of the cartilage is made possible by the proteoglycans organizing collagen and binding water to it. Chondroitin sulfate has further been shown to help activate chondrocytes that produce more new collagen.

2. Glucosamine

This is a key building block of the tissues and has been shown to help in the production of new cartilage, support healthy joints, and maintain the joints. There are two forms of glucosamine: the sulfate and hydrochloride.

3. Methlysulfonylmethane

Abbreviated as MSM, this compound is naturally found throughout the body and the foods we eat. It is the bioavailable source for sulfate and plays an important role in the connective tissues. It helps prevent the breakdown of cartilage by protecting the tissue.

4. Eggshell Membrane

This is a unique supplement taken from between the mineralized egg shell and the white egg barrier. The supplement helps the function and flexibility of the joints while at the same time making them more mobile. This way, people will not experience joint pains at an early age.

5. Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

This acid is usually found throughout the human body. However, the highest concentration is usually in the soft connective tissues, where it gives elasticity to the joints and helps retain water in the cellular matrix. The supplement is quite important in lubricating the tissues, hydration, and proper cell function.

6. Collagen

This is a very common protein that is known to protect the joints by supporting the tissues around them. Collagen supports the tissue integrity which protects the joints. The use of collagen is becoming very common, as they are also natural sources of hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate.

7. Herbal Supplements

The use of herbs for joint pain has also become common, with most herbs showing to support healthy joints. The extracts of Boswellia and Yucca have been shown to reduce the oxidative stress that causes free radicals to be released, which puts more stress on the joints.

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