SlideBelts – Trendy Ratchet Holeless Leather Belt Worth It?


Slide Belts Review –  Worth Buying?

Slide Belts is a company that has developed a ratchet-style belt, which gives the consumer a customizable fit every time. This is our review.

What are Slide Belts?

When you are looking for the perfect accessory to complete your outfit, you may reach for a belt. A belt can be functional, keeping your pants up, or fashionable, drawing attention to a narrow part of your waistline. However, most belts wear over time. Placing the belt in the same position every time can stretch out the holes, making the belt weaker over time. However, what if you could eliminate the holes from your belt all together. That’s exactly what the founders of Slide Belts set out to do.

Slide Belts were created after the founder received a ratchet belt as a gift from a student. The unique design didn’t rely on the security of a hole and a metal prong. Instead, the leather belt used tabs along the buckle to secure the belt in place.

The founders tinkered with this innovative design for a while, trying to find a way to convert the style into more of an iconic fashion statement. Over the course of 9 years, they finally found a design that was visually appealing and functional. This high-quality belt is strong and durable. In fact, to ensure that you always are able to enjoy the benefits of this versatile accessory, the website offers replacement pieces for both the belt and the buckle.

About the Founders

The founders of this interesting design are Brig and Michelle, who founded the company in 2007. The duo went through five different versions of the belt before they settled on the existing design. Now, the couple lives in California and has expanded their company to include 18 additional team members.

How Do Slide Belts Work?

Most other belts have a hole to secure the belt in place. However, this belt is designed with a dual-ratchet lever. Essentially, this means that you get all of the classic appeal of old-fashioned leather belts, but with the convenience of customizing your fit without the wear.

Rather than locking in place like classic belts, this ratchet-style setup lets you slide the belt through as it catches on the ridge. The innovative design makes it possible to tighten or loosen the belt as much as you want, but without the strain on a hole to make it obvious when you’ve gained or lost weight.

This ridge does not affect the way you wear the belt; you can still slide it through your belt loops or use it as a non-functional decorative piece.

Using a Slide Belt

The Slide Belt is also referred to as a “ratchet belt,” which is a term that is often used to refer to belts that do not use holes to secure them in place. When you put on the belt, you slide the band over the teeth, and they catch on the underside of the belt. Once it locks in place at the width you want, you are ready to go. Essentially, it locks in place the same way a zip tie can be secured.

If you want to take the belt off, you can use the release mechanism to let the belt loose. While other ratchet belts have a small button, the Slide Belt uses a patented frame-release lever.

Pricing for Slide Belts

While each of the belts and accessories have different pricing, you can easily divide up the cost between men’s, women’s, and children’s styles.

The men’s belts are $85. The women’s belts range between $35 and $45. The children’s belts are priced at about $24.95. Each group of belts have replacement pieces, allowing you to get a new piece if the belt tears or wears out.

Contacting the Makers of Slide Belts

If you have questions about the different pieces available with Slide Belts, you can easily get ahold of the customer service team for the company. If you want to speak with a live agent, you can call (888) 754-3311. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t list any hours of operation.

You can also email the company at [email protected]


The belts are available at an affordable price, when you consider the high-quality design. With this type of belt, you don’t have to worry about gaining a few pounds and creating a “muffin top” effect with your pants. Instead, you get a customized fit with every time you wear the belt, giving you the smooth line that you want.

Each piece on this accessory can be replaced or altered, which means you won’t have to just throw away the belt if you need adjustments made. In fact, with the warranty on the existing belt, the founders of the Slide Belt can help to replace any pieces that fall under that warranty.

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