LumaGlo Crossbelt – Wearable Runner & Walker LED Sash & Belt?


LumaGlo Crossbelt is a new product designed to provide safety lighting for walkers, runners, and many more. The creators are currently in the development stage and are asking for donations/contributions on Kickstarter.

What is the LumaGlo Crossbelt?

Safety during nighttime activities is extremely important. But, how do you be sure you are visible to others in the dark? A new innovative, multi-colored LED belt is how. The LumaGlo Crossbelt is the next generation of wearable illumination.

LumaGlo is wearable safety gear. Its many features include LED lights and 360° visibility to ensure safety for runners, cyclists, joggers and more. The moving, multi-colored LED patterns ensure you are noticeable and well seen, even when traffic is heavy or the weather conditions are less than ideal.

Currently in its developmental stages, the creators are looking for contributions from a Kickstarter program. Their goal is to raise $25,000.00 in funds by July 27, 2017. If their project reaches total funding by the desired date, production will begin to ensure the LumaGlo Crossbelt is available for delivery in August 2017.

How Does LumaGlo Crossbelt Work?

The LumaGlo Crossbelt is packed with technology in its innovative, modern design. Designed with safety and comfort in mind, it offers the following:

  • Eight colored moving light patterns. The multi-colored, LED patterns make you clearly visible as they separate you from any background.
  • Three to six-hour battery. The rechargeable battery allows for safe lighting for up to six hours.
  • Emergency Light Mode. Strobing bright red lights will alert others to your exact location.
  • Weather resistant. The weather resistant construction is safe for even stormy conditions.
  • Convenient wear. Can be worn as a sash or belt and it fits over most backpacks.
  • 360° Visibility. The Crossbelt lights you from front, back, and side reducing the chance of being struck from the side.
  • Automatic Brake light. Others will be alerted to your stopping due to speed sensors that are synced to bright red, rear LEDs lights.
  • Highly Reflective Material. The highly reflective strips remain visible to be sure you are seen, even when the LEDs are off.
  • Available in two sizes – S/M and L/XL.

Using LumaGlo Crossbelt – Next Generation Wearable Illumination

Using the LumaGlo Crossbelt Illumination is as simple as wearing it. This device is a belt/sash that you can wear over a backpack or a belt. This wearable safety gear is great for any evening activity, such as camping, biking, hiking, roadside emergency or even walking the dog. Just put it on and away you go. The battery stays charged for three to six hours.

Pricing for LumaGlo Crossbelt

Pricing for the LumaGlo Crossbelt is an estimate at this time. Your contribution in support of this program gets you at Crossbelt at a discounted price. That price is determined by the amount you pledge. Below is a sampling of pledge amounts and their benefits.

Pledge levels
  • $37.00 or more – Super early bird. Gets you one Crossbelt. This donation is at a savings of 26% off the estimated upcoming retail price.
  • $45.00 or more – Gets you one Crossbelt. This donation is at a savings of 10% off the estimated upcoming retail price.
  • $76.00 or more – Double Pack. Gets you two cross belts, individually packaged at a savings of 24% off estimated upcoming retail price.
  • $199.00 or more – Team Pack. Gets you six Crossbelt, individually packaged at a savings of 34% off estimated upcoming retail pricing.

The expected shipment date of all package incentives is August 2017.

Contacting Customer Service for LumaGlo

To contact the creators of the LumaGlo Crossbelt, send any questions or comments through the Kickstarter website at K[email protected] Their goal is to respond within 24 hours.

LumaGlo Crossbelt Conclusion

Safety is a necessity when participating in any event when it is dark. LumaGlo Crossbelt is a new way to be protected by its Wearable Illumination, an LED belt designed to keep you safe whether jogging, hiking, or walking your dog at night. Currently in development, the creators are gathering money through pledges on Kickstarter.

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